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Sweet & Sassy in Vivien of Holloway!

When Elizabeth J Photography and I found out we were allowed to shoot in a super duper fantastic private Diner (sorry folks, we are not permitted to disclose any information about it!), I knew I wanted to find some cute but sassy 50s outfits.

Let me start by saying that shorts and me have never really worked out. I have very voluptuous thighs and bottom with a small waist in comparison and so shorts have never really been a option. However for this shoot, I wanted to give the Vivien of Holloway ones a try along with their cropped Gypsy Top for a big of *gasp* midriff!

Vivien Of Holloway/ Miss Victory Violet

When deciding on what shorts/top colour combo, my first few choices were unfortunately out of stock. So I settled for the Cerise Sateen Shorts and the Midi Gypsy Top in Pink Gingham,

The Gypsy Top comes in 3 different lengths- a regular longer length, Midi and Cropped. I was tossing up between the Midi and the Cropped but decided that the Midi would give me just the right amount of midriff I desired without feeling too over-exposed… and I think it was the right decision!

Vivien Of Holloway/ Miss Victory Violet Vivien Of Holloway/ Miss Victory Violet

I’m wearing a size medium which caters for a 36″-38″ bust and a 28″-30″ waist. Since I have a 36″ bust and 27″ waist, I’m at the smaller end of the medium and the waist is a teeny bit loose. Since this top is a looser fit and the edges are all elasticated, there is the possibility that I could have sized down to a Small.

The sizing of the shorts was a little harder to decide on. Thankfully, I had a lovely Vivien Of Holloway staff member named Alice helping me by flat measuring them. My main concern was the leg opening as I knew from past experience that even if my hip measurement was the correct size, my upper thighs might not fit or the opening might be too tight and cutting in which isn’t a great look.

Vivien Of Holloway/ Miss Victory Violet

When looking at the VoH size chart, there is no specific size chart for the shorts, however the sizes are listed by waist/hips measurements. Whilst my hips measure at 42″, my lower hips/thighs are more like 44″ so I was very unsure if I should go for the 30/42 or the 32/44 size. Alice reassured me that I would be fine with the 42″ and flat measured the leg opening to compare it with my thigh circumference. I was still very uncertain and Alice was kind enough to send me both sizes so I could keep the one that fitted and post the other back.

Vivien Of Holloway/ Miss Victory Violet

I was a little apprehensive when I tried them on… surprisingly the 30/42 fitted! I preferred the extra room of the leg opening in the 32/44 but decided on keeping the 30/42 since they fitted better everywhere else and I figured that I could probably stretch out the leg opening a tiny bit.

The waist was a little roomy but since it doesn’t come right up to the smallest part of my waist, it wasn’t too bad and I just moved the button at the back over a inch to tighten the waistband. A few squats and manual pulls on the leg openings and they were feeling just that little bit looser.

Vivien Of Holloway/ Miss Victory Violet

These shorts are a lovely cotton sateen with enough stretch to make them comfortable but still sturdy enough to smooth. It was the perfect look for the diner especially when topped off with pink pumps and a bow in my hair!

The Midi Gypsy Top retails for £28 and the Cerise Sateen Shorts for £45. Both the tops and the shorts come in a array of wonderful colours and prints- perfect for all you lucky Northern Hemisphere pinups heading into summer!

Vivien Of Holloway/ Miss Victory Violet

If you are ever after any sizing advice for VoH items or would like to potentially buy a second-hand dress from another fan, I’d highly recommend the Facebook Group- ‘I Have A Vivien Of Holloway Dress and I Love To Wear It‘. For those of you in London, take a trip out to the Vivien of Holloway store on Holloway Road! They have a really great range of colours and prints in all the various styles!

Thank you to Elizabeth J Photography for another fantastic set of photos and for the owner of this wonderful Diner for allowing us in for the day!

x Miss Victory Violet

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  1. Even though the items weren’t made to your specifications, I think they look beautiful on with a few minor adjustments! For summer/warm wear, I think I would prefer the fit with a little wiggle room. Such a cute outfit!

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