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Hello Miss Victory Violet,

I am hoping that you can help. I am new to the pin-up / vintage dressing world, and so far I LOVE it.
I love wearing shape wear but have a sensitive question regarding “bathroom” matters. How on earth do you go to the toilet wearing a girdle or other serious shapewear?

I have a beautiful high waisted Rago suspender-girdle, but need my husband to zip my into it. I cant take him into the bathroom with me each time I go. I know this seems like a totally dumb question, but hopefully you have some advice. Thanks


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Hi there!

Thank you bringing this topic up, it’s one that is a little delicate and I’m sure many other women out there would love to know!

Let me just start by saying that there’s no super easy way I’ve found but you do get better with it and more comfortable. With the Rago 1294 Longline Girdle (sounds like what you are talking about) I tend to either just unzip the whole thing and pull it down OR remove the stockings and pull the girdle up. It takes a bit of time and I highly recommend making the trip to the bathroom well before you are desperate to go 😉

The bathroom issue was one of the things that really freaked me out about the Rago 6207 Shorts. It’s become my favourite piece of shape wear but the bathroom issue was a pretty big deal! They do have the split crotch but the first few times I wore them,  I would just pull the whole thing down… they aren’t the easiest item to get in and out of however so the last couple of times I’ve made use of the split crotch. Honestly, it’s so much easier and it’s no big deal! I don’t know why I was so worried about it!

What might be a good idea is to wear your shape wear around the house so you can practice going to the bathroom without the stress of being out and about! I do take these things into consideration when I’m picking out a outfit- If I know I’m going out for a night of drinks/cocktails and therefore a few trips to the ladies room, then most of the time I won’t be bothered and just wear a swing dress.

Figure out what you are comfortable doing or perhaps try to find shape wear that is easier for you to get into without your husband 😉

x Miss Victory Violet

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