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Ask Miss Victory Violet- Winter Coats

Dear Miss Victory Violet,

Now that we are officially in Autumn, my hunt for a winter coat has begun! I did a similar search last year but didn’t end up purchasing anything.

What I am hoping to find is a coat that I can throw over my full skirts without that crushed look with a bit poking out the bottom.

I have a few cardigans and boleros along with a vintage wool cape that I wear with my more dressy outfits, but living in a cold climate I really need a warm winter coat to throw over any dress any day.

Can you please point me in the right direction?

Thank you for your wonderful blog.

Sinead x
City: Goulburn
Country: Australia

Hi Sinead!

Ohhhhhh winter coats…. one of my favourite things to talk about!

Ok, so what you need to be searching for is really full skirted, almost swing coats. Looking at the retro reproduction brands is a good starting point as they also tend to be longer which is much better when wearing them with a swing skirt.

You’ve probably already looked at these, but I’ll mention them anyway as they are just too darn fabulous! Collectif Clothing have had a awesome range of coats for a few years now and they are perfect for over a retro swing skirt. Unfortunately they are going into Summer in the UK so there’s not much selection left on the website… However the glorious and much coveted Pearl Coat is still there and even on special! Never have I loved a coat as much as this one, you can read my review here.

Pearl Coat

AM Photography

AM Photography

Etsy is another great place to look for coats, you might even find a awesome vintage one! Etsy can be a little daunting though which just the sheer volume of items to trawl through so here’s a few to start you off-

Wine Red Dress Coat with other colours available


Army Green Swing Coat


Another retro brand that comes to mind when looking for coats is Hell Bunny. Again, it’s not quite the right season at the moment but if you can find some stockists, at least you know they will probably be on special! Modern Pinup (formerly JBR) still have some stock left. My top picks from last seasons range are the Alexis, Coleen and Vivien-

hellbunny coats

Apart from that, your other best bet is to head to your local vintage shops and see what they have! Hopefully one of these leads will help you find something appropriate, winter can be frustrating because you have to cover up cute outfits to keep warm so you need a glamorous coat to wear!

x Miss Victory Violet

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  1. I’m not sure if Betsy Johnson’s coat line is available in your end of the world (I’m in NYC), but about two Autumns ago, I bought a gorgeous Betsy swing coat! It’s to die for! I would research her brand 🙂

  2. I know it may not offer coats long enough but try Heavy Red in the UK I got a stunning coat from there. They r vegan too.

  3. Love love the wine red dress coat, where in etsy can I find it I’ve never ordered from etsy is it safe to order from there? Thx

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