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Ask Miss Victory Violet- LIVE Facebook Edition

On Monday morning I held a live Ask Miss Victory Violet session on Facebook and had a great response with lots of questions and chat! For those of you in parts of the world where you were fast asleep during the session, I’ve got all the questions and my answers here for you – 64 in total!
Thank you for the fantastic response for those of you who participated. I’ll definitely do more and try to have them at times that cater to different parts of the world each time.

Brandi- How do you start your vintage wardrobe without going bankrupt?
Utilise swap and sell groups on facebook, save up and take advantage of big sale dates like Black Friday and start by buying really versatile items that you can mix and match. Maybe avoid buying something that you can only wear with one thing- unless you just have to have it of course haha!

Briana- What basics would you suggest for someone starting to build a wardrobe?
Have a read of this blog post- Starting a Pinup Wardrobe

Edna- My question is where can I find pinup style clothing for petite woman. I love the pinup style but I have a hard time finding things my size. I’m 4 feet 11 in.
There’s the Junebugs and Georgia Peaches Collection from Pinup Girl Clothing which is petite friendly! Also Lindy Bop have a lot of petite length dresses.

Haylie- How did you start getting into pinup fashion? How did you start your vintage wardrobe?
I started getting into it when I decided I didn’t want to try to fit in any more! I started with a order from Pinup Girl Clothing and slowly built up from there!

Lenny-I had a thought the other day… how does it work with petticoats and driving ???
haha! I kinda fold them in and just tuck and hope it’s not caught in the car door!

Shannon- I  have three questions, do you work in your outfits? and how do you maintain your eyebrows? do you workout/watch calories at all to keep your hourglass figure?
Yes I work in my outfits and I pluck my eyebrows myself. I do sporadic workouts, I’m pretty terrible. I don’t count calories as that sent me into a downward spiral once before so I’m never going there again. I just have a naturally small waist.

Annie- I am absolutely in awe of your ability to wear so many different styles and adapting them to your body shape. I am sort of an average sized person for the most part but have quite a small chest and would like to know what styles you thing would enable me to create an illusion of curvy-ness?
To create a waist, wear a thin belt. Maybe to help create the illusion of a bust, wear baggier blouses? But I’m not a expert in that department sorry! Just wear what you want and feel comfortable in!

Siobhan- I want to know if you’ve done an inventory of your deliciously enviable wardrobe and what you might do with any pieces you no longer want or need. Your garage sale would be the most epic!
You know what, I have a big rubbish bag full of stuff that I decided to sell when I came back from holiday and needed to make room for all the new goodies! I just need to get round to photographing and listing them! I try not to get too ruthless though, it’s like a collection… even Matt said once, don’t sell too much, you’ve spend this much time and money its like a art collection haha!

Christian- What’s the best advice you can give to someone who is just starting out and wants to make a name for herself? Your success is an inspiration.
It’s a hard one to answer as I never strived to be who Miss Victory Violet has turned out like! I just started taking OOTD pictures, entered some competitions and it’s all just spiralled. I take every success and opportunity as it comes and don’t have dream or expectations of where it could take me next- I just enjoy where I am with it right now. Be yourself, allow yourself to shine through in whatever you do. Remain honest, do everything with integrity and have courage to think outside of the box. Have fun and then it doesn’t matter where it takes you or how long it takes, go for the ride!

Laura-What is your favourite stockist for belts? You always have lovely belts and I have difficulty finding ones I like!
Most of the belts I have are ones that have come with dresses- Pinup Girl Clothing has a good range although I wish they sold some of the lovely coloured ones that go with their dresses separately

Fionnghuala- How did you find your way to being a retro lady? Who were your biggest inspirations?
I stumbled on a picture of Doris Mayday through google images and from there discovered the world of vintage reproduction. I’d always loved the vintage look but never had any success buying true vintage so shops like PUG were a gold mine! Other inspirations were the old hollywood film stars like Veronica Lake. I especially loved looking at their hair.

Eleanor-What’s your rule when it comes to shopping and deciding yay or no on opening the purse strings- falling in love of practicality?
Both. Some things I fall in love with instantly but later decide against it if there is a element that I think won’t work well for me or stop me wearing it.

