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The Rago 9357 Body Briefer

The Rago Body Briefer was my first piece of retro shapewear and the start of my Rago collection. From memory (it’s been a few years so it’s all a bit hazy!) I purchased it from the Pinup Girl Clothing site because I loved the look of it.

Ella Webster Opera Studio copy  273

I worried about my hips getting into it so ordered the black in size 38D (my usual bra size is a 32E). When it arrived, I was convinced there was no way it was going to fit- it looked TINY! I remember the first time trying to get it on was quite the workout! I made the mistake of trying to put it on over my head which is really difficult…I definitely recommend pulling it up over your hips as I find it a lot easier to wriggle into it that way.

Elizabeth J Photography

Elizabeth J Photography

The Rago 9357 is made out of the powernet lace that I have grown to love and rely on to smooth out my lumps and bumps- it also is the material used for my favourite Rago piece, the 6207.

The 38 size was probably a little big for me in the top area but thanks to the powernet and how teeny it starts out, it still hugs my curves… it just probably doesn’t do much compression/shaping in the top area and the cups are on the bigger side.

Elizabeth J Photography

Elizabeth J Photography

Recently I ordered the white version from Orchard Corset as I want to try dying it a fun colour! When I went to pick out a size, I had it in my head for some reason that the one I already had was a 36… So I went for a size 34! Had I realised it was a 38, I probably would have only ordered a 36! But nevermind, at least it still fits and it does do a lot more shaping and compression

The Rago Body Briefer has the subtle bullet shaped cups that also feature in the 2202 Longline Bra I reviewed not long ago. They are softly moulded so there is a little bit of padding and no underwire. Like the Longline Bra, the shape of the cups do push your breast slightly further apart than a modern-day bra but I find once I have clothing on over the top, it’s much less noticeable.

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The all-in-one aspect of this item is great for those who struggle with the waistline or tummy area. If you are wanting to smooth that area out, sometimes wearing a girdle can do that but also create a mini-muffin top above the girdle! With the 9357, you avoid this completely.

FullSizeRender (15)

The low scoop neck back means that you could wear this with a low backed dress however one problem I do encounter (same issue as the 2202 Longline Bra) is that the cup shape and straps limit what sort of necklines you can wear. The cups come up higher on the chest than a modern bra and the straps are a little further towards the centre meaning you have to wear necklines that aren’t too low or too wide.

It also features 6 sturdy garter straps for stocking control but be warned… this is probably the piece of shapewear I find the hardest to get my stocking attached to the back ones! I end up doing a crazy backwards bend and working up quite the sweat… The relief when I’ve finally got them attached is immense.

FullSizeRender (14)

Now here’s my one major problem with the 9357 and the reason why I haven’t actually worn it out yet apart from a photoshoot. The bottom of it cuts into my thigh and I know *most* people wouldn’t notice it under a dress but I notice it and it bugs the heck out of me. I’d love the length to be a little longer so instead of stopping just below my cheeks, it carried down further and past my upper thighs. I think the size 34 is worse for creating this line and also feels a touch shorter than the 38. Ultimately I think that the 36 would be the ideal size for me.

For some, this issue might not be such a big deal. I am very thigh heavy so it will really be stretching out that bottom band- if you are more well-proportioned than what I am, hopefully it won’t cut into you as much!

It’s always good to see some before/afters of what shapewear does so here I am wearing it underneath the Virginia Dress by Glamour Bunny. In the ‘before’ photo, I’m wearing the same underwear what I am underneath the briefer so you can see how it smooths out the VPL.

before:after Rago 9357

The Rago 9357 comes in black, white and also a few fashion colours like red/black and pink/black. I’m going to try dying my white one a yellow and if successful, I will post up the method here on the blog!

The sizes available are from 34-48 and cup sizes B-DD and I’m hoping they will start doing bigger cup sizes and small bands. Rago does not sell on their website so you will need to find a distributor. My picks are Pinup Girl Clothing, Orchard Corset, Secrets In Lace and American Shapewear.

Have a read of the rest of my shapewear reviews, featuring a lot of Rago. If you haven’t tried shapewear before and are not sure of where to start, this post ‘The Perfect Shape’ is a good starting point as it covers a few different styles and combinations.

x Miss Victory Violet


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  1. Love this post! This sounds great for some Tatyana dresses I recently bought. I hear that sizing up is recommended for this item. Is there a special trick to those hooks? I have always struggled with them. My concern would be that I would have to remove the hooks and reattach when bathroom breaks are needed.

    • You’ll have to Google for a stockist as I’m sure prices vary. Rago only sells wholesale so you need to find a stockist like American Shapewear or HerRoom x

  2. This is really a great website – it shows how positive being girdled or in decent shapewear really is. Women sadly in the present day bit into a lot of misguided false propaganda about being daily in a vintage like like Rago. I did some research into vintage girdle and what I discovered is that actually there are serious health benefits from daily being in a vintage girdle. We as humas stand erect, standing erect along with gravity and time has a very negative effect on our internal organs, wearing a girdle every day will counteract this negative effect by supporting and holding your internal organs in their normal natural postion. What you experience is increase in energy and self confidence. It is beyond me why women wouldn’t to experience the benefits of being girdled everyday.

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