Blooming in Blue Floral Vivien Of Holloway

UK based brand Vivien of Holloway was one of my first online purchases when I started getting into the vintage style. I ordered their Halterneck Circle Dress in classic Black and White Polka Dot as well as the red petticoat.

Since then, I have become OBSESSED with the petticoats (I now also own purple, peach, blue and pink) and have a wee collection of dresses too. I’ve already reviewed their Grace Circle Dress, which I now own 3 different colours of.

 Vivien Of Holloway jumped in on the Black Friday bandwagon in November so I decided to pick myself up a few things! One of them was the 1950s Halterneck Circle Dress in Wild Rose Royal!

Elizabeth J Photography and I captured this beauty in the diverse Auckland Domain gardens.



I’m such a sucker for floral prints and this one especially. I now own each of the 3 different colour versions.

I decided to give the HNCD (Halter neck Circle Dress) another go. My original polka dot one is a bit roomy so this time I sized down. My measurements are 36″ in the bust and 27″ in the waist but I ordered the size 34/26. I also have done this with all my recent Grace Dress purchases too. For me Vivien of Holloway seems to run large.



The smaller size of the HNCD fits much better than my previous one. It is rather tight in the bust but not uncomfortably so.

The HNCD has a boned bodice which I love! It helps to keep everything in shape and upright and stop the back from drooping down.

It features a large, gathered halter neck which can tend to sit a little funny. I wish it would just sit a little flatter at the armpits but I think a few little stitches could easily fix that.



The Halter Neck Swing Dress has a full circle skirt that is oh-so perfect for twirling in. The cotton sateen feels like high quality fabric and sits fabulously over their full petticoats.

I love the length of the Vivien of Holloway Dresses. They measure 27” from the waist and come to mid-calf on me (I am 168cm). If you are any shorter, you might need to get the length taken up a bit, unless you don’t mind it looking a little more ‘tea’ length.

The petticoats that Vivien of Holloway stock are the perfect matching length with their circle dresses. I’ve expressed my love for these petticoats many times so I had to also order a couple of them in the Black Friday sale, this blue one included.

This headscarf from Your One Stop Pinup Stop is the perfect colour match for the blues in this dress.




Vivien of Holloway sizes go from B32 W24 H36 to B48 W38 H50 and this HNCD retails for £89. If you like the look of this print, then be sure to check out the purple and red versions! If you’d like to know about the fit of the Grace Circle Dress and to see the purple version in action, then have a read of this post.

Another big thank you to Elizabeth J Photography! The Auckland Domain was full of perfect spots to take photos and Liz never fails to deliver!

x Miss Victory Violet



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