Jackie- Any advice about wearing high heels would be great, especially making them hurt less!
I think it comes down to making sure you are wearing the correct size and heels that you find comfortable. I always look for ones with a platform so there’s just that little less height.

Schacki- How big are your tunnels?
6mm and 4mm

Kate- What do you wear for a casual vintage look ? Do you waist train? How do people react to you in everyday life, like walking down a street?, I only asked this because I went out with my hair in a Vintage style and vintage style clothes (I’m quite new to it but have loved it for years ) and had some very odd/funny looks it didn’t bother me I found it funny, but I wondered if you had the same.
For casual, sometimes it will be just a sweater and swing skirt or sometimes I’ll wear jeans. If you are on Instagram, have a look through my#missvictoryvioletootd tag and you’ll see all my outfits including some more casual ones.
I sometimes live in a little bubble- I get dressed up, go to work and everyone at work or on the street are used to me. Then I’ll somewhere new and remember how different I look because everyone is staring. Most of the time that’s ok becuase it’s not usualy negative attention but some days if I’m tired or just having a ‘off’ day, the comments like ‘are you in a play?’, ‘what are you all dressed up for’ , annoy me a little. But that’s not too often.
My advice is to just wear what you want with confidence and just have fun… then it doesn’t matter about the weird looks!

Stacey- When are you coming back to California?
April 2016!

Daniella- What do you eat/exercise to stay so amazing beautiful?
I’m terrible and just exercise sporadically and don’t eat the best that I could frown emoticon Follow Fuller Figure Fuller Bust for some seriously inspirational stuff in that department!

Cameron- I’ve been following a few pin up girls, because the fashion is rad, can you recommend any of your male equivalents to me?
I wish there was more around! I found That Dapper Chap recently and think he’s pretty awesome!

Alana- Will you be coming to Australia in the near future?
YES! things aren’t 100% confirmed but I most likely coming to Sydney in October for a weekend and for a festival next March too.

Deborah- What attracted you to retro style?
I think initially it was the femininity and elegance of it. Then when I was trying to sort my life out and stop hating my body, I was attracted to it because I knew certain brands like Pinup Girl Clothing specifically made their items for a womens body shape. So often you pick up a item from a chain store and it’s just straight up and down. It’s cheaper for them to make it that way, rather than put the effort into actually having it fit someone properly

Alison- Do you think the vintage cut of fashions were much more flattering to the natural female figure? (Vs today’s fashions)
I think so. I remember seeing a article a few years back (I think Laura from Pinup Girl shared it) and it was about how chain store mass produce their clothing and it’s far cheaper to produce them with no shape than to actually put the time into fittings. But then some vintage looks weren’t as flattering… for instance as much as I love 20s fashion, back then it was desirable to be very very slim (women taped their breasts down to give themselves a more boyish look) and the shape of the dresses was very straight and baggy. That definitely doesn’t suit me so I guess it all just depends on your body type

Daisy- What bra size are you? You always have great bras! I can never find any in a large cup/small back size!
I’m a 32E or 30E depending on the bra.

Nicholas- Of all the periods you’ve dressed inspired by, what period you like dressing the most? What’s the best brand of stockings for a girl with wider thighs who doesn’t like garters
Usually my fav period is the 50s but I’m also LOVING the 40s right now! For stockings, I did this post about ones I’d found good. All vintage stocking however will require garters to keep them up unless you go for thigh highs or pantyhose. The Nylon Swish and Fuller Figure Fuller Bust have also done some great posts about stockings and thigh-highs.

Erica-What is the best shape wear to help keep your stomach in all day? Have you  ever tried waist training and if so what’s the safest way and brand to use to do so?
No I don’t waist train. Amanda from Junebugs and Georgia Peaches and Rachel fromChicago Chic Blog do and there are some great blogs and videos on theOrchard Corset website.
I love Rago shapewear- try one of their waist cinchers!

Amber- What is your favorite brand of shape wear/hosiery/lingerie? How do you keep your skin so flawless?
Favourite brand of shapewear is Rago, fav stockings are What Katie Did.
I use good quality cleansers and moisturisers . My skin isn’t flawless though, I still get pimples!

