Tucking A Cardigan Into A Belt

I love little tricks to make my wardrobe more versatile! My ‘Converting a Dress to a Skirt‘ post from a few months ago has become one of the most popular and most read blogs ever!
Tucking my cardigan into a belt is the first tricks I tried, years before I discovered I could convert a dress to a skirt. I’ve always been a big fan of cardigans but when I first started dressing pinup, I didn’t buy many skirts, focussing on dresses instead. Cropped cardigans are great for over dresses but if you have a regular cardigan (not cropped), it can look a bit weird left open over a swing dress. So my solution was to fold it up and tuck it into a wide belt!

It’s super easy, here’s how it’s done-

Tucking A Cardigan into a Belt

Start with you favourite cardigan- I’ve picked the Wheels And Dollbaby Dita Cardigan over the top of the Bella Donna Dress by Pinup Girl Clothing. Now I could have easily converted this dress to a skirt BUT because I like to wear the cardigan partially undone for a keyhole effect, I decided I wanted the bust pompom details to show though.

Tucking A Cardigan into a Belt

Button up the cardigan over the top of your dress and then pull it up at around the waist to fold it underneath.

Tucking A Cardigan into a Belt

Fiddle around with it until it is folded up without any lumps and bumps. This method does work best if the cardigan isn’t too loose. If you have a lot of excess material, you might find it easier to fold it several times at the waist instead of just folding it up the once.

Tucking A Cardigan into a Belt

Now fasten a wide belt over the top as tight as you can stand to ensure everything stays in place.

Tucking A Cardigan into a Belt Cardiganintobelt5

It’s such a easy trick and helps to give your wardrobe more versatility!

Miss Victory Violet

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x Miss Victory Violet

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  1. This is a fantastic tip, I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of this before. I always have this problem when I throw on long cardigans and totally loose the effect of my waist! Thank you!

  2. LOVE this. My longer cardis always make me feel like my back side is huge, just doesn’t lay correctly. This is a fantastic tip!

  3. SO funny that in all my outfits with cardigans during cooler days, I never ONCE considered doing this! I either just always wear them over my belts or tuck the entire sweater under the skirt. This just seems cleaner if you don’t want to tuck it under the skirt!

  4. Great idea. I’ve been tying the ends of my cardigans, which looks cute but might not be very careful of me.

  5. It works for the photo, I guess, but not through the day. Does it? If you reach, sit on a bike or drive a car it surely must come loose… Aren’t you busy tucking it in all day?

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