Pinup Posing 101

I was recently asked about how to pose. I’m definitely no expert but I can say that my posing has got better over time with practice though regular photoshoots and my Outfit Of The Day posts. So I will try to shed some light on what I know/have learnt.

I decided to focus separately on posing in swing styles versus wiggle styles as I change my body shape and positions with both. Firstly though, here are a couple of tips that apply to either style-

-Practice in front of the mirror especially if you are trying a new look. You could even set up a self timer camera so you can see how it comes across in a photo. It is very important to practice before a shoot. Don’t worry, if you’ve never done one before, you aren’t going to be expected to be perfect, but just some practice in front of a mirror will help as a start.

-Take into consideration what you are wearing. Maybe the sleeves on your dress are quite tight and cut into your arms if you try to pose your arms above your head, so keeping your arms below your shoulders will be more flattering.

-Try to keep your hands soft and relaxed.

-Every once and a while when I’m shooting, I have to ‘reset’ my face. If we are shooting outside especially, my face can build up tension without me realising. I try to remember to every so often close my eyes and relax my face so I can start fresh.

-Remember that whatever is closest to the camera will seem the largest!

-Pull your chin forward slightly

-Always point your toes! Even in heels!

-Keep your body slightly angled from the camera instead of strait on

Posing in wiggle styles

When wearing a wiggle style, it’s all about angles to show off your curves and creating the ‘S’ shape. Below shows the difference between me standing strait, and popping my hip out to one side and bringing my ankles and knees together. This gives a much more styled and pinup vibe as well as enhancing my curves.

I’ve also repositioned my arms so they are softer, keeping one slightly higher than the other so it’s not too uniform. Keep your elbows slightly bent and away from your body to make sure your shape is still showed off.


Strait vs. ‘S’ Shape

To really give the illusion of a nipped it waist in a wiggle dress, place your hands on your waist to draw attention to that area. Now too often I see ladies with their hands on their hips which can look a bit awkward as it’s too far down. Keep them on your natural waist for a more flattering look.

As shown below, I’ve got my hands on my waist in two different ways. The middle is the ‘regular’ way, the other two is with my hands upside down. This pops your shoulders and collar bones out more and is a bit more dramatic. The far left I have accentuated this by pushing my shoulders forward even more.

I’d also like to touch upon feet position. Mostly with wiggle dresses, I like to keep my ankles and knees together as I think that is what flatters my shape the most. You could however place one foot forward slightly or even cross them over though.


You can also play around with different hand/arm positions. Remember to always keep your hands soft if you are going to do this sort of posing. Think ballerina hands!

I mentioned in the main points above about taking the garment into consideration. With this dress, the Brigette by Glamour Bunny, I can’t really put my elbows about my shoulders because of the restriction of the off-the-shoulder sleeves.



Posing in swing styles

I mostly wear swing styles so find these the easiest to pose in. However because of the large amounts of fabric, you have to pose in a way that you are not going to look overwhelmed by the dress!

Starting off first though, the same rules of the ‘S’ Shape still apply as with wiggle styles. In fact, it’s almost more important as the bottom half of your curves are covered up! So pop that hip out to the side to help make sure your shape is pronounced.


One of my favourite ways to show off a swing style dress is to hold the skirt out. Again, make sure you keep your elbows ever-so-slightly bent and soft.

Shown below are some different variations of foot positions. The first image shows one foot crossed over the other, the second shows the ankles pulled together and slightly angled to the camera so you can still see the heel. The third would be my favourite foot position for a swing dress as it elongates the legs underneath the skirt. Especially when wearing flat shoes, my legs can end up looking short under mid-calf length dresses so ‘stepping out’ helps to minimise this.


Once again, hands on hips helps to draw attention to the waist and looks great with a swing dress!

The position of the camera is very important with a swing dress- the camera cannot be too high or it will totally cut off your legs! If you are getting your partner to take a photo of you in one, make sure they are holding the camera a little lower. Professional photographers should know this so hopefully you won’t have to worry about telling them!


Mix up your arm positions. With this dress, I can more easily have my elbows higher as shown below.



Whatever pose you are doing, try to feel relaxed. You will get better as the shoot goes on and try not to get frustrated if something isn’t working! For tips on getting into modelling and building your portfolio, see this post here!

Remember, practice makes perfect! But most importantly HAVE FUN and do what you feel comfortable with!

x Miss Victory Violet


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