Victoria- I have really fine hair and struggle getting it to hold a curl the best I can do is and overnight set with a setting lotion which leaves me with a frizzy curl what are your tips on how to get a smooth curl?
So you are using sponge rollers? Make sure you aren’t rolling them too tight as this creates frizzy ends. I did a blog post about solving sponge roller setting problems too if you want to check it out.

Lauren- How long do you take to do your make up and hair every day?
Around 60mins give or take depending on the hairstyle

Mellissa- Hi, can you recommend what pin up hairstyle could work for fine thin hair?
A suicide roll in the front and hair up in a headscarf would work well! Victory rolls can also be great as you can fake having thick hair with all the back combing. Also you could try a clip-in ponytail to add length and volume

Michaela- Pin curls or rollers?

Victoria- What’s the best way to evenly distribute product throughout your hair, and avoid having it all clump into one place?
Rub it between your hands, then start on the ends moving up to mid-lengths. If needed, just start with small amount and focus on sections and keep adding more

Kristine- How is your skincare routines? Do you use spf all year? How high?
I think the foundation I use has SPF but I don’t use it consciously. I use LUSH and Antipodes skincare, there’s lots of posts about it on my blog.

Ashley- I am newly pregnant (well, 8 weeks )! How would you recommend doing hair coloring, makeup, and nail care? I normally color my hair every over month or so. Also my skin has become more oily and my normal products aren’t working as well. Thank you so much, and it’s so lovely to talk to you!
Congratulations! There’s no evidence to suggest that colouring your hair while pregnant can harm the baby but it’s your choice on what you want to do- my boss had her colour done right up until the day she was due!
With all your hormones being out of whack, you should look into changing up your normal skincare for a while. Don’t look for things that will strip all your natural oils out as that will just make things worse. Even just changing to a different cleanser and moisturizer could make a difference as your skin can get used to things. If you have a LUSH store near you, go have a chat to them- they are usually so knowledgeable!

Melissa- Any tips for beginners on how to do vintage hair styles?
Watch tutorials and practice practice practice!

Olivia- I have really long thick curly hair and I really struggle to do the gorgeous hair styles! D: any tips that could help? I’m looking at cutting it soon as it really needs it but I just get so frustrated!
Definitely getting a cut will help and a good hairdresser should be able to take some weight out without butchering the cut. For thick hair, sets can definitely be tiresome so try other styles like Victory Rolls, beehives etc

Laura- I so love your work and style Miss Victory Violet! How do you do the perfect sets without annoying flyaways and frizz? Also, what is the best way of getting my hair lighter from home without a lot of damage? It is currently almost black in colour
If you are using sponge rollers, make sure you aren’t rolling them too tight so the ends end up like corkscrews.
In terms of lightening your hair from home, as a professional hairdresser, every fibre of my being freaks out at the thought. I don’t use at home products so can’t really recommend them. I would always say to go to a professional smile emoticon

Monica-Marie-I’m mixed so my hair is really think and curly with unruly frizz. When straightened I can style it easily, I’ve been going natural for awhile now and have been having a hard time finding fun ways and products that help me style my hair in it’s natural state. And tips or suggestions?
Try Suavecita Pomade or a few hot rollers to help smooth things out.

Erin- I have short, layered, hair, and I wake up around 3am in order to commute to work in NYC. Any tips for easy, fast retro hairdos for short hair that won’t make me want to cry when I’m barely awake? I’ve watched countless YouTube videos, but all the “fake victory rolls” and “E Z headscarf” tutorials aren’t exactly helpful for short hair. unsure emoticon Sorry if this is too tall of an order, but thanks if you can help!
3am! Holy heck that’s painful! Honestly, it’s probably about playing around on your days off and trying to figure out something that works for your haircut. Youtube videos are great but nothing works exactly the same if you have a different cut!

Adelle- I have very very thick hair with a natural wave, do I still need to back come or tease to get the style similar to you? I feel like I’ll end up with an Afro or mop head.
You may not need to do as much but you’ll probably need to still do some depending on the style you are talking about.

