Sponge Roller Setting Part 4 – More Problem Solving!

On Friday I posted Part 3 of my Sponge Roller Setting series- The Brush Out!
Today’s post focuses on solving issues that arise during the brush out process or afterwards. I also did a similar post about actually rolling the rollers which you can catch up on below
Sponge Roller Setting Part 2- Problem Solving
I want to know how to make/maintain the fluffiness in the ends. I tease and it works but I always have to pin up some extra hairs. Any trick? Maybe it is just that is time for a cut?
 It could be time for a haircut but in the meantime, try pinning up extra hairs and using a diffuser to set your hairspray like I talked about in yesterday’s tutorial post. Using both these tricks should help to solve the problem!
I have naturally very curly hair so it normally holds well but my hair is so long and textured that it’s always frizzy and I can never figure out how to brush it out for my length! All the tutorials I’ve seen are for a hair length like yours and I’d like to learn how to adapt it for my own!
I have always had shorter length hair since I started doing vintage styles but when I do a set and brush out on clients at the salon, I tend to use a paddle brush to brush out the curls. This helps to separate and stretch out the curls without creating excess frizz. Use a light hold serum or pomade halfway through, continue to brush and then you can also pin curls and waves into place using duckbill clips before spraying.
My curls are always perfect in the morning but within hours they coil together and create ringlets which I do not want. How can I get them to last all day? 
I think this must be because you are either not spraying it with hairspray enough or not doing enough teasing. Make sure you are doing a decent amount of teasing at the roots to help keep curls separate and try a stronger spray to really set the curls into place.
Sometimes have trouble knowing what to do with hair spray; when do you spray your hair (e.g. as soon as out of rollers or after you shape?), and are there certain types or brands of hair sprays that are better for shaping?
If I use a hairspray halfway through a hairstyle, it’s usually a light mist of my Strong Hairspray or I switch to a lighter hold one. I don’t tend to spray that much during a brush out, preferring to mostly use it at the end. But definitely use a light to medium hold for any spraying during a hairstyle and a strong one at the end.
How do you stop your curls from falling out within a few hours? I hairspray my hair till its nearly solid, yet even that doesn’t seem to help.
This could be due to a few things-
Hair is too long?
Using a shampoo and conditioner that’s too heavy for your hair (try Davines Oi)
Curls not 100 % dry when you take them out- make sure they are bone dry as ANY little bit of moisture will mean they won’t last.
I get so much curl at the bottom but cant create any height or shape at the top.
Tease all the roots before you start on anything else. This will give you lots of body and volume and then if you just smooth over the top layer, you will maintain that volume.
I have heavy, but super silky hair. It’s very long too..about waist length. Whenever I use sponge rollers, my hair is either still wet when it comes out, or the curls go flat when i brush them out! what do I do???
With hair that long, you can probably only expect the curls to be on the looser side I’m afraid. If you want bouncier curls, then a haircut might be in order. To combat the issue of the curls not being dry enough, blowdry excess moisture out of the mid-lengths and ends until it is just a little bit damp. Also, invest in a vintage hood dryer that you can sit under in the morning if they haven’t tried properly!


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