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B.A.I.T. Footwear Ida/Ione

I have a confession to make… I’ve become B.A.I.T. Footwear obsessed!

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I never used to be that interested in shoes, I preferred to spend my money on dresses and found buying shoes for work a mission. I work on a concrete floor that is very unforgiving once you’ve been standing on it for 8 or 9 hours strait. I had been buying cheap ballet flats and adding in-soles to them to make them more comfortable but was a bit bored of my plain shoes.


About 6 months ago I decided to try my first pair of B.A.I.T. Ida shoes. I’d seen them on beautiful pinups on Instagram and wanting to give them a go. I was very apprehensive about sizing and the comfort factor as so far my success with buying shoes online has been pretty dismal.

After some sizing research and asking friends who already owned some, I settled on ordering the Red ones in a size 9. It’s always hard converting sizing and I am a  8.5-9 in New Zealand sizing, or a 39 in European Sizing. The Ida’s notoriously run narrow and a touch small so I went with a 9. If they came in a 9.5, I would have gone for that (I figure it’s always better to be bigger and be able to put a insole in) but the next size up is a 10 which I knew would have been far too big.


They arrived and very tight fitting… I was very disappointed! They were too tight for me to comfortably wear them all day at work so I put them in my wardrobe and there they stayed for months.

I pulled them out again during the Black Friday Sales. B.A.I.T. had 30% off and I was desperately clinging to the hope that I could make them work! I was so close to ordering myself some size 10’s when I though I might as well see if I can try to stretch out my Red 9’s. So for 2 hours I wore them with some of Matt’s thick work socks and after that… well they were perfect!


They stretched out at least half a size I’d say and the width especially was so much more comfortable. I was so happy and ordered the Aqua Ida’s and Baby Pink Ione’s in a 9.

s.Since then, I’ve done another order, getting the brighter pink Ida’s and blue ones from a Australian website called This blue colourway is no longer available (although a very similar one looks like it will be coming out shortly) on the BAIT Footwear website so I was very excited to find them and see that they were on sale for just AU$63.99! They only have sizes 6-8 now and also have a bright pink Ione style on sale too.


With each new pair, I wear one pair of thick socks with them for a hour or so  and then add a second pair for the next hour to really stretch them out.

I haven’t had any blisters from these styles which can be a common issue with new shoes. A lot of girls have been asking me if I found them comfortable at work and I didn’t want to share my verdict until I’d really given them a good couple of months trial.

MissVictoryViolet/Pigtails and Pirates

I can say that I do find them comfortable most of the time although when the weather is really hot and my feet swell, I tend to take a spare pair of ballet flats to work to change into. It’s really only on the big, busy days when I’m fully booked for 9+ hours that I’ll need to change. That being said, with the concrete floor, I think any pair of shoes will get sore after a while!

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The main problem area that I find gets painful after a while is the toes. The Ida’s are not super pointy, but enough so for a bit of pressure on the toes and that’s where I notice gets the most sore. The small heels is enough to give your feet adequate support but not too high that they will suffer for it.

The Ione is the T-Bar sister to the Ida. I found I didn’t need to stretch these out so they run a little bigger than the Ida.


From what I can tell, these shoes come in sizes 5.5-10 with half sizes except for 9.5 which is a little odd. So if you are unsure what size to order and are international, I would convert your European size if you know it. Since I’m a 39 and took a 9 in these shoes, you can count back or up from there- e.g if you are a 38, try a 8. That’s the best advice I can give but it is always tricky converting sizing so don’t hate me if they don’t fit! If they fit but feel very tight, definitely try the sock trick as it helps immensely.

It’s so much fun having lots of pretty coloured shoes to match my outfits! This week, B.A.I.T. is due to release their new season range with lots of pastel colours… I’ve been saving some money I got for my birthday especially to do a order!

In the coming month, I’ll also be doing a review of the Betty and Irella shoes… I’m just still wearing them in a deciding on the verdict!

x Miss Victory Violet


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    • I just received my first order of bait Ida shoes from modcloth, and I just wanted to say, your review was absolutely spot on! They are just as you described, and your sizing advice totally saved me from attempting to destroy my feet. Many thanks to you lovely lady!

  1. I love your idea of wearing thick socks to stretch them out. I’ve got a couple of pairs of shoes (one pair from B.A.I.T) that are a bit tight so will definitely try this. Thanks for the tip!

  2. I too love their shoes, such a shame there is no NZ store which stocks them, although probably a good thing otherwise my bank account (and mother) would frown more.

  3. I’m thinking about ordering a pair of these (so gorgeous) and your description of the fit is really helpful! I’m just wondering (trying to work out how my foot size compares to yours) – what size do you tend to be in NZ stores – for example Hannahs?

  4. I’m thinking about getting a pair of the Ione shoes. I’m a UK size 7 but scared about them being too small (I need a pair of shoes just for my dresses because the shoes that I wear with my dresses now are also used for work. I work in a bakery so they can get messy). My feet are a little bit wide so is it best to size up to a 7.5 or a size 8?

  5. Maybe you’re not as active on here as you used to be, but I found then on sale in my size (7.5), but I’m wondering is they run more narrow, normal, or wide. I’m basically always a 7.5 M, but I’m nervous. If they are too tight, but stretch out a half size, that should be okay, right?

    • Ahhhhhh personally I would say it’s going to be safer to order up a half size. As I mentioned in this post, they do run small and even when you go up half a size they could feel too tight before you stretch them. If be worried that the 7.5 won’t stretch enough but they are worth a try I guess if they are on sale 🙂

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