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You all know how much I love Antipodes skincare and what a great range of products they have. They also have a small but fantastic range of makeup! I’ve already reviewed their powder foundation and the last couple of months I’ve been testing out their lipsticks!

There are 6 shades to choose from and I’ve tried 3 of them- Their rich red ‘Hungry Like The Wolf’, the hot pink ‘Hit Me With Your Best Shot’ and the orange/red ‘April Sun In Cuba’.


Glory Days Magazine and Antipodes have teamed up and are offering a INCREDIBLE deal- Subscribe to a year (4 issues) of the magazine and receive these 3 lipsticks valued at over $100! The subscription is only $52 so a what a deal! Subscribe to the magazine here- glorydaysmagazine.com/subscription and the first issue you will receive will be the one with me on the cover!

The Antipodes Lipsticks are lovely and creamy in texture. They are 99% natural and contain Avocado Oil so perfect for those of your that suffer from dry lips.

I’m a daily lipstick wearing and do switch up what I wear each day. Antipodes has become my go-to on the days when I feel like my lips need a bit of TLC or I can’t be bothered with dry feeling of a matte lippy.

Their blood-red colour ‘Hungry Like The Wolf’ is a blue-based red lipstick. It has good pigmentation and is a great for those of you that perhaps like your reds rich in colour but not too bright.


‘Hit Me With Your Best Shot’ has become my new favourite pink lipstick. It’s a bright pink but I feel like it suits my skintone the best out of all the pinks I own. There isn’t that slight fluro-ness that can sometimes come with a bright pink, it’s just the perfect hot pink. I also find it is slightly more opaque than the other two colours.


April Nights In Cuba is the orange/red colour in the range. This is the first red I have that is orange based and not a colour I would normally pick out. However I have now worn it a couple of times with outfits that have orange in them and I love it! I need to buy myself a orange lipliner as currently I don’t have anything suitable but I have my eye on one at MAC (they are actually really hard to find!)

April Sun In Cuba

These lipsticks are described on the websites as ‘matte with a hint of shine’. Perhaps it’s because I’ve worn SUPER dry matte lipsticks, but I would say that the texture/look is creamy with a bit of a sheen. To mattify them more, hold a tissue over your lips and dust the Antipodes Translucent Powder over the top!

I still can’t believe that for just NZ$52, you can subscribe to Glory Days Magazine for a year AND get all three of these lipsticks! It’s such a fabulous deal and sure to be a popular one.

If you are international, you can subscribe too! Shipping is NZ$25 for the subscriptions, making it $77 for the year- still a fantastic bargain!

Subscribe here- glorydaysmagazine.com/subscription

x Miss Victory Violet

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