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Sponge Roller Setting Part 2- Problem Solving!

Yesterday I posted a tutorial on how to set your hair in sponge rollers, I hope you all found it helpful and are feeling more confidant with your sets!

If you missed it, catch up on it here.

Sponge rollers definitely seem to be one of the tricker methods of hair setting and one that a lot of ladies seem to have lots of issues with. So, last week I asked you all to post what problems you have with them and now I will try to answer them all!

This post is focussed on the actual setting part, so if your question is more about the brushing out process then don’t worry, I’ll come to that in a few weeks when I do a tutorial on that too.

“They are too uncomfortable to sleep in”
I don’t have a problem with sleeping in them but I can understand that some might find them frustrating. The common issue seems to be that the plastic bars can be uncomfortable so if this is the case, perhaps try Pillow Rollers instead which you tie off instead of having the bar.
Also I highly recommend wrapping your head tightly in a scarf like I showed in yesterdays post. It keeps everything firm and in place and stops the rollers being pushed around depending on your sleep position. Once I started wrapping, I found sleeping in them much easier.

“I have 3 different sizes and I don’t know which to put where”
As a general rule, if I am going to be using a variety of sizes, I always start with the bigger ones on top and work down to the smaller ones at the bottom.

“I can’t roll them tight enough to my head so they hang down”
This will be about where you are placing the bar. As I demonstrated in yesterdays post, I do twist my bar around to prevent indentations BUT if I didn’t then secure it with a pin, it would be far too loose and not tight to my head. Play around with the bar position until it feels better or failing that, secure them with a pin.
Also if you are finding that they slip out while you sleep, then make sure you wrap your head with a scarf!

“My hair always ends up being tangled around them”
Try to keep your sections as clean and tidy as possible. The tangling is probably from stray bits of hair getting caught while you are rolling.

“I can’t section properly and end up with a jumble of rollers on my head”
I section as I go but if you struggle with this, take the time to make your sections and clip them neatly away before you start rolling. That way you can focus on one section of hair at a time without the rest of your hair getting in the way. Also make use of your tail comb for sectioning but don’t be too pedantic about clean sections- As long as your sections are roughly the same size, it will all work out in the end.

“I get dents from where the bar was!”
There is a very easy fix to this as I demonstrated in yesterdays tutorial- Simply roll the bar under the roller until it can’t go any further and then secure the roller with a pin. I only bother doing this to the top rollers as the ones underneath won’t be seen.

“As soon as I take them out, the curl drops”
Are they 100% bone dry? if there is any hint of moisture left, that curl will be gone in a snap. Also, potentially you are using products that are too heavy for your hair type so look into something lighter or use less of it.

“The back never seems to curl as well as the front and sides”
If you are still learning, chances are it’s taking you a while to get all the rollers in and you are probably leaving the back until last- this issue could simply be because the sections have dried more by the time you get to them! Keep a small spray bottle of water handy so you can dampen down any sections which feel too dry and if that doesn’t help, try using smaller rollers as the back like I did in yesterdays post.

“My curls feel too dry and crispy”
You need to change product! My hair always feels nice and soft, TiGi Small Talk is lovely and conditioning! If you hair feels crispy then whatever product you are using has too much hold.

“The ends of my hair look like they have been chewed by a dog… no matter what I do”
In hairdressing school, we called this ‘fish hooks’! Try tucking the ends under using your tail comb- this will smooth out any ends that have been caught up underneath the rolled hair. To do this, roll the first few inches and then slide the tail of your comb underneath the hair and around the roller.

“How do I section it if I have Bettie Bangs?”
I would just stick to the horizontal sections down and going back from the crown- basically exactly the same as shown in yesterdays post but without the 3 forward rolled ones on top.

“Whenever I set my hair in sponge rollers, it’s still soaking wet”
Firstly, I wouldn’t start with soaking wet hair. Blow dry your hair until it is still damp but not dripping and that way it will hopefully be dry by morning! Go hunting in your local second hand shops and try to find a vintage hood dryer so that if it’s still a bit damp in the morning, you can finish it off under the dryer.

“I have super long hair so it’s really hard to roll them up!”
Admittedly, this is a tricky one because there is no easy solution except practice! Instead of trying to roll them from the ends of your hair, try to place the roller half way down the length and wrap the ends around- just remember to wrap them like you would a ribbon and not twisting it too much.

“The back ends up flatter when I sleep on them”
When I first started doing sponge roller sets, I had this problem too- If I lay on my back for most of the night, they would end up squashed and almost square shaped. I think the problem was that I was using cheap rollers that were too soft…maybe that is the problem?

“I don’t know what size section to take”
Use the roller as a guide. You want to base the size of your section the the size of the roller- You can take a slightly deeper section if need be but don’t take a section any wider that the length of the roller or the hair will come off the sides.

x Miss Victory Violet

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  1. Thank you so much! I used your video as a guide, and found the above hints and tips VERY helpful! I set my hair in foam rollers last night, and just so much success this morning!

  2. Thank you so much for this tutorial! I have a question about naturally curly hair. I really don’t want to wet set my whole head since that feels like such a waste since I already have curl. Do you think I could just do the front part with a few curlers to get that Marilyn swoop, but leave the rest of my hair to dry naturally?

  3. Thanks so much for the tutorial! I used to sleep in sponge curlers all the time for cheer and I’ve started using them again the last couple of years, & your tips–especially the one about rolling the bar under and using a bobby pin to secure the roller–are super helpful. My BF has shoulder-length hair and I’ve started doing him in sponge curlers as well. We set our hair 2-3X a week. I found an old-fashioned bonnet dryer on Folica that really helps with our wet sets–I can’t wait to see your styling tips!

  4. I’m DYING to know how you end up with that glorious wave at the front! I always end up with just another curl to brush out. WHat are the steps that go into having that fabulous sweeping fringe? Thanks!

  5. Dear Miss Victory Violet, I am waiting for your brushing out tutorial sooooo much! You are so beautiful and talented, love you :*

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