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Ask Miss Victory Violet- Mr VV’s Style!

Dear Miss Victory Violet,

From time to time we get to see pictures of your lovely husband! Well he does have excellent taste!

I wondered where does he get his favourite shirts from as I’d love to buy some more for my dapper gent!

Thank you lovely lady,
Miss Rouge
New Zealand

Hello Miss Rouge!

I love it when Matt wears a shirt and dresses up a little bit more! You’d be surprised to learn that a lot of his shirts come from local shops that aren’t necessarily vintage or rockabilly!

One of my all time favourite shirts of his is this hawaiian one. It’s by the brand Volcom and he bought it from North Beach. He’s also had a bit of success at Amazon– it seems the surf/skate shops seem to have some good ‘different’ prints which is what Matt looks for in a shirt.


Hallensteins is another local store that Matt tends to find good shirts every now and then. Last year they had this shirt with cute little Hawaiian Pinup Girls all over it!


Hallensteins is also where we found this awesome waistcoat/trouser combo which is hands down my favourite outfit of his. I LOVE it when he wears it!


Farmers  is another local store that seems to have stepped up their game recently. Matt picked up this awesome shirt just before Christmas along with another cool white one with navy anchors on it. Unfortunately he put the white one through the wash with something that stained it terribly and nothing we did could get it out.

FullSizeRender (28)

His other shirts which are I guess more ‘rockabilly’, came from Viva Las Vegas 2 years ago. They are all the Lucky 13 brand which he picked up from various vendors.


There are a few good websites you could check out. Daddy-O’s  and Cats Like Us have a big selection of Men’s shirts although most of them are the bowling style shirts (Matt isn’t that keen on them!). Straight Cut Clothing is a New Zealand website that stocks a good range of mens clothing too!

I think the trick to is just to keep an out on in those key stores that I mentioned especially during the change of season. Look out for interesting prints or even plainer styles that can be spruced up with a bow tie! Matt has very particular tastes in his style so I just let him run free with it 😉

I’m sure he’ll be buying up large at Viva again!

x Miss Victory Violet

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  1. Thank you so much for the shout out to Straight Cut Clothing, we do love to offer great men’s shirts & I’ve been admiring what a cute couple you are from afar for a long time so this is a wee bit exciting for us!
    Andi xx

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