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Secrets In Lace Classic RHT Stockings

Last year I did a insanely popular post about what stockings fitted my curvy thighs! (read it here) It seems a lot of you have the same issues I have with stockings not fitting properly or making us feel like stuffed sausages!

When a pair of the Secrets In Lace Classic RHT Stockings arrived along with a a Victory Parade Dress I’d won on Facebook, and they fitted and fitted BEAUTIFULLY, I knew  I’d have to do a post to let you all know how amazing they are!

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When they first arrived in the package, I was super duper excited- I’d been wanting to try some Secrets in Lace stockings for quite some time but their range is so extensive that it’s a little overwhelming! They also have such a great range of sizes (which is awesome SIL!) but it seems to just make it harder to choose.


My excitement vanished fairly quickly however when I saw I’d been sent a size Medium. All I was thinking that there was no way I would fit a medium, I knew that SIL had at least two sizes above that and it seemed unfathomable that a medium wouldn’t make me end up with thigh muffin tops!


However… I like to be proven wrong… sometimes 😉

They are amazing, truly the nicest, best fitting stockings I have tried yet. The medium comes up to my upper thigh which is where I prefer them to sit. The welt fits perfectly around my thighs and does not cut into them at all!  There’s no extra material around the ankle and everything just fits perfectly.

The other great thing I found with this pair of stockings is that welts don’t roll down in the inner thighs like can sometimes happen with some others. I think this is partly because they fit really well and aren’t too stretched and strained.

RHT’s (Reinforced Heel and Toe) do not have a seam and these are made from 100% Nylon which has no stretch. This can take a bit of getting used to after growing up with tights and pantyhose that are super stretchy and fit to your legs. However if you have a good fitting stocking, then it’s much easier to get used to it!

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These SIL RHT’s come in sizes Petite, Small, Medium, Large, Opera and in a range of natural and fashion colours. They are US$16.99 which is a great price I believe compared to what you can pay or compared to other stockings on their website.

Now that I know that the Secrets In Lace work for me and my shape, I might try a few more styles! I really like the look of the Veronica Lace Top RHT  and perhaps some Fully Fashioned Premier European Heel ones.

If you are willing to drop some serious money on their Fully Fashioned range, the Eva Outline Heel  is my top pick but for US$89.99, you’d have to be soooo careful not to snag them! With my talons, it would be a disaster waiting to happen or they have to be reserved for photoshoots only!

For lots of daily stocking wearing inspiration, I highly recommend following Elinor of The Nylon Swish. She is full of knowledge and wears stockings every day and I love her cheeky photos!

x Miss Victory Violet

Bra- by Perfects from Farmers NZ
Corset- CS-426 by Orchard Corset
Suspender Belt- What Katie Did

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  1. Awesome! I love nylon stockings but it can be so hard getting a fit that doesn’t leave a baggy ankle or a exploding sausage thigh! Definitely going to try these.

  2. Della, The $89 US is for a very unique style, not a standard Fully Fashioned stocking. While still more than a good pair of FF the price is worth it due to the uniqueness of the styling. I wish there were more colors available in the FF styles.

  3. Excellent corset and stocking modelling. Though the stockings are seamless, I still wish that you’d shown a back view. I’m glad the fit was right because your legs are superb.

  4. What is the measurement on your thighs? I have a similar build and I have a horrible time finding stockings! But I would love if these would work for me.

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