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With my obsession with floral prints and a wardrobe full the the brim with them, one thing I love is to add a matching flower to my hair. I’ve got quite the collection now and the majority of them come from The Sophisticated Lady on Etsy.

I discovered this shop back in 2012 when I ordered the lilac double orchids and the double hibiscus’s in pink, red and orange.


I’d been meaning to do another order for some time and I finally placed one a couple of months ago! Since the shop owner Maria is based in Germany, I ordered a number of different ones to make sure shipping was worthwhile. I ordered 5 flowers and shipping was NZ$17 so not bad at all! Plus it only took about 2 weeks or so!


Miss T Pinups

Miss T Pinups

Maria makes a lot of her flowers as doubles which I love. It makes them bold but they aren’t too big and sit well on the side. With a variety of colours in orchids, hibiscus’s and lily’s, The Sophisticated Lady has quite the range to choose from.

The double orchids/hibiscus flowers range in price between NZ$10-$13 with selected larger items like the Lily’s going up to over $18.

Ella shoot with Tony 307 copy


The are all high quality and well put together. My lavender orchids did come off their clip after about a year and multiple uses but I think that was my fault and not packing it well when travelling. All the others have held up just fine!

They come attached to sturdy metal clips that hold really well. For extra stability, I usually make sure that the hair has been backcombed when I am planning on putting the flower.

Miss Victory Violet


My flower collection has become one of my favourite things to top off a outfit. Now that I just about have every colour of the rainbow, it’s really easy to match one up to the outfit I’ve picked out.

Elizabeth J Photography


I’d also like to mention that her photographs of the flowers seem to be very true to the colours in real life. Obviously differences in screens and monitors can change the colours slightly but I’ve never opened up my package and thought that the colours looked different to what I was expecting… and when ordering online, that’s very important!

I can’t recommend Maria and her shop Sophisticated Flowers enough. She is always wonderfully helpful, prompt with shipping and I am never disappointed with her flowers. Check out her shop and follow her on Instagram and Facebook to see what new items she’s made and plenty of beautiful customer photos.

x Miss Victory Violet



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    • I am sure they won’t, I will most likely include them in a blog post when they arrive and link it to you 🙂 I ordered some in yellow, blue and pink to match my new summer dresses! xx

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