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Hello Miss Victory Violet!

I have been following for almost a year now and admire your collection of dresses and beautiful hair pieces! I have been building my own collection of pinup dresses and hair products/accessories and it has gotten to the point where I am running out of room haha.

For someone who I imagine has quite a few dresses, shoes, make up, stockings, and hair products, how do you organise and store all your items to maximise its wear and quality, while also saving space ?

Thank you in advance !

City: Anchorage
Country: Alaska

Hi Yazmin!

Thank you for your submission! Storing all my stuff can be really hard and we have quite a small bedroom so it’s very full!

I am not a very organised or tidy person naturally… our bedroom is the biggest casualty and has always had a tendency to be messy But to me, it’s a organised mess and I still know where to find everything haha!

I try to group everything so they all have their place, that way I know exactly where to look for something.

I have a rolling rail and a wardrobe. Because the rail is easily accessible, I have my in-season dresses on there and have them grouped in colours. That way if I’m wanting to wear a particular dress, I know where to find it.

Pinup Storage

In the wardrobe I have my separates in the middle and easily accessible once again. Below is a small chest of drawers which has my swimsuits, cardigans and some tank tops. There’s about another metre or so of rail space on either side of the doors but it’s harder to get things in and out.

To the right inside the wardrobe, I store my much dressier items that I don’t wear on a daily basis and on the left, I store my out of season items- at the moment that’s all my winter gear.

Pinup storage

I have recently discovered the brilliance of a shoe rack! I used to just have big washing baskets which I’d put my shoes in but this is so much better and keeps things much tidier!

Pinup storage

They all go into this old suitcase. Every once and a while I will tidy it all up but it’s only a matter of time until it’s messy again…

Pinup Storage

I store these on my wardrobe door. I threaded some robe through the slats on the door, making it a great place to clip the flowers to. You can easily recreate this by getting a block of wood, nailing some nails into it at each end and fastening rope or string vertically.

Pinup storage

I have a drawer in my dresser dedicated to all my fancy glittery jewellery- there is lot of it! Then I have a bowl that’s full of all my kitchy jewellery and brooches.

Pinup storage

Pinup storage

I used to have my handbags up on the shelf in my wardrobe but it was pretty hard to get them out and so I wouldn’t really use them. Over the Christmas holiday Matt whipped up a shelf above my rolling rail for them! It’s so much better having them easily accessible!

Pinup Storage

They live on a coat stand I used in my Miss Pinup New Zealand talent skit.

Pinup storage

These are all stored in the small chest of drawers, corsets/shapewear in one drawer and stockings/suspender belts in another.

Pinup storage

This is my problem area! At the moment, I stuff them into a suit bang that hangs on my rolling rail but I’m trying to think of a better solution!

Pinup Storage

Belts can be a pain to store! I found this nifty hanger at my local storage shop- I think it’s actually meant for ties but it works great for belts too!

Pinup Storage

Ultimately how you store your pretties will depend on the space you have and if you already have a wardrobe etc. But hopefully this has given you some ideas!

I’m always trying to think and improve on how to better store things and save space… I just need to figure out what to do with those petticoats!

x Miss Victory Violet

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  1. I store my head scarves on a tie holder I got off Ebay. It’s so much easier to see what I actually have and keeps them tidy. I just loop them around and that hangs in my wardrobe.
    My petticoats at the moment are stored in a chest of drawers but I hear other girls also store them in clothes hampers which is actually pretty clever.
    Thanks for another helpful post, I think I need to get organising and get one of those jumbo shoe racks!

  2. I wonder if one of those bags you could vacuum the air out of might work to compress the petticoats a little for easier storage? But then, would you do that every time you put them away? I don’t know that I would, haha! 🙂 Thanks for all the lovely posts.

  3. Oh my goodness, I want your wardrobe. I had to take a moment to gape at all the pretty dresses in your closet!
    For petticoats, I use a closet organizer like this one:

    (Hope the link works!)
    I forget where I read about it first, but all I do is fold the petticoat like I would a shirt (fold into thirds, then fold that in half) and then stick the petticoat into one of the compartments. My petticoats stay fluffy, and take up very little space in my closet as well!


  4. I love it! My storage of my dresses/petticoats/belts tends to be an organized mess, too! Petticoats live in big clouds on a lounge I have in my room, belts and hats are just stacked into bins, etc. Oh well!

  5. I buy those large zip lock bags from the grocery store and put my crinolines in them. Then all the crinolines go into a box together. The bags work great for traveling as well. You can squeeze all the air out for easy packing.
    I also have a couple of cloth crinoline bags with a draw string from square dancers. I kind of like the bags better because you can see through them but for taking a crinoline on a gig, the cloth bags are nice.

    Fun blog!

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