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I am a sucker for any makeup product that promises matte, shine free skin. I love a matte look to my foundation as it usually means it stays that way all day. At the start of the year, Benefit Cosmetics sent me the trio in the POREfessional range to try out- The Primer, the Agent Zero Shine loose powder and the Licence To Blot Stick.


The POREfessional Primer was the clear winner in the range. I wasn’t that taken with Licence To Blot and it’s just sat in my makeup drawer for months. Agent Zero Shine is a nifty little thing to keep in your purse but to be quite frank, I never have really felt the need for it as the POREfessional Primer keeps my makeup pretty shine free all day.

Now, for months I was using the Primer all over my face- yes that’s how obsessed with matte skin I am! The first time I tried it, I was pretty impressed by the results that I just wanted to slather it all over my face. It really does minimize the appearance of pores and under eye wrinkles BUT part of me does wonder how much of that has to do with the fact that the product itself is tinted? It would be very interesting to see the results if the product was clear or colour-less.


Anyway, I still loved the results and how silky soft it made my skin feel thanks to the product being mainly silicone based. Use a non-greasy moisturiser before applying POREfessional for the best results – my favourite is LUSH Vanishing Cream (review here).

One problem I encountered with this primer was when I would go to put my liquid foundation (MAC Matchmaster) on. I would use a flat top duo brush and found that in some areas of my skin like around my mouth and nose, the POREfessional would almost clump up and look heavy on the skin. It’s very hard to describe but it’s almost like everything was just TOO matte and dry.

To try to remedy this, first I switched which brush I was using to apply my foundation to a flat brush. This helped a lot as I could use more pressure to blend out these problem areas. Then recently, I thought I would try combining my old primer with the POREfessional, thinking that perhaps I had been a little too generous with my application.Porefessional

So I went back to my old favourite combination primer which was one of my first ever blog posts– equal parts of MAC Prep & Prime and MAC Matte Gel. I applied this all over my face and then used a small amount of POREfessional on my nose, chin, eyes and cheeks- basically anywhere I feel like my pores are bigger or I want extra smoothing and mattifying. This worked a treat! I no longer had issues with the application of liquid foundation and I had the benefit of all 3 products!

This method of application is going to be much better on my wallet too as the POREfessional primer is expensive! I was disappointed that it wasn’t that much cheaper overseas when we were travelling but I still stocked up on a couple of tubes.

All in all, whilst this isn’t perfect, it’s still a favourite of mine especially now that I’ve figured out how to make it work for me. Because it is silicone based, make sure you’ve got a good cleanser to really scrub it it off at the end of the day or you might end up with clogged pores. And if you are prone to skin sensitivities ask to try a sample first as silicone can be one of those ingredients that can trigger reactions.

x Miss Victory Violet


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