Simple Hollywood Waves

There’s nothing like working at a busy salon to make you try new, quick and easy ways to do vintage hair! A lot of vintage styles can be quite time consuming but I’ve come up with a couple of great looks that work really well on my clients that I can get done in the normal allotted time.

One of my favourite looks is the Vintage Hollywood Waves. These give a polished and glamorous look and a vintage vibe for those with longer hair. I put together this pictorial series for Boutique Brands and thought I would share here too!


1. Start by sectioning off 1″ deep sections and spray with Davines Medium Hold Hairspray
2. Use Cloud 9 Irons to curl the hair, rolling under and keeping the irons horizontal to the head. Move down the section slowly to ensure the hair is heated though. If your hair/client has fine or strait hair that is prone to dropping out, pin the curl up as you work.
3. Continue moving up the head, take 1″ x 1″ sections. It’s important to do small sections so the hair is really curly!
4. When you get to the front, curl the hair towards the face.


5. Once it’s all curled, get a wide tooth comb and start combing the curls out. The aim is to separate the curls so that they all sit together as one but not stretch them out, hence why I have choose a wide tooth comb instead of a cushion brush.
6. Use your hands to push into the indentations and define the waves. You can give the hair light spritzes of spray as you work to help smooth.
7. At the front, take the forward facing sections and back comb the root area. This can be aided by spraying with hairspray first at the roots.
8. Lightly smooth the top over and mould around the face. Hold the hair in place at the temple while combing the rest down.
9. Tuck the other side behind the ear.
10. Spray all fly-aways down with Davines Strong Hairspray, making sure that the waves at the back are well sprayed!

Picture3And viola!

Something to remember with this style (if you are doing it on a client, inform them too!) that this is not a style for touching or playing with. In order for all the curls to stay together in their wave, it kind of just need to be left on it’s own, not fiddled with.
It’s worth it though as it looks beautiful!

Thank you to Lana for being my lovely model for this demonstration! Her hair always works amazingly with anything I try on it- a hairdressers dream!

x Miss Victory Violet

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  1. Thank you so much for this simple tutorial! I have been wanting to try this hairstyle for so long, but could not find a way for it to work with my fine (and hard to curl) hair. I love your blog 🙂

  2. Hello there! What a lovely look! (Plus she looks amazing!) I always try to get this look, but never really liked how it tuns out when I go to a hairdresser. So, I want to learn how to do it to myself! I have one question, my hair is long (near my waist), fine and I have long layers (starting at my chin). Should I cut it or let my layers be longer in order to create this look?

    Thank you so much!!

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