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When the beginning of winter was approaching I became very conscious of the fact that my shoe collection (especially my BAIT Footwear collection) was VERY summery. I felt like I needed some winter colours to help match the darker shades you tend to wear in winter and the BAIT Petra Heel in Wine really stood out.

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Despite it’s description, I secretly hoped it would be a dark crimson red rather than wine but it does seem very true to the pictures on the website. I’ve found it a little trickier to match this colour than expected as it doesn’t really go with bright red.

However, there is definitely a few great combos in my wardrobe which feature darker, burgandy reds that this colour matches.

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Sizing can be so tricky when it comes to buying shoes online and BAIT Footwear is no different. When I was looking at my placing my first ever BAIT order, I worked out that my EU38.5 size (8.5 in New Zealand) would be about a 8.5 in BAIT sizing. But because my first pair of shoes I bought was the Ida’s which run notoriously small, I sized up to a 9.

These still were super tight prior to stretching which led me to believe that perhaps my true size in BAIT was a 9.

Miss Victory Violet

Subsequent styles like the Betty and the Irella were purchased in a 9 and didn’t seem to big (although I think I probably could have gone with a 8.5 in Irella) so when I went to order the Petra, once again I ordered a size 9.

As soon as I put them on I realised they were too big. Not wanting to go through the hassle of returns or trying to sell them on, I bought some insoles and those suede heel grips. Those along with the T-Bar straps helped to make them fit a bit better! Note that in the same order I also bought a pair of Robbie’s in a 9 and they too were much too big.

When I saw that BAIT was bringing out new pastel shades of the Petra, I knew I wanted to get the Fair Pink. This time however I went with a 8.5 and they fitted perfectly!

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Now lets talk about comfort- with all the shoes I buy, I ideally want to be able to wear them to work. Since the Betty Heels are really comfortable for a day on my feet (heel height 3 1/4″, platform 3/4″ so true height is 2 1/2″) and the Petra was only 1/2″ higher than the Betty (heel height 4 1/2″, platform 1 1/2″ so true height is 3″), I thought they might be ok for work too although I knew it would be pushing it.

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It would be a stretch to say that they are comfortable. I can survive a 9 hour day on concrete but I am dying by the end of the day. I tend to take a spare pair of shoes with me on a day that I’m wearing the Petra’s although most of the time I just solider on.

The other thing about these shoes is that they are quite clunky… the big platform and sheer height of them make me much more conscious and slow to walk and I hate it when I need to rush to the phone!


Despite all of this, I do still love the Petra’s. I probably won’t be buying many more (although I do think a black pair would be great for evenings out and my go-to black heels having been worn to death) but that’s mainly because most of the colours that the Petra’s come in, you can get in other lower styles.

The Petra comes in 3 Faux Suede shades like my wine ones and 4 Smooth Faux Leather shades like my pink ones. There are also 3 recently released colours in the Petra’s sister heel- The Petunia – which the only differentiating feature is extra detailing on the toe and heel.

The Petra is US$75 on the BAIT Footwear Website, comes in sizes 6-10 with half sizes (except 9.5 for some odd reason) and are 100% vegan friendly.

x Miss Victory Violet

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  1. Thanks for the review! I have yet to own any BAITs, but I’ve been eyeing several styles. I’m always worried though that any purchase will involve at least one return or exchange, as other things I’ve read said that they can be uncomfy and tight. I’m the same size shoe as you are and figured I’d size up to a 9- worst thing would be I’d have to get heel grips like you did. If only a brand could have uniformity across all styles!

  2. What top where you wearing with the wine petra? I am trying to match my animal print skirt with my wine petra heels but I don’t know what color to go with!

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