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A while back I received this beautiful Mint coat from Le Palais Vintage. Not long after I also received the pink beauty called the Alice Dress from Glamour Bunny and instantly knew the two pieces were a match made in heaven!

Miss Victory Violet

I envisioned a 60s styled shoot with a white car to match. It took a little while to find the right one but as luck would have it, the owner of the Diner Elizabeth J Photography and I shot in and has featured in multiple posts also had the perfect car!

The Dress!

The Pink Dress is called the Alice Dress by Glamour Bunny. It’s actually a sample, the pink never went into production but you can still buy the gorgeous yellow or blue versions.

The Alice Dress has a distinctly 60s vibe to it and I love the contrasting white accents. I’m normally a size medium in Glamour Bunny wiggle dresses but since this was a sample, it’s a small. Luckily it’s made of a stretch cotton and I could squeeze my big hips into it!

Miss Victory Violet

A size medium does fit better overall for comfort and ease of movement but I do love how ultra fitted the small is at the bust and waist. The mediums in Glamour Bunny usually have a teeny bit of room in the waist so I love how this size totally hugs my every curve! However, I would worry about wearing this out and my butt potentially busting a seam!

Miss Victory Violet

With a dress this fitted, shapewear can get tricky! The fabric of this dress is beautiful and it’s one of the rare times that I almost felt like I could get away with absolutely no shapewear- because it’s a stretch cotton, it has still enough strength and thickness to smooth and almost suck you in!

However for a shoot, I like to feel a little tucked in, so all I’m wearing underneath are my trusty Kayser Shaping Pantyhose! These are great to have for situations like this when my usual go-to shapewear like the Rago 6207 will show through the fabric.

Miss Victory Violet

I don’t own many strapless dress as they can be a little frightening if not designed right. There’s no issues with potential wardrobe malfunctions with the Alice Dress however as it has a boned bodice which keeps it upright… thank goodness!

The Alice Dress comes in sizes Extra Small to 3X Large and is £85 from the Glamour Bunny website. Once again, I was a lucky girl to get the pink colour since it’s a one-off but be sure to have a look at the yellow with hot pink accents and blue with light pink accents. I love this style, it’s sweet and cutesy but still sassy and sexy, Glamour Bunny never disappoints!

The Coat!

If you haven’t heard of Miss Winny, you need to follow her on Instagram now! She is a pinup model from China and a absolute doll, plus she has her very own clothing line called Le Palais Vintage.

You can buy Le Palais Vintage from their store on eBay and I have to say that her designs are incredible (I’m sure she could sell me a potato sack!).

Miss Victory Violet

One piece that really caught my eye was her Mint Green Coat. I LOVE coats and the mint and pink combo really appealed to me.

When it arrived, I was a little surprised by the material which I can only describe it as being similar to the material of a wet-suit. It’s a slightly bizarre material for a coat like this and wasn’t what I expected but it works- just don’t expect it to keep you particularly warm if you live in a cold climate!

It features contrast pink lining on the inside with contrast collar, buttons and faux pockets. It also has little faux belt ties with buttons on either side which annoy me a little bit as they are not functional and stops me from being able to put a proper belt on over the top.

Miss Victory Violet

I provided Le Palais Vintage with my measurements (91cm Bust- 68cm Waist) and they sent me a size Large. I’d heard that their sizing runs small but looking at their size chart, I should really be wearing a small or medium-  the large is definitely a bit big.

 Whilst the colour combo does not disappoint in real life, I do struggle with the bat wing sleeves. I feel like the fit of the shoulders and around the bust makes me look frumpy and because of the bat wing sleeves, there is this odd big fold that happens when I put my arms down, at both the front and back. I took it to one seamstress to see if she could fix it but she wasn’t confident she could… so I might try someone else.

Miss Victory Violet

I do think the issue would be lessened with a smaller size, but it’s still a strange shape for a coat in my opinion. All in all, I’m still a little unsure of the coat, I think if I can get a seamstress to fix the fit, I’ll like it a lot more!

Have you bought anything from Le Palais Vintage? Comment or post pictures below!

Thank you to Elizabeth J Photography for another wonderful set!

x Miss Victory Violet

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  1. Miss Winny has some lovely designs, but sadly, I’m out of her size range. She is quite beautiful. Love the pink strapless dress–really hugs all your curves! I, too, am concerned about wearing strapless in public but luckily, tops and bodices of dresses have stayed above my waist 😉

  2. The coat looks fab Ella I love the colour combo!!! I do see what you mean about the shape though, it definately needs to be fitted to you a bit better in waist and arm to show your lovely hourglass figure. Hopefully you can find a good seamstress!! The material is probably “scuba”, at least it looks like it to me 🙂

  3. Absolutely beautiful doll! I too have large hips & desperately want to purchade a ‘wiggle’ dress….any suggestions kitten?
    You look gorgeous in the photos. ♥

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