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Kiss Me Deadly Cupless Vargas Dress

Finding the perfect piece of shapewear is a never-ending quest and the Kiss Me Deadly Vargas items are ones that have always intrigued me, especially their cupless version.

I finally had the opportunity to try one thanks to Catherine of Kiss Me Deadly and knew it would be one to share with all my followers… I know from personal experience how great a shapewear review can be when you are looking for the perfect style.

Kiss Me Deadly

Now starting out, the Cupless Vargas dress already has a advantage of being like a corselette but with the bonus of being able to wear your own bra. This makes it much more versatile for different shapes and sizes as so often women can be completely different sizes at the bust in comparison to their hips… this can make all-in-one type items a definite no-go.

Kiss Me Deadly

So the Cupless Vargas is basically like the Vargas open bottom girdle except that it comes right up under your bra and has straps to keep it up. The benefit of this style is that it helps to create that all-in-one flow of a corselette and minimising that awkward muffin you can sometimes get between your bra and girdle.

It’s one of the easiest piece of shapewear to get on (read this hilarious blog by Jo Abi names ‘Shapewear Tried To Kill Me) and has hook and eye closure from about the waist to the top.

I’m wearing a size medium to accommodate my hip size but because my waist is really a size small, it’s not super tight/shaped through that area… but that’s ok because it’s my hips that need the work most of all!

Kiss Me Deadly

The Cupless Vargas is made out of two layers of stretchy control mesh and I’ll be honest, it doesn’t quite have the sucking in powers like Rago but it’s a heck of a lot more comfortable and still smooths things out. However, if you are looking for extra firm shaping, this probably isn’t for you.

The Vargas has 6 metal garter tabs (non-adjustable in length unfortunately) which I did have a little more trouble than usual getting my stockings onto- the rubber part proved much tougher to slide through the metal tab but I’m hoping it will ease up a little.

Kiss Me Deadly I really like where the garter straps are located on the girdle. My pet peeve in girdle and suspender belts is when the back strap doesn’t come down the middle of my thigh. So often the back one will be more further around towards the side of my thigh and so I find it really hard to keep seamed stockings straight or just keep them up properly! But the positioning of these straps is pretty spot on!

The Cupless Vargas Dress comes in Black and a limited edition Red for £69 each and come in sizes S- XL.
All in all, this is a lovely piece of shapewear and whilst it’s probably not got the firmness I need/prefer for under a wiggle dress, I think I’ll still be getting use out of it to streamline my curves under other outfits! I usually find suspender belts a bit annoying so prefer comfortable girdles instead when I’m wearing stockings- this will be perfect!

x Miss Victory Violet

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  1. I bought this too a couple of weeks ago, and I love it! I did the same as you and bought a medium even though my waist should really fit a small (hips were just on the boundary, then the small sold out, so I went medium!). I’ve got some pictures taken and a review on the way, but in brief, I definitely agree with you that it’s one of the easier pieces to get on but was disappointed I couldn’t adjust the length of the garter straps too – the stockings I wore it with the other day came up quite high on me, so I found them slipping down on the inside of my leg because I hadn’t been able to shorten the straps. Aside from those minor gripes, it looks and feels gorgeous! Love your pics of it 🙂

  2. I just bought this , Great review , like yourself I got a small waist but a big lovely bum . I am also looking for perfect shape wear to be a bridesmaid if this is as good I will recommend to the bride 😀

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