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How To Tie A Vintage Hairscarf

One of the first vintage hairstyles I taught myself was the beehive & hair scarf look! It’s a great style for when you hair needs a wash, you don’t want to spend too much time on it or you’ve got a bright coloured scarf to match your outfit!

I get a lot of questions about how I tie my headscarf and get the cute bow in the front so I thought it was high-time for a step by step.

In my experience with trying out different types of headscarves, the nylon ones do work best. You can find vintage ones on eBay or Etsy- just search ‘vintage nylon headscarf’ or some variation of it. I’ve picked up a few bulk lots that started my collection off. Pinup Girl Clothing have a small range of reproduction scarves in 5 different colours and Rita Sue Clothing and Your One Stop Pinup Shop both have a broad range.

There are two ways I will tie my headscarf…

Option One

The way I will tie my headscarf 90% of the time-


Ideally your headscarf should be square. Start by folding it in half diagonally to create a triangle.

Then fold the point down- depending on the size of your headscarf and how wide you want it to be on your head will determine how far you fold it.

Position around your head, coming over your ears and tie a knot.

The trick is to tie it firmly to the head but if it’s too tight, it will slip up when you move around.

image (15)

Now tie a bow- Just a regular bow like when you tie your shoe laces!

If my headscarf is on the larger side like this one, I’ll double knot the bow to take some of the excess length away.

Pull it nice and tight so it will stay in all day!


With each side of the bow, spread it out a little to make it bigger.

Check the position at the back and over the ears.

You can put a bobby pin on each side to help hold it in place.


Option Two

This style I will mainly do when I am a bit more lazy with my hair! You don’t need to have the perfect beehive since the scarf covers everything so it’s great for days off and 5 minute hair when combined with my clip-in bettie bangs!

How to tie a headscarf

Start with just folding down one corner a little bit, maybe a third the way down or to the centre of the scarf so it’s a big triangle.

Position it on the head with the point coming up the middle.

Tie a knot over the top of the central point.

How to tie a headscarf

Once you have tied the knot, pull the central point back over the top of the knot.

How to tie a headscarf

Now you need to tie your bow over the top of the central point. Doing it this way will keep everything together and anything from slipping.

How to tie a headscarf

Now you will have a bow and a long piece sticking up the back- tuck that long bit that was the central point into one of the two slits on the sides where the headscarf comes together.

Tuck the slits down to make them look a little tidier.

Fluff and spread the bow to make it look pretty like Option One.

How to tie a headscarf

And your done!

Once again, you can put some pins on either side to help make sure it stays in place.

With either of these styles, they ALWAYS stay 100% better when I have a nice big beehive. The width and shape at the back stop it from slipping up… I’d never bother doing this on hairstyle.

You can watch my tutorial on how to do a beehive and bumper bangs here-

Once you’ve got a good collection of a variety of colours, it makes it very easy to match your outfits!


x Miss Victory Violet


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  1. Hi Miss Victory Violet, I have to ask, where do you source clip in bangs? I have naturally fine curly hair and even with hot rollers I find I just don’t have enough hair for rolled bangs!

  2. Hi, came to this page through your Instagram…you give me such hair envy lol just a quick question; roughly how big are your scarves? I’ve tried to do the second option a lot but I really struggle with the ‘middle’ point, and I think your scarf is a fair whack bigger than mine. Just rough dimensions for buying online would be amazing. Thanks 🙂

  3. Where did you get your head scarf from. I can never find ones made from the right material. The ones I have always seem to slip off my hair

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