Orchard Corset 426 With Hip Ties

I love a good corset for those times when I want a exaggerated silhouette and extra firm shaping. I don’t wear them that often, mainly for photoshoots or special occasions and for that very reason, I love that Orchard Corset offer high quality corsets at a incredible price.

I’ve already reviewed the CS-426 corset but the newer hip ties style has been added to my collection and I love the design so much that I wanted to talk about it too!

As someone with very wide hips compared to my waist, I’m always on the lookout for shapewear and corsets that cater to my shape. The CS-426 was already fantastic at catering for a large waist-to-hip ratio but now with the added hip ties, it’s even better. The hip ties can provide a extra 4″ in width around that area which is fantastic for those of us that really want to cinch in the waist but not necessarily tighten the bottom half as much.

Miss Victory Violet

My waist measures between 27″-28″ as my weight always fluctuates. I went with the size 22″ like my regular CS-426 and once again it was a great fit.

With any new corset it is important to season it before lacing it too tight. This means wearing it loosely for a few hours and tightening it a little more with each wear. This is important because it allows the corset to shape and mould to your body before tight-lacing.

Miss Victory Violet

In these pictures, I have it laced as tight as I could go by myself, also trying my very best to keep it laced evenly. Keeping it evenly laced is another important corset rule to help keep the corsets structural integrity in tact but it’s something I have always had trouble with as I never want my hips tightened as much as the waist.

The added hip ties make this much easier and better for my shape as I have more room in that area.

Miss Victory Violet

This style of corset is for ladies with a longer torso. Luckily, Orchard Corset has a great blog and videos to help with fitting and they’ve done this video to help determine if your torso is long enough for the 426.

Miss Victory Violet

If it turns out that this isn’t the corset for your body shape, then there is a short version that also features the hip ties- huzzah! Hip ties for everyone!

 The CS-426 with hip ties comes in this Satin version or a cotton material. It has flat and spiral steel boning and feels really sturdy and well made. It also comes with 6 garter tabs which I used in my shoot with MadeInEighty in Las Vegas.

Made In Eighty

Made In Eighty / CS-426 with Hip Ties and Kiss Me Deadly Lingerie

From just US$89- $97 depending on your waist size, this is a price you can’t pass up for a corset of such high quality. I highly recommend you have a look through the Orchard Corset Blog for tips and if you have any questions, email customer service. They are always super helpful and quick to respond.

x Miss Victory Violet

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  1. Thanks for adding the short version too! I don’t have a very long torso and struggle finding corsets that fit right. I’ve always been terrified to purchase online because of this. Orchard Corset seems like a lovely shop. I’ll definitely take a gander at the merchandise.

    • I have a very short torso and big hips. What Katie Did does partially custom corsets which are also worth mentioning. You can take an inch or few off the top, bottom or both of the corset (so if you are like me underbusts dont stab you in the underboob/underarm, or legs when you sit down!). They do corsets DD+ too 😀

  2. Oh Miss Victory Violet, I adore your shape! Love that Orchard Corset made this corset with the hip ties, really allows for the extremely curvy ladies to cinch it in without going to the expense of having a custom one made. Love that portrait by Made in Eighty.

  3. It’s nearly impossible for a susceptible worshipper of statuesque ladies in fully fashioned stockings, corsets and lingerie to see your exquisite photos and not be overwhelmed with desire. So I’ll stop commenting before I get carried away.

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