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Pinup Girl Clothing Peasant Top

I am completely and utterly obsessed with the Pinup Girl Clothing Peasant Top. Finally I feel like I’ve found a great everyday top that comes in a multitude of colours. As much as I love my Voodoo Vixen and Vamp Tops, they are a little too booby for some situations and I’m not a big fan of the collared tops from PUG like the Sean.

Pinup Girl Clothing Peasant Top

The Peasant Top has become a serious wardrobe staple- After purchasing the pink and realising how wonderful it was, I’ve now also got the White, Yellow and have my eye on the Dark Royal Blue and the Red. Now if they could just bring out a bright Kelly Green (*cough cough attention Team PUG!*) then I would be one happy camper.

The beauty of this top is
1. It’s comfortable
2. It can be worn with sleeves up or down, depending on how sassy you are feeling.
3. It’s modest in the boob region so good for more conservative work places.

Pinup Girl Clothing Peasant Top

Pinup Girl Clothing Peasant Top

Currently the Peasant Top comes in 8 different colours (red, black, baby pink, baton rouge, white, lime, yellow and royal blue) and I saw a comment on the PUG Facebook page that there might be some prints coming in the summer- can I get a ‘WOOP WOOP’?!

I first decided I wanted to give it a try when I saw the always magnificent Doris Mayday wearing it to Pinup Bowling at Viva Las Vegas- She looked amazing (of course) but the thing I noticed was that the sleeves seemed to stay down really well which can sometimes be a issue with peasant style tops.

Pinup Girl Clothing Peasant Top

The Peasant Top features gathered and full elasticated neckline and sleeves for comfort and with a back zipper. I love that from the waist down, the top is fitted, giving it a smooth and more streamlined look. I do not find the elastic of the sleeves too tight or uncomfortable after a long day of wear which can be a issue with these types of sleeves.

Made out of a cotton sateen, these tops are delightfully casual but I think they could still really be dressed up- Think the black version worn off the shoulder with a black pencil skirt… so glam!

Pinup Girl Clothing Peasant Top

Pinup Girl Clothing Peasant Top

I went with my usual size small (my bust is 36″ and waist is 27.5″) in the Peasant Top and find the fit pretty spot on. I have seen that some girls have managed to size down but I think that is only if your waist measurement is at the lower end of the size range. The only fit problem to speak of is the gaping in the gathers at the back- once again, I know some ladies have attempted to size down to try to limit this effect but with varying success. This issue for me is one of those things that if I can’t see it… it doesn’t bother me!

Do remember that the whilst the bust area has a bit of room to size down due to the elastic, the bottom part has very minimal stretch so consult the size chart and I would only suggest attempting to size down if you are in between sizes at the waist. Also the other thing to bear in mind when sizing down, is that the more bust you have, the more the gathers will be stretched out and you will loose the effect of them.

Pinup Girl Clothing Peasant Top

I’ve paired the pink with the Pink Lemonade Retroversible Skirt by Julie Mollo, PUG White Patent Belt, BAIT Footwear Betty Heels, Orchids from The Sophisticated Lady and brooch from The CRAVE Yard.

The Peasant Top comes in sizes XS to 4XL and are US$56. I seriously cannot wait for summer and practically living in these tops! Remember that with Pinup Girl Clothing, you get what you pay for in terms of quality. Some might say that US$56 is a lot to spend on a basic top that many other brands have variations of but believe me, this is the best quality and fit out of all the peasant style tops I’ve tried.

Pinup Girl Clothing Peasant Top

Thank you to Elizabeth J Photography for the gorgeous photos- The Wintergardens had perfectly matching flowers… they must have know we were coming!

x Miss Victory Violet

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  1. Great review, I love the colours you have put together for these photos! I too am a bit of a fan of the PUG peasant top and now have it in white, dark blue and red, they just go with everything!

  2. I haven’t gotten one yet, but I am loving the look of them! It looks great on everyone I’ve seen them on, and much easier to wear than some of the more revealing tops. They can also be worn on the shoulders like cap sleeves, too. So cute and versatile. I need some!!!

  3. I have the white and black so far. Love my tops, but my only problem is the seam goes straight across my boobs and if I try to pull the top down, then I become boobilicious. I guess that the price you pay for have very large breast! Great review!!!! 😀

  4. I’m so glad you did this post! I have been loving my peasant top and was so crazy excited when the new colour way came out! I will for sure be adding to my collection !

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