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Ask Miss Victory Violet- Bras & Shapewear For Smaller Ladies

Dear Miss Victory Violet,

First of all, I look forward to all your reviews on your blog and posts to your instagram. I think you’re my #1 inspiration for vintage/pinup fashion because you are real and knowledgeable about the subculture. So, I’m hoping you can help me with my problem.

I’m really trying to get into pinup fashion, and for the most part it’s going okay. However, I’m really having problems finding shapewear to get that perfect hourglass shape. I’m very small but still somewhat curvy. Most vintage lingerie sites just don’t seem to cater to my 30 DD bra size, and sister sizes are far too big. As well, I can never find girdles or undies that fit my waist, which varies from 24-26 inches, but still cater to my hips which are 10 inches bigger.

Can you help me out at all? I long to polish off my hourglass shape. Please help me, ma’am 🙁

City: Westfield
Country: USA

Hi Paloma,

Oh, I feel your pain. I am a very similar bra size to you and also have hips that are much bigger than my waist.

The big brand vintage lingerie companies like What Katie Did, Kiss Me Deadly and Secrets In Lace only start at a band size of 32.  I guess if you are desperate for one of their bras in particular, you could go with the sister size of 32D and have the band taken in by a tailor. It’s a hassle I know, but I’ve had it done with a bra I really wanted to wear for my wedding which didn’t come in my size.

I’d recommend looking at other brands that do a diverse range of styles and pick out a bra that has a retro feel to it. Here are some brands to get you started and my favourites from their ranges-


Going from band sizes 28-40 and cup sizes DD-KK, Bravissimo have some lovely sets! My top picks are the Boudoir Beau Bra (£32), Can Can Bra (£34) and the Mademoiselle Bra (£32)



I was introduced to Freya through Fuller Figure Fuller Bust. Freya don’t sell from their website so you’ll need to find a stockist that works for you. Bravissimo actually sell a selection of Freya styles on their website too. My favourites from Freya are the Fifi Bra (£31) which also comes in a longline version, the Deco Darling Strapless Bra (£40) which I’ve heard amazing things about and the Deco Rebel Bra (£34) because I can’t resist leopard print!


Curvy Kate

Another brand I found out about through Fuller Figure Fuller Bust, Curvy Kate has a little more of a ‘youthful’ vibe with bright colours and patterns. Once again, they don’t sell through their website I had trouble finding a website that had the full range. Use their stockist locator to find something that works for you. I love the look of The Teese, The Dreamcatcher and The Daisie!


Parfait by Affinitas

The final brand that I’ve come across that has a good size range is Parfait. I love that they have a couple of longline styles and feel like some of their bras really lend themselves to being paired with a vintage style girdle. My top picks are the Danielle Longline Bra, Charlotte Balconette Bra and Natalia Underwire Bra.



Now in terms of shapewear, that one is a little tricky! My waist is about 27″ but hips are 42″ so that’s a 15″ difference. Typically I have sized up to one size bigger in the waist size to help accommodate this difference and have had to live with the fact that the waist is a little roomy. I hasn’t really bothered me that much since it’s not the waist I’m worried about cinching in but perhaps you could try buying your actual waist size and see how it fits through the hips? Shapewear usually has a decent amount of stretch so you should be fine if your waist/hip difference is 10″.

Alternatively try wearing a wide belt to help cinch your waist in and disguise any tell-tale signs that the waist is too big or get the Rago 2202 Longline bra which I know LOVE to pair with my shaping shorts or girdle as the band at the bottom covers the top and creates a smooth line.

The other option is to also try more of a all-in-one type style like the Rago Body Briefer or the Kiss Me Deadly Cupless Vargas Dress.


Shapewear can be one of those items of your wardrobe that takes a bit of trial and error before you find the perfect match for your body shape but there will be a piece out there that will fit you properly! Or you might need to combine two to get the perfect result like I do.

Hope this has been helpful! I hope that we will see more range in band and cup sizes from those amazing vintage lingerie companies in the future!

Have a look through the Shapewear Section here on the blog for all the reviews I’ve done so far. The Perfect Shape  is one of my most read blog posts and compares different types of shapewear and the pros and cons of each so it’s a great starting point!

x Miss Victory Violet

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