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The Rago 2202 Longline Bra

In the last 6 months or so, I’ve found myself completely converted to longline bras. They are harder to come by but they provide such a lovely, smooth shape.

I’ve been wanting to try the Rago 2202 Longline Bra for a while but had some reservations. I decided to give it a go now that I’ve basically worn out my Pleasure State Ivy Rain BraΒ and the fact that it seems to be a favourite of vintage lingerie blogger The Nylon Swish.

Sizing is a little tricky with Rago- for a start their band sizes only start at 34 and I’m normally a 30 or 32 in the band size for a bra. Because I was then sizing up in the band, I had to convert the cup size. Usually I’m a E cup and I know that Rago cups run a little on the larger side so I went with a D cup.


The fit is pretty good surprisingly! The cup size feels pretty spot on, and the back isn’t as loose as I thought it might be. It would still be great to have a 32 option but at least this works!

One of the other reservations I had with this bra was the length. A year or two ago I tried the Goddess Lace Longline Bra and was wildly unimpressed with the fit, quality and found the length so long that it stopped far below my waist and push my stomach down, meaning it was very unflattering.


With the Rago 6207 Shorts

The Rago 2202 is much better quality and whilst ideally I would like it .5-1″ shorter (it’s still slightly too long for my waist) it’s a far better than the Goddess one. You can actually fold up the lower waist band to shorten the length!


With the waist band folded up

This bra is the perfect match with my favourite piece of shape wear, the Rago 6207 Longline Shorts. I wore this combo under this Nicole Katherine Designs Dress and it created a seamless line and nipped in waist. The waist on my 6207 is a little roomy since I sized up to fit my hips so being able to place the band of the 2202 bra smoothed that over.

Nicole Katherine Designs

Nicole Katherine Designs

With the Rago 6207 Shorts

With the Rago 6207 Shorts

The cups are soft and every so slightly bullet shaped… but not so much so that you can tell once you have a dress or a top over. I feel adequately supported considering I have ALWAYS worn padded bras, the only noticeable difference being that my breasts feel slightly wider set than with one of my normal bras.


Now one problem you do hit with this bra is that it’s not a great match with a lot of dress necklines. The shape of the cups and placement of the straps (they are a little more in towards the centre of the chest compare to other bras where the straps are closer to the armpits) mean that the neckline of the dress cannot be too low or too wide.

With the Rago 6207 Shorts

With the Rago 6207 Shorts

However I have found a solution to this problem! Because the cups are soft and not padded, I put a strapless bra over the top of the 2202 and tuck it’s cups in. This means I still get the benefit of the smoothing factor through the back and waist and can wear it with other dress styles.


Wearing the Rago 6207 shorts with Rago 2202 Bra and strapless bra over the top

It’s not ideal but it works for now! If Rago could just do a strapless version, all my problems would be solved! But all in all, I am really happy with my purchase and glad I decided to try the 2202. I purchased mine during a sale at but check there are number of Rago stockists worldwide. The Rago 2202 Longline Bra goes from a size 34B to a 48DD.

Have a read of my review of the 6207 shorts- they were my favourite discovery of 2014!

x Miss Victory Violet



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  1. thanks for your review – I now live in the long line bra, i love it and I am a DD and was a little worried about the support i would get, but man o man are these babys comfortable! it does make the boobs wider as you say but i dont even notice this now.i have the Rego high waist shaper 6210 and i love them its too hot in summer to wear so was thinking of trying the 6207. I also tried, what Katie did and found their fit unwearable for a DD and the L9069 Lulu Bullet Bra and L6101 Kate Longline Cone Bra had to be returned. I will however rave over the Secrets in lace – who also do a special Rego line- bullet bra its a stunner and perfect fit

  2. Thanks so much for the review! I was wondering if you have tried the Goddess Longline Bra? It’s the one they recommend on Whirling Turban. I am getting married this year, and I want to get the best possible silhouette! The plus on the Goddess would be that the straps are removable/convertible…this is important since my dress will have a strap on just one side. Thanks again for the helpful info!!!

  3. Hi! I love these posts on shapewear. I’ve only recently discovered shapewear, so I’m still trying to figure it all out. I recently purchased the Rago Style 21 Waist Cincher. Love how it shapes my waist, but I can definitely see the hooks through a lot of clothing. Do you recommend anything for situations like these? I know a long line bra would help, but Rago doesn’t have a low-cut or strapless version, so it’s not ideal for a lot of dress/blouse styles. My problem pieces for seeing the shapewear underneath are the Bettie Page Rita Bengaline dress, PUG Erin dress, and PUG Doris & Lauren tops. Any suggestions?
    Thanks πŸ™‚

  4. I like the rago style 2202 long line bra, but I’m nervous about my size, my band size is 33 an the fullest part of my breast is 38, please what is the size recommended to me? I’m so interested in this bra, but rago didn’t answer me πŸ™
    Thanks Miss Victory Violet
    Beccky from Santo Domingo

    • Hey Beccky! Oh that’s tricky! I’m not very good with converting bra sizes… I put your measurements into a couple of online calculators and got a huge variety of sizes. My *guess* would be perhaps a 34DD ( I’m basing this guess on your measurements compared to mine and what size I wear) . But as I say, that’s just my guess… Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful! Hopefully Rago replies x

  5. Great review! It really helped push me over the edge to try out a longline bra and I am a total convert now! I am curious, though, how were you able to fold the waist band? Doesn’t the boning get in the way?

  6. Thanks for always providing charming-but-fair reviews; they’re always good to read! I’ve always loved longline bras, but can almost never get them to fit. Do you know of *any* companies that make a 28-30 in larger cup sizes? I’ve done the odd internet search, but they all seem to stop at a 32, or don’t go above a DD. πŸ™

  7. Hello! I am so glad I found your blog! I just recently discovered my adoration of American Classic and pin up styles, so I am very new to…well…everything. I am a larger woman, so I’m sure you can imagine how hard it is to find anything to fit. I was wondering if you have any suggestions for websites for affordable plus sizes?

  8. Thank you for all this interesting information! After reading your review, I purchased the Rago Longline Bra. But I have a problem: I’m unable to put it on and fasten the hooks by myself… Do you have some tips and tricks?

      • Thank you for your help! I finally managed to put it on. It was difficult, but I think that with practice, I will get the hang of it! πŸ™‚ It’s a great bra, I love it, there are no back bulges with it. I wonder if I should have taken a cup size smaller, though. My usual bra size is 34d, and the cup size are a little big with the Rago bra.

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