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Everyone loves a good lipstick range and the ladies of the internet seem to go especially nuts over any new liquid lipstick. I had sworn off buying any more liquid lipsticks after deciding that I just prefer regular ones. I’ve reviewed Limecrime and Pretty Zombie Cosmetics in the past and while I still bring them out from time to time, I find regular lipsticks easier deal with and much more comfortable. Having your lips feel like the sahara desert isn’t my idea of fun.

Then came along the Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick range. It was EVERYWHERE, in the pinup world and in the ‘regular’ world, EVERYONE was going on about how amazing it was. Then most of it sold out/ there were only limited colours available so it went off my radar.

Just a couple of weeks ago a brand new range of colours was brought out and once again, I couldn’t scroll down my Instagram feed without seeing someone rave about their love for this lipstick.

That was it, I had to try it for myself and break the liquid lipstick ban. I settled on ‘Sarafine’ which looked like a gloriously rich, slightly darker red. Shipping to New Zealand was just $3 less than the lipstick itself and with the NZ$ being so low right now, it turned into a very pricey lippy… However that is something I’m used to with ordering online and at least it only took 5 days to get here! Definitely no complaints on the speed of shipping.

Anastasia Beverly Hills

When I wear a regular lipstick, I always apply foundation first, then powder, line my lips fully and apply the lipstick over the top. I find this keeps my lipstick on for much longer and helps to give the colour a good base for maximum richness. With liquid lipsticks however I have always applied it strait onto clean lips without anything applied before hand. The reason for this is because liquid lipsticks usually are very highly pigmented and opaque with one coat and because they are quite drying, the thinner the coat the better.

So that’s what I did the first time I wore Sarafine- I started off by using the LUSH Popcorn lip scrub as my lips had been a little dry the week before so I wanted to get rid of any loose skin. Then I applied the lipstick on clean, dry lips.

I was really impressed with the colour- it wasn’t as dark as I was expecting but it was still a lush rich red.

Anastasia Beverly Hills

No Filter

Miss Victory Violet

Now was time for the real test- how it wears and longevity. The first few hours were fine and then I had Japanese Donburi for lunch… It definitely needed a touch up so I wiped off as much as I could (it’s very hard to get off without any kind of makeup remover) as I didn’t want to end up with a double layer which would have been too thick. I reapplied and went back out into the salon for a very busy few hours.

At the end of the day after not getting the chance to check myself in the mirror, I finally looked at myself (7 hours after my post-lunch reapplication) and had that horror moment of ‘is that what I’ve looked like this whole time, talking to clients?!’

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Oh the shame!!!

Dry, chapped and some serious bleeding going on… I was pretty disappointed. Why has it done this to me when it seems to be the ‘perfect’ lipstick for everyone else I’ve seen on Instagram?

So two days later I tried again, this time doing my usual base of foundation, powder and liner. I used a new liner called BH Waterproof Lip Liner in Retro that I had bought from as I hoped it’s waterproof aspect would control the bleeding and feathering.

I found that the colour seemed a little bit darker now that it was going over the top of the liner and it also felt a lot thicker and heavier (which is why I normally just apply liquid lipstick on bare lips).


No Filter

Miss Victory Violet

8 hours after application, I couldn’t take the dryness anymore, there was feathering already going on and it looked pretty terrible and patchy so I applied some of my Antipodes Hungry Like The Wolf lipstick over the top quickly inbetween clients.

By the time I got home two hours after that, it looked like this-

Anastasia Beverly Hills

So not much improvement really and it looked a whole lot worse before I applied the Antipodes Lipstick over the top.

I’d like to note that I do not have any problems with bleeding with my usual lipstick colours (a selection of MAC, Antipodes, Natio and Besame) so this was a disappointing outcome especially since you’d think that a lipstick that dries matte like this wouldn’t have this problem.

The verdict? I won’t be buying any more, they obviously for some reason don’t work for me. I have friends who absolutely swear by Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks and don’t have the problems that I have had. The colour range is beautiful so if you have your heart set on one and you don’t mind taking the risk, maybe still give them a go and hopefully you are one of the lucky ones!

