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Fables By Barrie Scarlett Bustier

If you are anything like me, you have a multitude of items you have admired online for months or even YEARS but never ended up ordering. Sometimes it’s concern about how it’s going to fit, sometimes it’s just that it’s a new brand you’ve never bought from before or maybe it’s because you are just not sure if you will ever wear it or not!

For me, one of these items was the Fables By Barrie  Scarlett Bustier. I have quite a number of pinup friends who really liked the fit and style of this bustier but I still never took the plunge on placing a order. I was a little concerned about how it would fit but the main thing that stopped me was the fact that I wouldn’t be able to wear it to work as I feel strapless tops are as professional.

Miss Victory Violet / Fables By Barrie / Oblong Box Shop

However, this all changed when I walked past the Fables by Barrie stall at Viva Las Vegas! Getting to see the tops in person and feel the quality, construction and also get fit advice from Barrie herself sealed the deal.

One thing about the Viva Las Vegas carshow (and any market in that case) is that it can be SUCH a mission to try anything on. The stalls usually had pop up changing rooms but I tried as hard as I could not to have to try anything on… it was just too hard.

Miss Victory Violet / Fables By Barrie / Oblong Box Shop

So I took a gamble. With my knowledge of the fit from previously asking friends who own this bustier, I knew I was probably a medium. Barrie was really helpful too and after I told her my bust and waist measurements (36″ in bust, 27.5″ in waist) she agreed that a medium would fit best and so that’s what I bought.

This mint colour really caught my eye but unfortunately it’s no longer on the site. However, there is still a glorious array of colours, patterns and even lamé!

Miss Victory Violet / Fables By Barrie / Oblong Box Shop

When I decided to put it on later that day and pair it with this cute skirt from The Oblong Box Shop, I held my breath and hoped to the pinup gods that it would fit… and sure enough it did!

The medium fits really, really well. The Scarlett Bustier has a back zipper that completely zips apart making it easy to get on and off. I tend to zip it up at the front and then twist it around unless Matt is nearby to help out.

Miss Victory Violet / Fables By Barrie / Oblong Box Shop

With boning, light padding in the bust and the cute fold over collar, the Scarlett Bustier stays up really well on it’s own. I choose to wear a strapless bra with it but I think as long as it is really fitted, you could go braless thanks to the bust construction.

I would say that the Scarlett Bustier fit’s true to the size chart and I think it would be worth taking it to a tailor for the perfect fit should you feel like the bust is a little loose- you don’t want any wardrobe malfunctions!

Miss Victory Violet

The Scarlett Bustier retails for US$88 on the Fables By Barrie website and you can also buy them on The Oblong Box Shop! They have this mint colour in stock in a size large too!

Thank you to Elizabeth J Photography for the gorgeous, lush photos!

x Miss Victory Violet

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  1. I have always stayed away from strapless tops as a little waist and bigger boobs gal it’s been a NIGHTMARE. I hate strapless bras as I can never find a decent one. The only place I can find one seems to be Avakado in Auckland but then they are so expensive. The structure of this top is stunning!!!
    You review is like music to my ears. Reminds me a little of the Vamp top by PUG (I have 5 of those lol). I might bite the bullet and get one of these. They are fabulous!
    Thank you!

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