Lauren- What foundation and primer do you use?
I use MAC Matchmaster Liquid and Studio fix powder. Primer I am currently going between Dermalogica Skin Perfect and Benefit Porefessional

Emma- Best tips for putting on your eyebrows? Mine never match each other!
Your eyebrows are sisters not twins! Mine never perfectly match either, and that’s ok!
One tip that I learnt from Cherry Dollface was to always do your bad side first. We all have one side that we start on because that’s easier, well start on the bad side as it’s easier to match when you are doing your good side last.

Samantha-How do you get your make up to stay put all day?
I use a Primer and full coverage foundation.

Lavender- Whats the best way to keep your hair overnight? (ex: I sleep on my side so one set of curls always looks a little more flat even if i pin them up)
Try pinning them flat to your head in pincurls

Sara-What product do you use to fill in your brows… they match your black hair so wel
I use Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade

Sammy- Trying to learn hairstyles is impossible for me I’ve tried youtube but it dosent work what’s another way to learn them?
Practice makes perfect! Youtube is great, I also have tutuorials on my blog which has picture step by step for those who prefer that rather than videos

Leila- What is the simplest vintage / rockabilly hair style you would recommend for a complete hair novice?
Right now I am LOVING the big suicide roll in the front and then for the back you could do the beehive/headscarf

Fredica- When I roll victory rolls they always seem to end up looking like bunny ears instead. Am I rolling wrong?
Try rolling them in a way that means they don’t meet in the middle. there can be a gap between them and you might like the look of them better. Also it looks like you might need to be doing a little bit more backcombing

Natalie-Best cruelty free red lippy?
Hmmmm let me think. I’m pretty sure that Besame and Natio are cruelty free. Also there’s Pretty Zombie Cosmetics and Cherry Dollface used Bomber Betty which is all homemade so definitely not tested on animals.

Zoe- How do you get your skin to look so flawless all the time?
I use good skincare and primer/liquid foundation/powder. It’s definitely not flawless though
Take care of your skin because it has to last a lifetime!

Chris- Being a native New Zealander I wondered if you had heard of or use lanolin cream?
I wanted something to help with the hard skin on my heels, it’s used for nursing mothers nipples I believe, and heard that the best kind comes from merino wool.
Also I believe it can help to strengthen nails? Any ideas thank you.
No I haven’t heard of it sorry! For strengthening nails, I used to have great success with Dr. LeWinn’s Revitanail.

Bettina- I’ve been trying for ages to pin curl my hair into a Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter/ Adele Mara look with zero success for like six months (my hair is super long and fine). Can you recommend any books/guides/products/Las Vegas-area salons that specialise in 40s/50s looks? Thank you! 
I’m not too sure about salons in Vegas. I would search YouTube for tutorials and my fav hair products are by Davines and Suavecita. Plus I’ve heard great things about Sexy Hair products.

Courtney- Do you have any recommendations on types/brands of rollers?
Not really, sponge rollers are pretty easy to come by- there’s a brand called Annies which you can find on eBay which are quite good.

Celine- How about lipstick versus eating. Is there some sort of etiquette?
I probably look like a horse when I eat and trying not to smudge my red lippy haha! Just do your best and make sure you check for smudges after

Julie- Which red lipstick & foundation do you recommend?
My fav red lipsticks are- Natio Rush, Besame Red Hot Red, MAC Russian Red, Le Keux Cosmetics Whistle Bait  and for foundation I use MAC Matchmaster liquid Foundation and MAC Studio Fix powder

Alisa- What is your favourite hairspray?
Davines Strong Hold Hairspray

Lorna-my question is do you go a day or two makeup free? I find if I’m wearing make up (foundation) for a few days (I take it off at night obviously) my skin comes out in little spots so I have to give it a day or two to breath, does this happen to you? Thank you lovely!
I would definitely change foundation! Sounds like you are reacting! Look for a mineral foundation like Inika Cosmetics.

