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Ask Miss Victory Violet- Front Sweep Trouble

Dear Miss Victory Violet,

 I’ve been trying to get that perfect front swoop/tease thing like I’ve seen in some of your pics or like this gal from Pinup Girl Clothing. But every tutorial that I’ve tried that has a similar look all falls flat and looks more Lauren Bacall…

I have longer hair that goes about 4″ below my shoulder. The ONLY curling method that has EVER worked on my hair is traditional 1940s pin curls. I guess my real quandary is WHAT is the best curl/setting pattern to achieve that crazy tall front swoop?

Is it all about the way it’s set? Is it all about the hairspray or teasing? Any tutorials or suggestions would be appreciated. I LOVE your style, and it’s also great to see someone with a body type like mine… You own it and ROCK it, and it actually gives me the confidence and shows me that girls with gams can be sexy too 😀 PLEASE keep at it!-
City: Dallas
Country: USA

Hi Alex!

Thank you very much for your submission! I know a lot of girls struggle with the front sweep so hopefully I can make things a little clearer 🙂

I’ve put together some step-by-step pictures and combined with a video reference, let’s see if we can get your front sweep working for you!

The things I find to be really essential to the front sweep is the always setting your rollers forward and also making sure there’s a heck of a lot of backcombing… Like seriously go crazy with it.

For a video reference, skip to 8mins 50sec on my Roller Set Brush Out Tutorial.

Now for some step-by-step pictures to help make it easy to understand!

1. Firstly, you need to set the front of your hair rolling forward. You can use various methods to curl it, I prefer sponge rollers or hot rollers.

image (8)

2. Now you need to do A LOT of backcombing. This is the only way you are going to get the height so pack it in really tight. I take horizontal sections and then sometimes cross backcomb vertically too. If you are working with clean hair, I would recommend spraying each section with hairspray prior to backcombing.

Also the key is to not just backcomb the roots, continue it up the section of the hair a couple of inches.

image (9)

It should look a little like this… the bigger the better!

image (10)

3. Once you’ve got adequate crazy cavewoman backcombing, now start smoothing the top over with a soft bristle brush. The aim of this is to smooth without actually brushing out the backcombing- I know, kinda vague and tricky for newbies to vintage hairstyling. Try to just ever-so-lightly run the brush over the section with minimal pressure. You can use a spritz of hairspray every once and a while to aid you.

image (11)

4. Now start to mould the sweep. I use one hand to hold the hair in place (around the mid or end of your eyebrow) and the other to smooth and pull the hair down. Use a little bit of spray as you are working.

image (12)

5. Start rolling up the ends into a pincurl. If you loose the shape from the previous step, then you probably need to be using more hairspray before moving onto this step. Also your height should be staying put so if it’s going super flat again, then you need to do more backcombing.
Pin the pincurl into place on the side. You don’t have to do a pincurl, especially if the rest of your hair is out, but it is probably a easier thing to try when you are learning. Otherwise, keep brushing the ends of the section.

image (13)

Once everything is in place, you can use the end of your tail comb to pull up the volume if need be. For you Alex, it sounds like part of your issue is the length of your hair. When it’s too long, it weights it all down… I’d recommend getting a little trim of the front part (it doesn’t have to be too short!) or starting making sure it’s pinned to the side of your head so the ends are not weighing the top down.

image (14)

I hope this has helped! Let me know how you get on and if you have any more questions.

x Miss Victory Violet

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