Darling Dee Dee by Pinup Girl Clothing

When Pinup Girl Clothing previewed the new collection inspired by adorable bloggers Junebugs and Georgia Peaches, I immediately knew it was a collection I would be ordering multiple pieces from!

The Collection is sweet and sassy, just like Amanda and Amelia whom it’s named after, with a true Southern USA vibe. The colour palette features lots of my favourite pastels like mint and peach, as well as some bright and beautiful colours like the green of the Madison Dress.

The majority of the Junebugs and Georgia Peaches Collection is yet to be released but the Dee Dee Dress was one of the second to hit the site after the Amanda Dress. I ordered the Mint Dee Dee as soon as I could and was dying to get it on my body!
With it’s contrasting accents, peter pan collar, button details, belt and POCKETS (which always get me excited) this dress made me fall in love instantly.

Miss Victory Violet

Miss Victory Violet

I went with my usual size small (my bust measures 36″ and waist is 27.5″) but unfortunately was left slightly disappointed when I first tried it on and I realised that the armband on the sleeves was far too small for my arms. However, everywhere else fit perfectly and I knew that the issue would be able to be fixed reasonably easily.

Miss Victory Violet

I took it to my usual clothing alterations shop and asked them to insert a extra 3″ to the underside of the band. The band on this dress is black with white pindots but the extra fabric they inserted is just plain black. This doesn’t bother me as it’s still very subtle and only seen when I lift my arms up. Do remember that by adding extra length to the band, you lose some of the cuff gathers.

I have also bought the Peach Dee Dee but the band on that is plain white so the alteration will be a much better match. I probably do have bigger upper arms for the usual size small and whilst this is the first PUG dress I’ve had this issue with, it seems to be a common on from the response I had on social media.

If you are worried about this issue, consult the size chart which now has full measurements for the cuffs but I wouldn’t let it stop you from ordering it as any tailor should be able to remedy it.

Miss Victory Violet

Miss Victory Violet

Now that my Dee Dee fits properly, I can enjoy the beauty of it! The Dee Dee is actually a older Pinup Girl Clothing style which hasn’t had a new colour released in some time. The Dee Dee has been redesigned for the Junebugs and Georgia Peaches Collection with a few changes like the added puff sleeves/arm-band (the old style just had cap sleeves), a shorter length, the pockets and contrasting trim on the skirt.

Miss Victory Violet

All of the Junebugs and Georgia Peaches Collection is shorter in length than what has been the norm for Pinup Girl Clothing which I know has put some ladies off. Since Amanda from Junebugs and Georgia Peaches is petite in stature, designer Laura Byrnes kept this in mind when creating the collection.

I have to say that whilst it’s great for the shorter ladies, the selfish part of me was a tiny bit disappointed as after years of wearing below the knee hemliines, the thought of baring my knees is a little scary! I got over it pretty quickly however since the dresses were too adorable to get put off by the length! (for reference I am 5′ 6″). If you could find a matching black with white pindot fabric, you could always add an extra contrast band at the bottom too!

Miss Victory Violet

The thing that I did forget to think about with the shorter skirt lengths was petticoats! I have accumulated quite the collection but most of them are suited to longer hemlines… luckily though, I had my black shorter length petticoat from Powderpuff Boutique which fits underneath perfectly.

Pinup Girl Clothing have also just released 11 different colours of the Jennifer petticoat by Malco Modes which is a great length for under the Junebugs and Georgia Peaches Collection.

Miss Victory Violet

The Dee Dee Dress is made to the usual high quality standard that I’ve come to know and love with Pinup Girl Clothing. Never am I disappointed by a fabric or structure of their dresses- With the Dee Dee I was pleasantly surprised by the full charmeuse lining in the bodice AND the skirt!

I love the fresh mint colour paired with black and white pindot- it’s fresh and summery but takes the guess work out of matching accessories… black works perfectly!

Miss Victory Violet

The Dee Dee Dress is US$160 on the Pinup Girl Clothing website and comes in sizes XS to 4XL. If mint green isn’t your thing, have a peek at the 3 other stunning colours… I couldn’t help also ordering the Peach Gingham!

Thank you to Elizabeth J Photography for these gorgeous whimsical pictures- they suit the sweetness of this dress to a tee!

x Miss Victory Violet

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  1. This whole collection is seriously adorable and I want pretty much all of them (especially the mint Dee Dee!) I’d need a size small too and should already plan on altering the sleeve band, as I’d be surprised if the tightness wouldn’t be an issue for me as well. I do like that these dresses are more suited for us shorter people (I’m 5’2″) as there are a couple PUG dresses I have that would be a more flattering length on me if shortened even just a few inches (though I do love longer skirt lengths in general as well- I don’t like to show my knees either!) Thanks for the review and of course, it looks amazing on you!

  2. I’m ordering the mint (I have matching shoes) and blue gingham but your photos are really lovely and would have convinced me to buy lol

  3. What a great review, I want to order the peach/gingham one! I’m on the taller side too, so this dress will fit above my knees as well! But will be such a great spring/summer dress to wear! 🙂

  4. I think it’s GREAT they have some shorter styles on PUG now. I have to hem all of my PUG purchases by 5 inches every time! I may have to splurge on a DeeDee dress soon but I will def have the arm issue! I’m a M in PUG but like you, I suspect I’ve got chubbier arms than they expect. Maybe PUG will get the hint and make sleeves elasticized!

  5. I’m not that keen on pastels, but this dress looks adorable! I love the shorter length, as I’m only 5’1 and have found that with the Lydia dress I own it’s on the long side for me. Now to start saving so I can get my little hands on a DeeDee dress!

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