Emily-1) any advice on how to put rollers in so that they aren’t sore to sleep on?
2) I’m in love with vintage reproduction but I need advice on how to suit it to my lifestyle due to the lack of practicality in it?
I find wrapping the rollers in a scarf really helps as it keeps them all in place and stops them moving around and pulling your hair. Also make sure that you twist the bar around so that’s not on your head.
If you prefer a more casual look for practicality, try some high waisted jeans and a cute top!

Emma- I would like to book in with you next time I’m in Auckland. What is the name of the hairdressers you work?
Killer Hair in Newton

Viviana- I’m due to deliver my daughter within the week and I know I won’t have a lot of time on my hands once she’s here until I get the hang of being a new mommy, what styling tips or hair styles would you recommend for very small time windows?
Hmmm. Maybe a small roll in the front and the rest up in a quick ponytail with a scarf or hair flower? The roll should last for a few days too!

Rebecca-How do you save a wet set so you can style it two days in a row? How do you protect your wet set against humidity?
You can re-roll into sponge roller or pincurls to save it- most of the time I just re-set with hot rollers.
I use a ton of hairspray which I think helps with humidity. You can get specific sprays which are meant to protect against humidity too – I remember Cherry Dollface used one by Sexy Hair

Claire- I always have trouble back combing when I do my beehive. Any tips? 
If the hair is too clean you will have problems- spray the section with hairspray first and then backcomb

Elle- I have really damaged hair at the front of my head (due to bleaching for years) and its so bad it looks very frazzled. But the back is fine. I’ve been trying out different pinup hair styles for photo shoots and the only one thing that seems to work is curling my side bangs under, can you recommend any styles that are simple and won’t be too damaging to my hair? (I tend to pin curl the back)
Also, I’m looking for a signature bright pinup red lipstick, but prefer matte as everything I’ve bought that isn’t matte tends to bleed a lot! Can you help with that?
Have you used sponge rollers? doing a wet set without heat is great for not damaging your hair! Also Olaplex is a amazing new treatment that can be added into bleach, definitely talk to your hairdresser about that!
Have you tried Besame Red Hot Red? It’s super bright although not matte. I love it though, no bleeding and high pigmentation.

Tamara- I have long VERY thick hair, what pin up styles would work for me? Can you do a wet set on almost dry hair? My hair would stay too wet in the rollers and take about 3 days to dry lol!
Yes I do a wet set on just damp hair- I blowdry it until it’s just a little bit wet and that way I know that it will be dry in the morning!

Sarah- Do you have any body confidence tips? I’ve struggled on and off for years with body image, and finding a vintage style has really helped, but I’m always open to advice
Also, I think it’s the little things- train yourself to not look in the mirror and look at flaws. Every time you look in the mirror, tell yourself you are beautiful- even if at first you don’t believe it. Just keep doing it and it can help you get out of that habit of self hate. Surround yourself with people who make you feel good, do things that make you happy and have a read through some of my blog posts on the topic.

Kate- Have you ever had to justify why you create retro styles from a time when feminism wasn’t embraced? I ask this because I get a lot of crap from people who don’t understand how I could be a feminist yet a pinup at the same time.
Ugh. People need to just mind their own business! I love this article on the subject.

x Miss Victory Violet

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  1. For the girl who asked about the illusion of curvyness for a small chest, she should try tops with ruffles or similar add ons, the extra fabric will hang and give the illusion of a larger bust and try to wear certain neck lines like sweethearts and boat neck, it will widen the chest out a bit to also help with the illusion of a larger bust.

  2. I love the body confidence advice 🙂 I’m trying to stop or correct myself when I look into the mirror. Actually, I noticed awhile back that your legs look a lot like mine, so now if catch myself thinking anything negative about them I tell myself “There’s nothing wrong with your legs. They look like Miss Victory Violet’s & she’s awesome!” And my nose looks just like my beautiful little niece’s nose. I never think such mean things when I look at other people as I do when I look at myself so this helps me…

  3. To the girl who asked about lightening her hair at home;
    Crush up vitamin c tablets and add to shampoo, I use head & shoulders or vosene. Mix it up, lather it on & wrap with a shower cap (or carrier bad) & leave on for a while. I’ve done it several times as I change my hair ALOT & it really lifts the colour. I’ve not had any damage doing it either, just use a good conditioner after!

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