The Pretty Dress Company Hourglass Swing Dresses

The Pretty Dress Company is a UK company that I came to know of about a year ago. I recently featured a gorgeous custom gown they created for me and today I bring to your their classic styles, The Hourglass Swing Dress!

I was lucky enough to receive this dress in both the Sorrento Berry and the Seville Rose colourways.


These swing dresses feature a V shaped neckline, faux wrap bust and tie and a full skirt. The tie at the waist is purely for decoration, it doesn’t allow you to tighten the fit of the waist and since I’m a lover of wearing belts, I actually snipped the ties off!


The Hourglass Swing Dresses are made out of a beautiful stretch cotton sateen that has a really nice thickness and weight to it- not flimsy or thin at all! I can’t fault the construction and love the elasticated part on the cap sleeves- this feature means it’s really easy to move in and super comfortable.

The Rose Print Serville Dress is a stunning print. I would never have thought that a pastel pink and yellow would have worked so well together but when I wore this for the first time, accenting the yellow with matching shoes and hair flower seemed just perfect.  I had a number of people say they thought it was my best outfit yet!


You could also choose to pair this dress with bright pink accessories if yellow isn’t your thing but I love the mustard yellow BAIT Footwear Betty Shoes (review coming later this week!) and Sophisticated Lady Cream Orchids.



This print also comes in a cream, light blue, yellow, coral and black versions as well as some other dress styles like the Cara Pencil Dress.

The full voluminous skirt of these dresses mean a big petticoat is definitely in order! For these photos I’m wearing not one, but two petticoats!


The Berry Sorrento features beautiful pink roses on a rich purple background. I highlighted the pink in the print with a MadeWithLoveNZ Daisy headpiece and bright pink pumps.



For both these styles I am wearing a size 10 and my bust measure 36′ and waist 27″ so the size chart seems pretty spot on. They fit really nicely, fitted but still comfortable because of the stretch sateen and I found the Rose colourway just a tad more snug than the Berry.

I feel like the V neck just verging on that little bit too low to be comfortable for work so I just safety pin it together to protect my modesty.


These dresses are £145 which I know is on the higher end of the scale in the vintage reproduction world. But rest assured, if you do decide to spend the money, you won’t be disappointed with the quality of the dress.


For those of you in the Souther Hemisphere, That Shop in Australia has a few dress from The Pretty Dress Company including both of these. You can view the dresses they currently have in stock here.

A big thank you to my cousin Lex of AM Photography for this wonderful set of photos!

x Miss Victory Violet

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  1. Oh my, my that darker purple one was MADE FOR YOU. You look fantastic in that color! The things I’d do in that beauty! I think I’d even wear it to bed! =)

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