I think I’ll go back to my no liquid lipstick ban, I love creamy, moisturising lipsticks and when you apply a good base beforehand (read my post here), they can last just as long. I truly wish this had a different outcome but I shall just have to admire the Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks on others and perhaps reserve my one for photoshoots where it only has to look good for a short period of time.

x Miss Victory Violet

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  1. I have had the exact same issues with liquid lipsticks! I thought *I* was the only one who didn’t believe in these lipsticks! I’m glad to know you have these same issues, too, and will abide by a good tube of regular lipstick. Thanks for the review!

  2. thank you so much for your very honest review on this, I always have this trouble and my collection of used once only lippys that bleed is getting too big for my liking and I didn’t want to add another.

  3. This happens with any matt liquid I use any way I apply it within an Hour it cracks and flakes off and ends up a mess.
    Glad I read this because I was desperate for one, think I’ll leave it

  4. Thanks for sharing such an honest review!

    Personally, I also struggle with liquid lipstick, the only one I’ve ever used that has stood the test is the Maybelline Superstay 24 hour one.

    It’s still pretty drying, but comes with a balm that you can apply over the top throughout the day to moisten it back up a bit.

    I tend to stick with regular, cheaper lipsticks but might treat myself to another Maybelline one soon!

    Kate xx

  5. I really appreciate the pictures. I think there are a lot of us out there that have had that omg! moment after mingling with the public and only realize after the smudge our lipstick has become. I usually throw the offending color out. I agree with you, regular creamy moisture rich lipstick is the way to go.
    Dawn Meri

  6. I am so with you here. I tried Bloodline and American Doll and was not impressed. I will take my Ruby Woo and Russian Red any day over liquid lipstick. Thanks for giving such an honest review and for providing pictures.

  7. I find regular cream lipsticks also way more comfortable to wear. I’ve tried a few liquid matte lipsticks and they make my lips feel SUPER dry and gross, and it feels like it builds on towards the inside of the lip! yuck.

  8. I too have had issues with some liquid lipsticks wearing like this, and yet other people seem to have no problem! It does look great on you but not very practical.

  9. I have the exact same problem with liquid lipsticks, which is a shame as they look so perfect when first applied. I like Elizabeth Arden in Lush Red and Bourjois 12 hour lipsticks for longevity. I must be the only person in the world who hasn’t tried Mac lipsticks but my nearest stockist is 50 miles away and they’re too expensive to buy untested online 🙂

  10. Thanks for that post… I decided im gonna stick to my trusty lime crime! Anastasia makes other products i really like…like their eyebrow pomade:)

  11. For me there is no better matte lipstick then MAC. I tried cheaper, expensive brands, but MAC show best results. I just use lip pencil and lipstick and it last all day. Perfection.

  12. The only liquid lipsticks which last all day and do not bleed which I swear by are kat von d’s everlasting liquid lipsticks! I wear them every day and never have an issue except with oily foods but a touch up is only necessary. My lips never feel dry and you don’t get that weird balling up feeling when it dries either!

  13. Thank you for giving us your honest point of view! Photos illustrate your words very well and, reading comments, it seems that other people have the same problem… I hesitated to try those liquid lipsticks but I think it will not be anytime soon !

  14. Stila makes the best liquid lipsticks! I use red liner outline, then apply the liquid Stila to bare lips and don’t have any bleeding issues. I only use it no nights out when I don’t want to have to touch it up in front of people. I stick to my MAC lippys for daily use.

  15. I use a bright red YSL lipstick on a daily basis and it never bleeds and it lasta all day long! Even after I wash my face and scrub my lips in the process, my lips are still bright red afterwards! 😀

  16. I think the reason yours is bleeding out is because you are applying the lipstick above your actual lipline onto your up lip area where lipstick is not designed to stay and therefore it is bleeding out. Try only applying the lipstick to your actual lipline and see how it lasts. All the best, Kate

  17. Your review is the only one that I’ve found that is my exact experience. My lips looked exactly like yours like past Sunday. I was out and about all day for a friends birthday party and every time I went to the restroom I had to fix my mouth. It was incredibly irritating. 🙁 Such a shame as I got so many compliments on the shade, American Doll.

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