The Vamp Dress

Mid last year, Pinup Girl Clothing  released a new range of floral prints in Micheline Pitt’s Deadly Dames Collection. The gorgeous prints were assigned to the Vamp Dresses, Vamp Tops and the Deadly Curves Skirt. At first I was a bit sad that there wasn’t going to be any swing styles in the beautiful prints but I then decided to embrace the wiggle and order the skirt in the cream floral.

It was a real toss up between the Cream and the Baton Rouge Colourway so when I was given the opportunity to try the Vamp Dress, I jumped at the Baton Rouge!

Vamp Dress

The Vamp Dress is a staple piece on the Pinup Girl Clothing website but one I’d never ordered until now.
Because of the big difference between my waist and my hips, I knew I’d have to size up and I usually try to stick to very stretch items in this circumstance in the hopes that I can possibly get away with not tailoring it.


Vamp Dress

I’m so glad that I made the effort to have the bust and waist taken in as this is one gorgeous dress!
I own a couple of the Vamp Tops so I already knew how flattering the bust is. I’m wearing a size large to accommodate my 42″ hips but my 36″ bust needed a size medium and my 27″ waist is between a small and medium according to the size chart.

Vamp Dress

Ella Webster pink floral dress Cornwall Park 216 copy

Whilst I was able to get the dresses fitting better, unfortunately there was still a casualty to sizing up… the belt! It’s huge on me but there’s not much you can do about it! I’ve punched holes in it but I’m hoping Pinup Girl Clothing might release these belts separately.

I’ve accessorised the Vamp with hot pink orchids from The Sophisticated Lady, a lime green bangle I found on eBay and lipstick pink pumps from Novo.

Vamp Dress

Vamp Dress

The Vamp Dress is made out of a 97% Cotton, 3% Spandex blend giving it a little bit of stretch but not a huge amount. There’s no way I would have got my hips into the size smaller!

The bust is padded and sculpted and gives such amazing support, most could go braless. The straps are adjustable which is just SO fantastic and really helps to get the perfect fit. The other great feature is the elasticated band at the top of the dress around the back- it makes the dress and the bust super comfortable while maintaining a snug look!

Ella Webster pink floral dress Cornwall Park 024 copyvamp

The one thing I will say is that I wish it had the gorgeous wee kick pleat that featured on the Deadly Curves Skirt. Because the Vamp Dress is a little shorter and has a split at the back, I felt very conscious about making sure that it wasn’t riding up too far.
But I am going to dabble in a bit of sewing and see if I can insert my own kick pleat into this dress and a few of my other wiggle dresses.

Ella Webster pink floral dress Cornwall Park 115 copy

I really love this floral print (okay, okay I love ALL floral prints!), check out the other two colourways, the Cream and the Black Rose.
All three colourways also come in the Vamp Top but unfortunately the Deadly Curves Skirts is no longer on the website.

The Vamp Dress comes in sizes XS-4XL and retails for US$120.

Thank you to Elizabeth J Photography for the wonderful photos! Cornwall Park was the perfect place to show off the colours in this dress!

x Miss Victory Violet

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  1. Hi Ella, I recently bought this dress and need to have alterations made to it. Can you recommend somewhere in Auckland to have this done? Many thanks in advance. Sam 🙂

  2. Wow, the dress is really stunning on you! The pictures show the GORGEOUS print off so well. Now I need one of these, as if my PUG wishlist wasn’t long enough!


  3. We have almost teh exact measurements. Another issue I have is my arms. 😛 I *could* wear a M top but my arms need a large. 🙁 Very sad.

    So I usually shy away from styles like this but I really do love it on you. May I ask how walking was in it?

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