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The Doris Dress by Glamour Bunny

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know that I’ve done quite a number of reviews of Glamour Bunny Clothing pieces. When you look on the website, it features predominantly wiggle styles, the last few months however has seen a few new swing additions to the website like the Reversible Swing Skirt (review here) and the Wanda Dress  (coming soon to the blog!)

Miss Victory Violet/ Doris Dress

Today I’m featuring the absolutely stunning Doris Dress! This dress is like no other with it’ s beautiful cotton print fabric and contrasting pink panel.

Elizabeth J Photography and I took a trip out to Auckland’s Botanical Gardens and it was perfect for such a fun and flirty floral dress.

Miss Victory Violet/ Doris Dress

Miss Victory Violet/ Doris Dress

The Doris Dress is a lovely classic swing shape with a twist. It features the floral print fabric for most of the dress, coming down from the straps, nipping in at the waist and flaring out again at the skirt.

Miss Victory Violet/ Doris Dress
The solid panel of pink helps to give a illusion of a smaller waist and is gathered at the waist band. The rest of the skirt isn’t gathered so it’s not full enough to wear a voluminous petticoat underneath but the fabric is stiff enough to hold it’s own a little. The Pinup Girl Clothing canvas underskirt or a single layer TaylorMade Petticoat could definitely be the solution if you’d like a bit of something underneath,

Miss Victory Violet/ Doris Dress

Miss Victory Violet/ Doris Dress

The Doris Dress doesn’t have any stretch and no give in the waist so Glamour Bunny recommends sizing up if a measurement exceeds the size chart.
I am wearing the size medium and my measurements fit the size chart perfectly.

I would definitely agree though to size up if even 1″ over the chart.
Because of the square shaped bustline, you don’t want the bust to be too fitted or you might end up with a bit of spillage. I felt like I had a tiny bit of it happening but perhaps needed to try a different bra.

Miss Victory Violet/ Doris Dress

The Doris Dress is exclusive to Glamour Bunny Clothing and is a mere £45!- that’s almost half the price of most of the other dresses on the website!
It comes in sizes XS to 3XL and once again, make sure you compare your measurements with the size chart and size up if needed.

Thank you to the wonderful Elizabeth J Photography for the gorgeous photos!

x Miss Victory Violet

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  1. Hi, I have been looking at this dress for ages but the site says it only comes up to an xl? I am normally an XL in PUG but would need to size up for a dress with no stretch in the bust…is there another retailer selling this above the XL?

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