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Ask Miss Victory Violet- Miss Cooly Rocks On

Dear Miss Victory Violet,

First off I wan’t to say that you are so inspiring and that you are one of my favourite pinup models and also part of the reason I’m doing this… So next year I want to enter Miss Cooly Rocks On and I’m wondering if you have any advice for me.
I’m already in love with the rockabilly/ Vintage lifestyle and have wanted to enter it since it started but didn’t have enough confidence to go through with it… but I made a promise to myself that I will enter the next one.

I’m mainly doing it to gain more confidence and to meet new people who have the same passion/ interests as I do. I have a year to prepare for it and have no idea where to start.

Kind regards,
City: Gold Coast
Country: Australia

Hi Amber!

Thank you so much and what a fun challenge to set yourself!  As soon as I read your submission, I knew there would be no-one better to chat to that Miss Fifi La Rouge, 2015’s winner of Miss Cooly Rocks On!

I asked her some questions and I hope you find them helpful-

What inspired you to enter Miss Cooly Rocks On? Was there a particular moment or experience that pushed you to send off your application?

I have wanted to enter Miss Cooly Rocks On since I saw all the fabulous photos from last years event and reading all the comments on how much fun all the girls had. At the beginning of the year, as we all tend to do, I made my new years resolution that I would do things this year that made me happy.

One of the things on my list was to enter a few pinup competitions, Miss Cooly Rocks On being one of them. My video application was entered quite late as I got caught up in my life and the day to day grind. It was when I realised it was April and I hadn’t yet done anything on my list, that I thought I had better take the plunge. What was the worst that could happen? I’d hopefully come out of it with some new friends.

Was this the first pinup competition that you had entered?

No, this is not the first pinup competition I have entered, this would be my third, and not likely to be the last. I was a part of the first Miss Glambour event for Retro Rocks Nambour last year and a part of an impromptu competition at the Time Warp Festival earlier this year.

Can you tell me about the process of application through to you finally being crowned Miss Cooly Rocks On? Were there parts that you found difficult?

 Applying for the festival was a lot of fun. It was so exciting when I finally decided to apply. 

The application consisted of a video entry and 3 photos, a full body shot, a head shot and a shot of your choice. The video entry I found a little challenging as I had never done anything like it before. Filming was a lot of fun and then it came to the editing. It was not a requirement to over edit the video, but I had a specific idea of how I wanted to portray my personality, therefore a lot of research was done as I was completely out of my depth in this department.
The waiting to find out if I’d made it in was the worst part- there were so many beautiful women. I was absolutely over -joyed when I got in. I must admit, I did a little victory dance around the house! This was all I had hoped for, to be a part of such an incredible pageant, and the chance to meet some like minded women.
The next month was a busy trying to organise outfits around working full time and trying to start my own business.
On the Friday night before the pageant there was a meet and greet which was a Tiki theme and it as so much fun to meet the other women and get our finalist sashes.



Thankfully it was an early night as I had to be up and 6.30am the following morning to get dolled up, meet the team  and be a part of the morning street parade. This has to be one of the best parts of the whole weekend! We were paired off into vintage cars which cruised the streets of Coolangatta for the next hour or so. So many people came out to see the parade. The next few hours were spent eating and trying to stay calm for the big event that night. The team met up again at 3pm to have a rehearsal. this was an essential part of telling us all the do’s and don’t of the pageant. It was also a great opportunity to settle some nerves and reaffirm that we were in this together. When the time came we all headed over to the main tent to get dressed we were all itching to get on stage as the nerves were really setting in.

The first change was day wear. This was the hardest as the nerves were high. The time between changes were limited so we had to be quick and help each other get dressed. Up next was beach attire and finally we got to strut our stuff in evening wear. Backstage was now buzzing with happiness and great sense of achievement. We all filed back out on stage to hear the announcement.

You need a lot of confidence to put yourself out there, get up on stage and be a part of a competition- what helps you push through the nerves and allow yourself to shine?

To be completely honest, I have no idea! I think on the night itself, to see some of the other women that have never done anything like this before, push past their fear and get up on stage and blow the crowd away, and then to see them come off stage with a big smile was the best encouragement. Not to mention having my sister and my two nieces in the audience was a great help too. Once the first stage appearance was done, it became much easier, its the unknown that we fear the most.



I think the thing to remember is why your doing it in the first place. Have fun with it, the person on stage is your alter ego, not you, so there is no need to be embarrassed.

Your outfits in a pinup competition can be one of the crucial elements to help you stand out. Tell us about your outfits and why you decided to wear what you did.

You are so right- this was difficult indeed. I really wanted my outfits to show my love of vintage clothing and a specific era, the 50s.
My day wear was an original 1950s day dress. It was a piece that a woman of the 50s would have worn on an average day, around the house or doing the shopping. It was a light cotton shirt dress of white with blue florals and was a piece I have worn many time in exactly these scenarios.


My beach attire was a chance to show a big love of mine and something that was done by most women in the 50s, sewing. I sewed a forest green and white play suit from an original 1950s pattern.


