Vintage Bustier by Pinup Girl Clothing

The Pinup Girl Clothing Vintage Bustiers have been around for some time now and recently they have been releasing a range of bright summer solids like yellow, green and a bright blue.

I never had much cause to purchase one as I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing it to work BUT when I saw a preview of the Mother And Child Jenny Skirt paired with the Blue Vintage Bustier a few months back, I knew I had to have the entire outfit.

Miss Victory Violet Pinup Girl Clothing

I picked up the blue bustier at the Pinup Girl Boutique in Burbank back in March which was GREAT as it meant I could try it on for size first. The skirt was released a couple of weeks later and I snapped it up just in case it sold out.

We were actually eating pizza in Sausalito after bike riding over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco… I checked my phone, saw the email notification that the skirt was in stock and bought it strait away- Totally addicted!

Miss Victory Violet Pinup Girl Clothing

Miss Victory Violet Pinup Girl Clothing

The skirt was waiting for me when we arrived home from our holiday and unfortunately since it was May by this point, just a little too cold to wear the bustier.
However, inside the Winter Gardens at Auckland Domain, it was nice and toasty and I almost forgot we were just a few short days away from winter!

The Vintage Bustier is very constructed, but I would expect nothing less from Team PUG! It features full boning from the bust right to the bottom of the top. It’s shorter in length than a standard top, coming down to just above belly button on me.

Miss Victory Violet Pinup Girl Clothing

This makes it perfect for wearing with your favourite highwaisted skirt or shorts without having to deal with excess length.
Despite it’s shortness, there is still more than enough length to not have to worry about untucking itself so long as your skirt/shorts/pants come up to your waist.

I went with my usual size small in Pinup Girl Clothing Tops and it fits like a glove!

Miss Victory Violet Pinup Girl Clothing

Another great feature of the Vintage Bustier is the button closure at the back- it not only looks cute, it also means that if one part of the bustier is roomy or loose, you can simply move the buttons over accordingly.
You want this bustier to be very fitted to make sure it stays in place so the buttons mean you can get that perfect fit.

For those of you that don’t have a helping hand around while getting dressed, I had no trouble getting the bustier by myself. Simply button it up at the front, twist it around and pull it up.

Miss Victory Violet Pinup Girl Clothing

Now lets talk bras… or should I say the lack of them?! I’m not wearing one in these pictures which I am totally comfortable with thanks to the boning.

If that’s not something you want to try, bear in mind that because the Bustier is lined with a matching blue satin, you’ll have to wear a non-slippery strapless bra. I tried it on with a silky, shiny bra and the bustier just wouldn’t stay up. That’s when I decided to try it on bra-less and it worked perfectly!

Miss Victory Violet Pinup Girl Clothing

The Vintage Bustier comes in sizes XS-2XL and is US$76 from the Pinup Girl Clothing Website, There are lots of other gorgeous colours to choose from, I’ve got my eye on the pastel yellow for summertime!

Thank you to Elizabeth J Photography for capturing this outfit in all it’s glory at the Winter Gardens. These have to be some of my favourite photos ever and Liz never fails to deliver! Stay tuned for a full feature of the Mary Blair Mother and Child Jenny Skirt in the next few weeks.

x Miss Victory Violet

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  1. I’ve been dying for one of these since I live in the desert and it is hot as HECK here, but been unable to take the plunge as it’s a top on the pricier size and I just don’t know if it would work on me. While I get smalls in Doris, Lauren, and Vamp tops from PUG, I’m an XS in the peasant tops and the waist fits MUCH better. Could you perhaps post your measurements so I can compare? My waist is 25″ so falls into the XS range, but my bust falls at about 36″ which is 2″ off from the bust range listed. Thanks! =)

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