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Guest Post- Hourglass Curves by The Nylon Swish

Miss Victory Violet is blessed with a natural hourglass figure that looks fantastic in form fitting clothes. If this is something that you would like to achieve yourself, here are some handy hints!

Elizabeth J Photography

Elizabeth J Photography

The characteristics of an hourglass figure are – a defined bust line, flowing inwards to a nipped waist and smoothly outward to the hips and bum. The theme throughout is transitioning smoothly between these sections of your body, providing flowing lines from the bust to to the top of your thighs. 

I have therefore broken the body down into three sections – the bust, waist and lastly hips and bum, and I will take you through the steps to getting the perfect Miss Victory Violet silhouette! 

  • Bust

Small bust – There are a couple of things that you can do to emphasise your bust line. I used to stuff socks down my trainer bra when I was a kid, but I have thankfully learned new techniques since then! 

Bullet bra pads – These are available through What Katie Did and perfectly fill out a soft cup bra or add extra padding to a firmer bra.


Padded brasSecrets in Lace make some gorgeous push up bras, to which you can of course add those bullet bra pads to!

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 6.08.19 pm

Large bust – If you have a large bust, the only thing you need to make sure of is that the band of your bra does not dig in, causing lumps and bumps.
The best way to get around this is to wear a longline bra, this will guaranteed a smooth back. The added bonus of a longline is that it will also pull in and smooth out the top of your tummy and waist. I would recommend the following two bras:

Rago 2202 (Miss Victory Violet’s favourite!)


Goddess Kiera Longline Bra


  • Waist

The waist is, in my opinion the most important part of the silhouette to get right. In most cases will require some firm control shapewear.

Even if you have a slight frame, it is always worth trying to cinch your waist in a little bit extra to really create a striking shape. This can easily be done with waist cinchers, I would recommend the following items:

Secrets in Lace – Waist Cincher


Rago – 2107


If you are worried about muffin tops of bulges between your bra or your girdle and the cincher, I would suggest tucking your cincher under both your bra and girdle.

However, if you want even more of a nipped waist, you can opt for a corset. Orchard Corset make some really affordable and pretty models.


  • Hips and bum

Small hips and bum – Padded panty girdles are a really effective way of giving yourself bigger hips and a bum. We put padding in our bras, so why not our panties too? There are several items on the market, such as this one:

Rago – 916


Large hips and bum –  If you are bottom heavy, my advice would be very similar to the advice that I have given to fuller busted ladies above – the idea is not to reduce but to smooth out the area.  In my opinion this is the most fun part because there is so much variety, there are long and short girdles, long and short panty girdles and a whole spectrum of colours, designs and strap numbers to choose from.

Open bottom girdle

What Katie Did – Cabaret Girdle


Long girdles (open bottom or panty)

Rago 1294


Rago 6210


So there you have it, regardless of your size and shape, if you are looking to achieve an hourglass silhouette, there are plenty of ways to sculpt your body!


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  1. Huh. This is all false advertising. How about achieving an hourglass figure by getting in shape? That way you won’t have to be a walking lie.

    A 55 year old woman who had a 10 lb. baby and worked hard to get back her hourglass shape, and has worked hard to keep it all these years, by eating right and exercising at home.

    • Well done to you for keeping yourself in shape but please remember that not all women are born with a Hourglass figure, some have more athletic shapes and so this post is designed to help them create the shape. Thank you.

  2. Oh dear I think someone might have missed the point of shape wear (above comment). Every woman has areas of their body they might feel a wee bit conscious about (although this is a whole different talk show) and shape wear is fantastic to help where nature lets us down despite lots of exercise and healthy living. Just one thing though…it does concern me just a wee bit that you darling gorgeous Ella are referred to by Elinor as a natural hourglass which I find perplexing – firstly you have made it no secret what your measurements are and you as I am sure you know are a wonderful luscious pear shape and 2nd you have also made it no secret that you achieve best results when you too use shapewear to achieve desired looks. In the true spirit of accepting our bodies as nature gave us I am quite surprised by the opening comments in this blog post. Apart from that this is as always a very helpful and informative post. Thanks.

    • She would not be a pear shape because in order to fulfil those requirements she’d have to have a larger tummy and a very small bosom. She’s an hourglass.

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