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If you’ve been following my antics for a while, you’ll no doubt have noticed that swing styles are my go-to for getting dressed up or even casual wear. I’d always fantasised about the perfect pair of jeans that I could wear on weekends or for a more casual look and in the months leading up to our big trip overseas, I felt like jeans would be a ideal item to take travelling.

I asked my followers on Facebook for recommendations and Lady K Loves Hug Me Baby Jeans came up. I’d never heard of Lady K Loves before but after checking out the online shop, things looked promising!

Miss Victory Violet

Jeans have always made me very nervous and bring back awful memories of all those times I’ve tried them on and felt absolutely terrible about my body afterwards. Most of the time, I would have to go up several sizes just to get them up over my upper thighs and then the waist would gape and look utterly stupid.

So it was with much apprehension and scarred memories that I contacted Kessie from Lady K Loves for sizing advice, sending her the following measurements as I wanted her to get a feel for how wide at the hips/thighs I really am!
Smallest part of waist – 27.5″
Hip – 42″
Lower hip/widest part – 44″
Widest part of upper thigh – 28″

Miss Victory Violet

Miss Victory Violet

Looking at the size chart, a Medium caters for a 28″ waist and 40-42″ hip so I wasn’t sure if I’d need to size up to the size Large which is for a 30″ waist and 42-44″ hip. Imagine my surprise when Kessie responded and said that I should stick with my waist size and get a Medium!? She explained that there is a decent amount of stretch in the denim and regarding my concern with past issues with my upper thighs, reassured me that she could stretch out the thigh area to 28″

Miss Victory Violet

I trusted her judgement (although still with some reservations) and ordered the size Medium in the 32″ leg length (I’m 5’6″). It didn’t take long for them to arrive in New Zealand and I was both excited and nervous to try them on for the first time.

Miss Victory Violet

Thankfully because of the jeans high waist, it means they have a long zipper and therefore can open up wide! Since they are catered to hourglass figures, they need that so us girls with big hips can actually get them on! At first, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to get them over my derrière but after  A LOT of wriggling and working up a wee bit of a sweat, I managed to get them on and *gasp* zip them up!

Miss Victory Violet

I then promptly ran into the other room where Matt was and tried to explain to him how momentous it was that I had jeans on that fit perfectly EVERYWHERE… but I think it’s one of those things only girls will understand!

Thankfully, after the first wear, the jeans became nice and comfortable and aren’t such a struggle to get on and off… although they do still need a fair bit of pulling up but nowhere near the effort involved the first time.

Miss Victory Violet

So we’ve established that the Hug Me Baby jeans are great for those with a big difference between their waist and hips, but what about the quality? Sometimes stretch denim can be thin and flimsy but these jeans feel like high quality, true denim. They aren’t SUPER stretchy but have enough to make them fit your curves. They’ve got two toned stitching, front and back pockets and belt loops which was a important thing for me in a pair of jeans.

The only thing I would change about these jeans is that I would love another inch in the rise so that they came right up to the smallest part of my waist… but that’s just me being picky.

Now, let’s talk underwear! I find that the best underwear to wear underneath these jeans are a pair of Lyric (from Farmers) lacey ones which aren’t overly tight and don’t give me muffins or visible panty lines. Also there’s this weird little bulge that can occur at the sides between the waistband and the end of the pocket but this is minimised with the right underwear.

Miss Victory Violet

Miss Victory Violet

The Hug Me Baby Jeans sell for £65 and come in sizes S-XXL, two leg lengths and in both denim and black. Compare your measurements to the size chart to figure out what size you’d need or email Kessie- she is super helpful!

Thank you to Elizabeth J Photography for the wonderful set of photos and for the owner of this Diner for letting us run amok! I’ve styled the Hug Me Baby Jeans with the classic leopard print cardigan from Wheels & Dollbaby for a little bit of a rockabilly look!

Miss Victory Violet

These jeans have proven to be great for weekend days off and I wore them a couple of times on our trip… including a epic bike ride over the Golden Gate Bridge!

x Miss Victory Violet

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  1. I didn’t realize you are plus size! You have such a sculpted face that it’s hard to tell from the waist up and your dresses hide your great hips! More fitted clothes plz you’re great

    • a medium size is not a plus size. You can only say it is a plus size if it is XL or bigger. S, M and L are normal sizes. I’m sure that you did not ment to harm people but if you have size XS or S you must think that not everyone is blessed with that little size.
      I am 1m72 big and I have a size L/XL. Am I a plus size? NO, when you walk into stores for the plus size models everything is like 2 sizes to big for me. But do I have the perfect boddy? No, but if I could I would love a size XS but I know that if I had one I would look like a skeleton with skin over it and that is not atractive.

      Missvictoryviolet: This jeans is perfect for you. For me personaly I love them a bit wider at the bottom. And you have to continue with finding those lovly pieces. I get a lot of inspiration to make them for myself.

  2. Hmm I don’t think a size medium jeans would be considered plus size…I hate the term plus size anyway.
    P.S these jeans look amazing on!!

      • I only mean the girls who look natural with an M/L and then starve teherselves to become a XS they don’t look more beautiful for me. There you can see every bone sometimes and I don’t find it attractive. But if you have a size XS and it is your nature than you don’t have those bones that stick out and then you are beautiful.
        In my head an S, M and L are the moast normal and common sizes, but I know ofc that there are girls who are bigger and smaller than that and still are beautiful. But you still have to draw a line in normal and not so normal and everyone will do that as given to there own boddy and friends boddy’s to say what is normal and what is not.

  3. You look amazing in these! They definitely emphasize your waist-hip ratio in the best way possible. Now to buy a pair for myself…

  4. Ugh, trying on jeans. Does ANY woman have an easy time with that? I feel like no matter your size, trying to find a pair of jeans that are comfortable is nearly impossible. It’s so awesome that you finally found a pair!! When I manage to find a pair that I love, I try to get at least 2 or 3 pairs. Stock up! =)

  5. I understand how exciting it is to find jeans that fit perfectly!!!! I wear a 22-24US and being Petite(5’1″), I have a hard time finding jeans that fit my short legs. Usually having to have them hemmed up but, I found a perfect pair that fit everywhere comfortably AND didn’t need hemming!!!! I was so excited that I showed my boyfriend and he kinda got it, but not really(lol). So happy for you and they look great!!!! 🙂

  6. You look amazing in these! I tried a pair on a few weeks ago and they are literally the perfect jeans. I too have massive trouble finding jeans to fit my hips that dont gape on the waist. Hallelujah for LadyK.

    Ps since when has a 27.5 inch waist been plus sized?!?

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