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Ask Miss Victory Violet- To Dryclean or Machine Wash?

Dear Miss Victory Violet,

How do you keep your dry cleaning bill from growing sky-high?

Since I’m beginning to purchase more and more vintage reproduction dresses and wearing them regularly to work, I keep wondering how you do it, wearing those clothes daily and not go broke :-D!

Most of these vintage reproduction dresses are dry clean only and since I’m mom of two lovely, but high maintenance little boys that don’t always take care of their sticky hands, I can’t see myself going to the dry cleaners weekly with 3 or 4 dresses, since it’s so expensive.

So are there any tips and tricks or do some of these dry clean only pieces endure a normal washing machine every so often?

Thanks in advance,

City: Geel
Country: Belgium

Hi Lilith!

Thank you for your submission, your question is a really important one and something I know a lot of girls would want to know about!

When I first started buying from Pinup Girl Clothing, I too worried about the fact that most of them specified to dry clean only. I chatted to some friends and was assured that it wasn’t necessary for all of them BUT you do want to keep a few things in mind.

Most of the time, I will wash my cotton/polyester dresses in the washing machine on a delicate wash, making sure it’s on a cold setting and not too much spinning. Unless I have dresses that are very similar in colour or I know have been washed a number of times with no problems, I will put each dress through separately because I am paranoid about colour running.

Never ever tumble dry your dresses! Always hang them out on the line! Tumble drying could cause them to shrink and will just shorten their lifespan.

Now I’ve had one or two disasters in my time. The worst was when I put through my PUG Blue Floral Birdie through the wash accidentally with black! The white background turned a light blue/grey and I was so disappointed! Luckily a friend from the USA had a ‘colour catcher’ which I put into the wash with the dress. It lifted out the blue tinge and it looked much better!

I still do get some dresses drycleaned- it’s usually the ones with more delicate fabric like the Pinup Girl Clothing Monica Dress. I think the key thing to remember is to just be very careful- Whilst most of the time it’s going to be ok to machine wash items that specify dry clean only, remember that you are still going against manufacturers instructions and to tread carefully!

If in doubt, just dryclean!

x Miss Victory Violet

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  1. I was delighted when someone asked this question! I usually either hand wash or wash on a delicate cycle. However, I hand washed a Voodoo Vixen dress and the black trimmings ran onto the baby pink! Funnily enough, the one PUG dress I machine was is my Monica… The label says you can and I’ve done mine a couple of times and it comes out perfectly <3

    I enjoy reading your blog… You are such an inspiration to me.

    Amber Rose,


    • Thanks Amber Rose 🙂 It’s a bit of a gamble, I’ve heard of a couple of ladies ruining their PUG Sailor swing dresses as the red runs into the white trim 🙁 I hope I don’t have any more disasters! x

      • I also wash my Monicas and most of my other PUG dresses (Veronica, Joanie, Jessica, Erin, and the list goes on … ) however I took a gamble on my Jayne dress and wish I hadn’t as it pilled. I haven’t washed my red Sailor Swing and won’t based on the above advice!

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