BAIT Betty Heels

I’ve done a couple of reviews of my BAIT Footwear shoes now and this time I’d like to talk about the Betty Heels!

These have become probably my favourite shoes and I so hope to see more colours in the future!

I really ummed and ahhed over these as I was worried the heel might be a little too high for a day at work but I decided to give them a go anyway!

BAIT Betty Heels

Initially I bought the yellow Betty’s and was a little disappointed when they arrived in the mail. I was expecting a bright sunny yellow but they are more of a light mustard.

I thought this would limit what I would be able to wear them with but so far I’ve had no trouble!

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The Betty Heels feature a 3 1/4″ heel with a 3/4″ platform meaning that the true heel height is actually only 2 1/2″ high. The ankle strap has a adorable gold buckle and they are made out of a soft vegan-friendly faux leather.

BAIT Betty Heels

Let’s talk about sizing and fit- I went with a size 9 since that seemed to be the size I was in the Ida and Ione. Now there is the possibility that a 8.5 would have been a better fit but I am terrified of shoes that are too small. The 9’s fit comfortably and the ankle strap means that they stay on despite them being on the looser side.

I’ll be honest, the first time I wore them I was in a bit of agony and had to heavily bandage my feet before giving up about 5 hours into the work day and changing to ballet flats. There was major rubbing at the back of my ankle and the edge of the peep toe really pushed into the base of my toe nails.


The second wear wasn’t much improvement. By the third to fifth wear, the toes weren’t as sore as I think that area must have stretched out a little but I was still blistering at the back of my heel.

Now they are totally fine and very comfortable -thank goodness! I find the heel height absolutely fine too and I am a good tester- I work on a concrete floor and some days I don’t really get a chance to sit down so my feet get a bit of a hammering!

BAIT Betty Heels

Once I had worn in my yellow pair and knew that they were comfortable, I decided to order the coral too! These are a little trickier to match with outfits but it’s fun finding new combinations.

I was not looking forward to the breaking in period AT ALL after my experience with the yellow ones but strangely, it wasn’t nearly half as bad! I had no pain in the toe area and it was only the first wear that I got some blistering on the heel. Not quite sure why that is but I’m not complaining!

The Betty Heels are US$75 and also come in a patent blackΒ and I’ve seen a preview to a gorgeous baby blue colour that is coming out! I really hope they bring back the patent red that was on the website until very recently and the lovely pink that I’ve seen on google!

BAIT Betty Heels

My advice if you are looking at the Betty Heels? Stick with you usual BAIT sizing or you could try sizing down half a size from whatever you wear in the Idas since they are known to fit snug. If you haven’t bought from BAIT before, I recommend converting your European sizing – So for instance, I am usually a EU39 which roughly converts to a 8.5, but I size up in especially the Ida’s. Read my review for the Ida/Ione shoes and the Irella Shoes for more sizing advice.

x Miss Victory Violet

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  1. If you wear socks, thick socks are great!, with new shoes (obviously around the house!!) it helps break them in easier πŸ™‚
    That’s what I do with lots of new shoes. Wear my ski socks with new heels around the house. Not the greatest look but it works!

  2. I absolutely love the Coral pair – they look fab with your denim. I’m looking at buying my first pair from BAIT and this has been super helpful. Thank you sweet xo

  3. Hi, Ide like to know where I can buy the purple b.a.i.t. shoes? i looked on their website & they werent on there, thanks

  4. I love these shoes I have a black paid my own but every time I wear them my feet he sort of sweaty if I stand for too long and rub on the faux leather badly and hurt sometimes because of it, do any of you experience the same?

    • I bought the black ones too and don’t find them as comfortable – the yellow and coral are made from a soft faux leather so super comfy. I’m actually thinking of selling my Black ones since they aren’t as comfortable

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