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On March 27th this year, my husband and I set out for the biggest adventure of our lives! We spent 6 weeks travelling around the world visiting Tahiti, LA, Las Vegas, San Francisco, NYC, Reykjavik, Paris, Newcastle, London, Ireland and Tokyo.

When telling people about this trip, one of the most common questions I was asked was “What will you wear?”. It’s like just because we were travelling, I couldn’t still make the effort to look good? Sure, things were limited because everything had to fit into a suitcase and be no heavier than 23kgs, but that didn’t mean I had to sacrifice one of my passions in life!

So… how do you make the most of your limited space for cute but practical outfits? And more importantly (and especially the case for our trip) cater for varying temperatures and occasions? Here are my tips and what worked for me!


 When you are travelling, you need some things that are more casual and some that are dressy. Plus you want items that can be easily layered for different climates.

For casual dresses, I picked out both my red and purple PUG Havana Dresses and the Leopard Heidi Dress. All 3 dresses were comfortable and light but could be layered with cardigans. The Heidi Dress was my favourite for travel days as the fabric doesn’t wrinkle easily so it was perfect for when you are sitting for hours on end.

Miss VV Around The World

To layer with these, I took along my white and mint cropped cardigans (I would have also liked my black one but I forgot it).

Miss VV Around The World

For my dressy items, I took the Black Monica Dress and the Red Gilda Gown. Ordinarily, you probably don’t need a gown, I just took it as I wanted to wear it on our wedding anniversary at the Russian Tea Rooms in New York.

I also had a gorgeous top from Pin-Up By Cindy Lee that I purchased at Viva. Paired with the Black Jenny Skirt, it became a fancy evening outfit!


When travelling, it’s also great to have a range of separates so that you can mix things up and not feel like you are wearing the same thing all the time! Try to pick out tops and bottoms that all match eachother no matter what the combination.

I had with me- The PUG Jenny Skirt in Black The Oblong Box Shop Puffer Fish Skirt Lady K Loves Hug Me Baby Jeans Mode Merr Purple Skirt Mode Merr Purple Peasant Top

The PUG Sabrina Top in Green Wheels & Dollbaby Leopard Cardigan Wheels & Dollbaby Red Cardigan


Later on in the trip I also purchased a number of fabulous items from Collectif Clothing and Vivien Of Holloway in London. If you know that there are shops that you will be shopping at during your trip, I recommend packing as light as possible!


I also took along the That Shop Black Petticoat as it went perfectly underneath all my dresses and skirts and a good range of belts.


Shoes can be awkward to pack and take up a lot of space. When you are travelling you want good comfortable walking shoes and I bought some leather Keds when we were in Los Angeles- these turned out perfect for walking in especially once I had worn them in.

I also took a pair of my favourite black heels for dressy nights out.


Depending on where you are travelling to, this might not be something you need to think about. We were going from warm climates like Vegas to cooler places like San Francisco and freezing climates like Iceland and Ireland. For the really cold places, the Collectif Pearl Coat kept me nice and toasty but for cities like San Fran and NYC where that wasn’t quite necessary, my Dangerfield Leopard Print Trench coat was perfect.

Be aware though, coats like the Pearl can take up half your suitcase so more likely than not, you will have to wear it on the the plane so you can fit everything in!



I took a huge colour range of headscarves but didn’t end up wearing many. My go to hairstyles were using the big doughnut, having my hair just smooth and down and occasionally did more elaborate vintage do’s like a beehive or 50s ponytail. The great thing about the big doughnut style is that it’s quick and easy and stands up well in windy places. Plus, it transitions from day to night really easily.


Another quick and easy style that also held up well in crazy weather was bumper bangs in the front and then a headscarf wrapped around the rest of my hair.

Beauty Products

Whilst these can be small, they quickly add up and also can weigh a lot! For hair, I took a full size can of my favourite Davines Strong Hairspray and then the mini versions of the Medium Hairspray, Davines Sea Salt Spray and Oi/Oil. I bought empty pots from a $2 shop and transferred some of my setting lotion so I didn’t need to take the whole bottle.

For skincare, I took my bottle of Antipodes Juliet Cleanser, Lush Let The Good Times Roll Cleanser, Antipodes Avocado Night Cream and Lush Vanishing Cream for day. I put a little bit of the Antipodes Aura Honey Mask in a small pot too just in case I felt like I needed a mask and I’m glad I did, the harsh weather and air conditioning in Vegas really wrecked havoc on my skin!

