Kiss Me Deadly Jacquotte Set

I know my readers really appreciate lingerie and shapewear reviews since they can be a daunting purchase online. Kiss Me Deadly is a fabulous retro inspired lingerie brand and I was lucky enough to try their Jacquotte Set.

Miss Victory Violet Kiss Me Deadly Jacquotte

I’ve been wanting to try something from Kiss Me Deadly for quite some time but I always put off purchasing lingerie in general- It feels very hit and miss and Kiss Me Deadly pieces are on the more expensive side.

Because of this, I was very excited to finally get to try this set including the Longline Girdle which I know some of my girlfriends really love.

Miss Victory Violet Kiss Me Deadly Jacquotte

The Jacquotte Collection is really beautiful, with a white background and electric blue floral pattern with a typical Kiss Me Deadly twist- Tiny little guns, whips and swords!

I’ll start from the top and work to the bottom:
Starting out, I need to mention that the Jacquotte Bra I’m wearing is not my proper bra size and I hoping Georgina AKA FullerFigureFullerBust isn’t cringing TOO much! But I’m around a 30F and Kiss Me Deadly’s bra sizing starts at a band size of 32 and goes up to a cup size of DD (you can read their decision on stocking bra sizes here).

Miss Victory Violet Kiss Me Deadly Jacquotte

So I am wearing a size 34D which is far to big in the band (it rides up a lot at the back instead of staying parallel like a well fitting bra should) and the cup size is still a little small.

That aside, if they stock your bra size, I would not hesitate to give it a try! It’s got lovely moulded cups and the shape of the bra means that I think it would be a good bra with slightly lower necklines but still feel adequately supported. Another option which I have done in the past, is order your sister cup size (find out what that means here) and have the band taken in.
The Jacquotte Bra retails for £42.50 and goes up to a 38DD.

Miss Victory Violet Kiss Me Deadly Jacquotte

The Girdle is a new design,  based on a vintage style and looks to be a little longer than their other regular Girdles and probably similar in length to their Vargas Girdle.

It features a full hook and eye closure at the back which makes it the easiest girdle I’ve ever put on and powernet mesh with printed satin. Contour bands help to shape the waist and it also features 4 suspender straps with metal clips.
If I’m being picky, I would have liked 6 suspender straps to help really ensure the stockings stay in place.

Miss Victory Violet Kiss Me Deadly Jacquotte

 Kiss Me Deadly Girdle’s don’t have the sucking powers like Rago if that’s something you are used to. This longline girdle helps to smooth things over but not strong enough to specifically call it shapewear.

However, it is super comfortable and great if you are wanting something a little less constricting but with light smoothing action- perhaps a dinner out or a night of dancing when you want freedom of movement!

Miss Victory Violet Kiss Me Deadly Jacquotte

The Jacquotte Longline Girdle retails for £64 and comes in sizes S-XL. My 27″ waist needed a size medium and 42″ hips needed a large so that’s what I went with. Therefore, the waist isn’t very tight and shaping but at least the hip area isn’t overstretched.

And finally, the Jacquotte Briefs to complete the look! Now one thing I can’t stand in a brief is when they are too tight, creating muffins or cutting into my thighs. So for these, I got the size XL to cater for my 42″ hips and voluptuous upper thighs and I’m glad I did.

They are a good fit, the powernet mesh at the back gives them stretch and makes them more comfortable.
The Jacquotte Brief retail for £28 and go from sizes S-XL.

Miss Victory Violet Kiss Me Deadly Jacquotte

 All in all, whilst the Jacquotte Set doesn’t perfectly fit me (mainly the bra really), it’s still great to get to try some of their pieces and get a feel for the sizing. I’ll still order from them, but now I know that bras are probably not a option and need to stick with their girdles.
For those worried about the lower strength smoothing of their girdles- the gorgeous eye catching fabrics and prints totally make up for that! There’s only so many plain black girdles a girl can have before she wants something a little more 😉

A million thank you’s to Elizabeth J Photography for the photos! This was our first studio shoot since there was a big storm in Auckland the weekend we shot this. Thank you Liz for always producing such wonderful results!

x Miss Victory Violet

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