In Love With Isabelle

The Isabelle Dress from Pinup Girl Clothing is one that I admired for a long time! It’s amazing how many dresses I’ve ummed and ahhed over for months or even years, always too hesitant to take the plunge and then absolutely LOVING them when I’ve finally got them on!

The Isabelle was one of those dresses that I only realised how much I wanted it when it was too late.
It left the site for a wee while and I was so sad to see it go! I had been hesitant about it because of the low neckline and the fear of the fabric being too thin and unflattering.
I don’t know why I thought that would be the case, OF COURSE Pinup Girl Clothing would NEVER use a thin, unflattering type of material. Duh, what was I thinking?!

Ella Webster Studio Purple dress 337 copy


Anyway, it reappeared again not long ago after a tweaking the design to give the bust a bit more coverage and I was over the moon at the chance to get to try it out!
Of course I picked the purple, although I did think about the red… but I settled on purple as it’s a little less obviously ‘spanish’ than the red.

Ella Webster Studio Purple dress 217 copy

I went with the size large which is pretty standard for me in PUG wiggle dresses unless they have a lot of stretch.
Besides the fact that my hips probably wouldn’t have fitted the medium, I also probably wouldn’t even be able to get it on!
Because of the fishtail and very small opening at the bottom, you can’t put it on over your shoulders and I can only JUST get the large over my butt!


Ella Webster Studio Purple dress 532 copy

I had the bust and the waist taken in since that was pretty roomy from having to size up. The bust still feels a bit loose but I think that’s because it’s just such a open neckline.

The Isabelle is made out of gorgeously lush Meredith Satin which is 96% Polyester and 4% Spandex so there is some stretch. The satin is thick enough to feel like it smooths things out and you don’t feel like all you are wearing is cling wrap.

Ella Webster Studio Purple dress 459 copy

Ella Webster Studio Purple dress 350 copy

Accented with beautiful lace at the bust, sleeves and fishtail, this dress is a head turner for sure! There is a layer of tulle underneath the lace at the fishtail to make sure it doesn’t hang lifelessly. The length is wonderful, hitting me below the knee at the front and coming to about mid calf at the back.

You can’t take super long strides in this dress but it’s still easy to move around in although I haven’t tested it on stairs yet!

Ella Webster Studio Purple dress 319 copy


Now the neckline is a little tricky! It’s very low compared to all my other dresses and I didn’t really have a bra that suited. I thought about taping my chest in with that hollywood tape but that all seemed like a disaster waiting to happen.
So regular bra it is… I know it’s not perfect but at least there wasn’t going to be any unwanted nip slips!

Ella Webster Studio Purple dress 384 copy

I love the glamour of this dress. It’s so elegant but quite different to anything else in my wardrobe! When looking at what size to get, I’d recommend sticking to the size chart for the bust and waist but you can size down a little bit in the hips (just be careful because of the actual getting it on issue!) My 42″ hips technically need a size XL according to the chart but the large is pretty perfect.

The Isabelle Dress also comes in Red, Black and Turquoise, retailing for US$175 on the website. It goes from a size XS to 2XL so unfortunatley not for the 3XL or 4XL ladies.

A big thank you to Elizabeth J Photography for the images! We did something a little different and set up a studio since the weather was pretty icky in Auckland that weekend!

x Miss Victory Violet

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