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Ask Miss Victory Violet- Hiding Corset Laces

Dear Miss Victory Violet,

 I love the look a corset gives under garments and would like to wear them more often especially with evening outfits but I don’t know how to manage the bulk that occurs once you are all tied up and have leftover lacing.

Is there a special way to tie to avoid this or any tricks to hiding the bulky bow?

City: Auckland
Country: NZ

Hi Sylvanna!

This is a great question! For many of us, we only wear corsets every once and a while and not day to day so we can feel like a bit of a novice when it does come to putting a corset on.

Before I go any further, I want to mention that I am one of these ‘every once and a while’ wearers and do not waist train. So I am by no means a expert on corset wearing but hope I can shed some light on this issue.

So after a bit of research on The Orchard Corset Blog and watching this Youtube clip from Lucy’s Corsetry, it became apparent that the first step to creating less bulk was to switch your laces to satin ones. I had some navy blue laces from Orchard Corset which I used (couldn’t find where I put my black ones!) and endeavoured to re-thread the laces on my CS-426. I used another corset’s lacing as reference as I strung them but if you only have the one corset, I would suggest taking a photo of it before you remove the laces.

Miss Victory Violet

There are several ways to lace a corset, the most common having it tie at the waist. I decided to lace mine so it would tie off at the bottom as that just seems to make more sense when it comes to hiding the laces. I tied a single knot and bow, pulled the ears of the bow so it was all really long and then braided it. From there, I simply tucked it up underneath the corset.

Miss Victory Violet

This could be a little tricky if you are not as flexible, and if this is the case, maybe stick to a lacing formation that keeps the tie in the middle of the corset and thread the braid underneath the laces. Or, make sure you’ve got someone around to help you!

The satin laces were definitely a success, this was the first time I had tried them and they do take away a lot of the excess bulk. You can buy satin laces on the Orchard Corset website for just US$7.

Miss Victory Violet

One thing that I’ve also always struggled with when wearing a corset is that it shows through clothes and so I wanted to see if I could figure out some ways to help hide that too… not just the bulk of the laces.

I used my Glamour Bunny Sherrie Dress to help demonstrate this as it is prone to showing any bumps from underwear or shapewear and it’s light yellow colour will mean that you can see it all easily. Unfortunately it’s quite baggy in the waist with a corset on but you can see the corset bulges around the stomach area.

Here we have CS 426 underneath the Sherrie Dress.

Miss Victory Violet

Just CS-426 Corset Underneath

Photo 22-06-15 7 39 10 pm

Just CS-426 Corset Underneath

When thinking about what I could do to help hide these lines. the obvious thing is to add another layer in between. I know that Georgina from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust has mentioned in the past that she will wear spanx type undergarments over the top of her corset but I wanted to see if something a little more subtle would do the job for those who don’t want to feel to tightly wrapped up!

So I tried my trusty Kayser Body Slimming Pantyhose that I buy from Farmers. The reason I chose these is that because they are meant to slim through the stomach and waist, they are thicker in that area (sorry I forgot to take a photo without the dress on).

Photo 22-06-15 7 39 10 pm

CS-426 with Kayser Pantyhose over top

I don’t know why I had such high hopes for this but alas, it hardly did anything and I felt a bit silly for thinking they might! In fact, the centre seam of the pantyhose actually created more lines than when the corset was on it’s own!

Time for the big guns. Time for Rago.

I went for the Rago Body Briefer as it covered basically all of the corset except for a small bit at the back. This worked really well although the waist was very baggy on me now that I was wearing a corset (this is a 38DD, I really should have a 36D).

Miss Victory Violet

CS-426 with Rago Body Briefer over top

Miss Victory Violet

CS-426 with Rago Body Briefer over top

Miss Victory Violet

CS-426 with Rago Body Briefer over top

This really was the best result as the thicker and firmer material of the Rago helps to really smooth out the lines of the corset.

Miss Victory Violet

Before and After with the Rago Body Briefer

You could use any piece of shapewear to achieve this kind of result- If I wanted full on coverage, I’d probably go for the Rago 6207 Shaping Short and the Rago 2202 Longline Bra over the top. However, I would probably only want to be in such a restrictive ensemble for a short period of time!

Apart from these tips, ensure your corset is the right fit for your body shape and is well seasoned. Once again, the Orchard Corset Blog for lots of helpful information. I would definitely say that the first thing to do is to buy some satin laces, and then play around with whatever shapewear you already have if you want to try to hide your corset even more.

x Miss Victory Violet

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  1. First just let me say Ohhh LaLa to Miss Victory Violet in her corset! I was so happy to see Orchard Corset listed as a good place to start. Before I started waist training I did my research and OC not only has some of the best pricing out there for steel boned corsets, but they are the friendliest, most helpful people I have found. They have a lot of how to videos on you tube and with such a wide range and three fitting styles you cant go wrong in finding the right corset for you. I usually use the bunny ears method of lacing where they tie in the middle, I pull my bows (ears) out as far as they will go and then I get a large crochet needle and I pull them through the lacing. The knot flips under and the remainder of the laces get tucked under and around to the front. They never fall out and I have a smooth backside. Now I have to mention that I do not wear wiggle dresses because I am still a plus size girl so this method may not work for that style of dress. I am working toward a smaller figure but until then the corsets come in handy for giving me the hourglass figure in my swing dresses and skirts. I highly recommend OC, and thanks so much to Miss Victory Violet for taking the time to experiment with various shape wear + corsets. This was very useful!
    Dawn Meri

  2. This may be a bit odd, but could you please tell me where you got your bra from, or where you buy your bras!? I also have quite a large bust and I struggle to find pretty bras that provide enough support for me! 🙂 x

  3. Have you tried wearing a simple full slip over your corset?
    Back in the 50s it may have been more commonly a girdle rather than a corset, but they must’ve had the same problems! And I know they worse slips.
    Great post! Thanks!!

  4. Hi Miss Victory Violet,

    Does lacing your corset at the bottom as opposed to the waist make any difference in the way it fits? Do you have instructions as to how to lace it in this manner?

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