Finally  for makeup, I found this pretty hard to be ruthless with but I limited eyeshadow palettes to just one, only took half a dozen lipsticks and didn’t bother taking a blush and just used a red lippy instead! Of course I then purchased a ton of new makeup at Sephora but oh well 😉

I think the biggest tip for packing is to always take items that you know are comfortable and you’ve worn before! And make sure everything works together so you can mix and match easily.

Have you got plans to travel soon? Tell me where you are heading!

x Miss Victory Violet

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  1. I will be going to Venice, Italy, in a week. It’s around 30°c over there, and I’m used to the much colder dutch climate. I’d love to take at least one dress, but probably one that hoes without a petticoat, because I’m affraid it will be to hot. Have any experience with this?

    P.S. Love all your outfits posted on facebook

  2. I’m not traveling anywhere anytime soon but I wanted to thank you for all the updates from your trip. I felt like you just picked all of us up and took us with you! I had a great time reading about your adventures. You are a very good writer and with the pictures it was very informative, insightful, fun. Yours is one of my most favorite blogs. Continue the great work and I will be a faithful fan!
    Dawn Meri

    • Dawn Meri, be mindful of your shoes! Depending on the time of year you go or how much rain they get, the streets of Venice can flood. I ruined a pair of old tennis shoes and ended up buying rubber boots off a street vendor haha. I thought my shoes would dry out, but I forgot the streets were full of SALT water, so imagine the damage it could do to nice shoes 🙁

  3. I will be headed out to Prague and Berlin in October, and it’s my first time in Europe!! I’m already trying to plan my wardrobe hahaha.

  4. I will be moving from Copenhagen to Toronto for an exchange semester in a couple of months, and I’m trying to figure out what to bring across the Atlantic. Thanks for posting all this, your traveling between warmer and colder climates really inspires me to survive for half a year with changing temperatures!

  5. I’m leaving for Japan in about a month. We’ll stay there for four weeks. I’ve picked a few items that would be comfy because we intend to go hiking but that’s all. As I’m not so sure that I would be able to take a suitcase, I’m still thinking about what to take if I want to dress up, especially as the weather will be hot and damp.
    Thanks for the tips, it will help.

    • Heya! Sorry to butt in, but I thought I’d make a suggestion as I live in Japan ^_^
      My recommendation would be to bring clothing which is as loose as possible, as anything pressing against your skin will be immensely sticky and uncomfortable. So flared/flowy skirts are good and loose peasant tops. Having your feet exposed in sandals will help keep you cool, and if I could pack again I wouldn’t have taken any socks as I’ve bought a crazy amount of adorable 100Y socks since arriving.
      I occaaaasionally belt a dress in summer but usually it gets too hot. Even a backpack can be too much pressing against my skin so I suggest a shoulder bag for shopping trips if possible. The heat and humidity last right through the night so don’t worry about the night cooling down.

      My second point is regarding modesty – iddy-biddy shorts and skirts are super common here, and often paired with sky-high heels in the middle of the day with no second glances. However, tank tops/singlets/spaghetti straps are super uncommon here (for both men and women) and seem to be thought of as a little risque. I usually ignore any stares I get when I wear them (as a foreigner you get stared at anyway) but some days it makes me a little self-conscious so I bring a light cap-sleeved shrug or something to cover up with.

      Lastly, have fun! Especially in the big cities, fashion is as crazy as you can imagine so it’s the perfect place to wear the weirdest stuff that you would never dream of going out in back home. Hope my uninvited comment is a little helpful, and I hope you enjoy your trip!

      • Thank you very much for these great tips! They will be very helpful (especially since I’ve only bought stretch and close-fitting dresses with spaghetti straps so far -__-). We’ll stay for most of August, and I think I can’t quite imagine yet what “hot” there will be.

  6. Thank you very much for these great tips! They will be very helpful (especially since I’ve only bought stretch and close-fitting dresses with spaghetti straps so far -__-). We’ll stay for most of August, and I think I can’t quite imagine yet what “hot” there will be.

  7. I’m going to the US in a couple of weeks and am nervous about packing, particularly shoes, and mostly because I want to shop while I’m over there. I’m also going to a wedding so I’m having trouble deciding what I’ll wear to that. This has definitely helped me start to plan.

  8. So I’m going from Los Angeles(home) to Washington DC(not home) in two weeks and The climate change has got me concerned, seeing how Los Angeles doesn’t really get cold. I remembered seeing all your adventures with your husband on instagram and came over to your blog! extremely helpful! Especially with wearing my coat on the plane to save space in my bag.Thanks for the helpful tips I’ve already converted my skater dress into a skirt several times!

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