Finally my evening wear was and original 1950s home sewn gown of maroon and black brocade. I chose this piece as it was different to most of the evening dresses you see for sale and I wanted to stand out.

The biggest thing of the outfits was to get the accessories right. Finding bags, hats and shoes that matched in colour was a real challenge, but thankfully all my pieces arrived in the mail from all over the world.

What was one thing that you took away from the experience that you didn’t expect?

The best part of this experience by far has to be the new found friendships with a group of beautiful women, competitors and organisers, with the same passion for all things vintage. The support and encouragement between the competitors was incredible. I have never been apart of something classed as a competition that felt so much like a team effort or accomplishment.

So much support backstage getting ready and congratulations when each of us stepped of stage. I love that this event has created such a great environment for women to support and encourage one another.

Describe the moment you were announced the winner- what was going through your head?

When I heard the name of the second runner up Miss Bella Cupcake, I was so happy for her. Then Miss Sapphire Siren was announce as second runner up. What went through my head while waiting for the winners name to be announced was what surprised me the most, two beautiful women had been given titles and I was completely satisfied.
I was convinced I had not won and I was completely overjoyed for the woman that I thought was going to be named Miss Cooly Rocks On 2015. Then they called my name, I squealed like a little girl!


I nearly fell to the floor in shock! To explain the joy I felt is impossible, so many tears of joy. The happiest I’ve ever been. I now can’t wait for next year to pass the crown on to the next beautiful winner.

Can you please give some tips to Amber for her entry next year? 

1- The first thing I would suggest is that you visit the Miss Cooly Rocks On Facebook Page and check out all of this years video entries. This is a big part of being accepted into the pageant so have fun with it, be creative.

2 – Be yourself, this pageant is about empowering yourself and meeting other like minded women.

3 – The biggest thing to remember about this pageant is that is not your typical Pinup Pageant, it is a Vintage Glamour Pageant. It is about being a lady and not about cheesecake posing. There is no lifting of your skirt to show your petticoat, and no showing of your belly button, it is about class. You are still encouraged to have fun and pose.

What’s next on the agenda for Miss Fifi La Rouge?

I have recently applied for the Garter-belts and Gasolines Pinup Pageant, and am waiting to hear if I am a finalist. I did not get into this pageant last year and am hoping I will this year. I have also been contemplating entering Miss Viva Las Vegas after seeing all the incredible photos and stories shared of everyone’s experiences from earlier this year, yours included. ( I would love some tips from yourself about this pageant) I told myself if I won Miss Cooly’s I would look into entering.

In September, I will be handing over my title of Miss Glambour 2014 to another at Retro Rocks Nambour festival, which I’m very excited about. I am also starting to focus on my new business called Rubies and Rice and another little venture of hand making vintage inspired jewellery and accessories called Electric Champagne. So a none stop year ahead until I get to hand over the Title of Miss Cooly Rocks on to the next beautiful pinup.




A big thank you to Miss Fifi La Rouge for her insight into the Miss Cooly Rocks On Competition. I hope this has helped ease your nerves Amber!

Having entered a couple of pinup competitions myself, these are the things that I think are most important-

– Stay true to yourself, don’t try to be anything or anyone you are not or try to imitate someone… let your true self shine through but with a bit of extra SPARKLE!

– Start preparing your outfits well in advance! You really don’t want to feel rushed!

– Make sure you’ve got lots of support people in the crowd. Hearing them cheer for you as you walk out on stage is THE BEST confidence boost.

– If you are nervous, try to exaggerate every movement on stage. Your nerves will have you moving very timidly, so make the conscious effort to exaggerate everything.

– SMILE! Catch the judges and crowds eye, look straight at them (even if you need to imagine them naked!)

– Prepare! Being well prepared will help you to feel confident on the day, not thinking about how you should have practiced walking in your shoes more. I filmed myself walking in my gown and doing a pose at the end for Miss Pinup New Zealand.


And finally, have fun and enjoy it! That is the most important thing of all, that way it’s been a great experience, win or lose.

x Miss Victory Violet

Ask Miss Victory Violet

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  1. Aww, I adore Fifi! Her video was so sweet and adorable – it made me fall in love with her, it’s no surprise she won! What a great idea for providing Amber some feedback!

  2. I grew up in the 1950’s as a little Girl, 1949, when I was 2 1/2 years old, Mother and her Friend, Janet decided to Dress me as a Girl for the first time; tbey had invited some Neighbors Ladies to watch amd comme ton my appearence. In 1956 when dressed as a Girl by my cousins . Shirley and Barbra and their girlfriends , we would look at Fashions of the day- Rockability Dresses a d Satin Petticoats. Swing Skirts with.BulletBra’s. Silk full-cut Brief Panties , Satin Petticoats,and Tight-Sweaters, or Pencil Skirts and wish we had them too wear. I am a Transsexial-Lesbian aferr all these years 69 of them and I love wearing mine , I discovered your site and decided to write you and tell you keep up the work—your friend–Ms. Rita Lynne Lerch- -202 Victoria St. , Kenedy,Texas—78119 ; pbone no.-(830)-534-9710, Email –[email protected] Com…

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