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LUSH ‘Let The Good Times Roll’ Cleanser

I was lucky to get to try some samples of LUSH products recently, a brand I’d known about but never tried.

I’ll be honest, I was pretty sceptical at first since I am more than happy with my Antipodes Cleansers and skincare routine. I’ve tried to steer clear of anything too chemical based when it comes to skincare since suffering a weird reaction around my eyes a couple of years ago. And you know when you find something that works so well, it can be scary to try something new… well that’s what I was feeling!

My worries were put to rest when I realised that LUSH products are super duper natural. So natural and preservative free that you have to store them in the fridge to keep them fresh and the face masks only last a month!


I opened up the LUSH ‘Let The Good Times Roll’ Cleanser to try first and was immediately hit with the strong but delicious smell of buttery caramel. And then I realised that it also had whole bits of popcorn inside which I thought was rather funny!

To use this cleanser, I put a chunk in my palm and wet it a little with warm water to create more of a paste. I rub it everywhere except the eyes for a good 30 seconds or so. It’s a very exfoliating scrub which at first I was a little worried about as I’ve heard that too much exfoliation can be bad for the skin but I try to be gentle and soft.


I gotta say… I’m converted. I ADORE the way my skin feels after use, so incredibly soft and supple and moisturised. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and definitely think I will be buying more when I run out.
I even tried it on Matt one day since his skin always could use a bit of a scrub and I could noticeably see the difference. I few hours later we were sitting next to each other and I kept staring at his skin, and couldn’t believe how much smoother it looked. I think even he loved the result as I caught him red-handed a few days later, smelling the fragrance on him and getting a confession!


Now the only negative thing I can say about this cleanser is that it’s not great at removing makeup. I still stick to Antipodes to take care of that at the end of the day but love using this in the morning pre makeup application.

Let The Good Times Roll has Maize Flour, Corn Oil, Cinnamon Powder, Gardenia Extract, Popcorn and the only non-natural ingredient is the fragrance. Because of how natural the ingredients are, it expires 3 months after purchase and needs to be stored in the fridge.

So where can you get it? LUSH has stores all over the world and also online websites. Here’s a few of them listed below, if your country isn’t there, try googling to see if you are able to buy locally.

New Zealand readers-  LUSH NZ website–  A 100g pot is NZ$18.90.

USA readers- LUSH USA website. A 8.8 oz. pot is US$31.95

UK readers- LUSH UK Website. A 100g pot is £6.75

Australian readers- LUSH AU website. A 100g pot is US$16.95


If you are looking for a new cleanser to try and are prone to sensitive skin, this could be a great one for you! The bonus is that the price point is quite low compared to other top end cleansers so trying it out isn’t quite as scary… no one likes the thought of potentially wasting their hard earned cash on a new product that doesn’t work for them!

x Miss Victory Violet

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  1. I love Lush and have been using their products for years. I haven’t tried this cleanser yet though, maybe I need a shopping trip to the Lush shop in town 🙂

  2. I think £6.75 is quite a lot for 100g of product BUT I am always willing to pay for quality. Like you – never tried Lush before but have heard of it so might take a wander in there next time I’m passing to see if anything catches my eye. Didn’t know it was mainly natural produce either – defo might skip boots and head there first next time I’m out!
    A Moment For Me Blog x

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