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How to- Poodle Do!

Today I’m bring to you a pictorial on how to do a Lucille Ball inspired Poodle Do! Thank you to my cousin Lex of AM Photography for her photographic skills!


What you will need:
Hairspray- I use Davines Strong Hairspray
Pomade or light moulding paste- I use Davines Invisible Serum which has a 1/5 for hold and lots of shine!
Tail comb
Brushing out brush
Bobby pins and U shaped pins


Start off with setting your hair.
I would recommend a wet set with sponge rollers as this produces a very tight curls which is a perfect start for a poodle do.



Once your set is dry, remove the rollers, twisting each curl as you go to make sure it stays in it’s perfect ringlet.



Start by brushing the back of your hair upwards with your brush.
Place a row of bobby pins around your whole head, overlapping them to ensure all the hair is pinned up.
Spray as you go to tame any fly aways.


Your row of bobby pins should be reasonably high on the head, about your crown at the back and around temple height through the sides.
It should be a U shape.


Now start at the front, moulding and putting the curls in place.
Take a ringlet and with a little bit of pomade/serum, smooth the curl out to de-frizz it.


You want the front curls to be coming down onto your forehead for a true Lucille look.
To achieve this without the curl being too long, twist the midsection of the curl once (or twice if your hair is super long) and pin to your head. This means you still let the end of the curl hang down free but it won’t be too long.

poodle7Continue this action, applying pomade/serum to each section as you go.

poodle8Work your way from front to back.


Once you’ve got most of the curls in place, you can finish it off by inserting some U pins into the curls to help hold everything in place.


Give it a good dose of hairspray, the stronger the better!

poodle11Check that the back and sides all look good.


And you’re done!


It might take a bit of practice, especially since the placing of the curls is kinda of a freestyle thing but my biggest tip for that is to try to only pin the base or midsection of the curl down.
It will look fuller and better if you can leave the ends of the curls free.
Also make sure you have good quality bobby pins that have a good grip, otherwise the base of your poodle do, the U shape could let you down!

x Miss Victory Violet



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