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So many Amanda Dresses, so little time! Just two weeks ago I featured the Amanda from Heart of Haute and today I bring you the Amanda from Pinup Girl Clothing! This gorgeous specimen of a dress is part of the Junebugs and Georgia Peaches Collection and named after one half of the fabulous duo it’s inspired by.

When this dress was previewed, there was A LOT of hype surrounding it! Ladies of Instagram went nuts over it but at first I was a little ambivalent. I think it was the fact that the colour blocking was just so different to anything else I had in my wardrobe but it was for this very reason that the dress slowly grew on me.

Miss Victory Violet

I decided I wanted to give it a try and settled on this Baton Rouge colourway. The Black and White didn’t really do it for me (and white is a disaster waiting to happen at the salon) and whilst I LOVE the Red/White and Blue one, it felt a little too 4th of July for me.

So pink it was!

Miss Victory Violet

I was a touch concerned that I might not feel 100% great in it, probably still a hang up from my early ambivalence towards the dress. However, once I put it on, I felt AMAZING! The colour blocking was fun, different, made my waist look tiny and the length wasn’t as short as some of the other items in the Junebugs and Georgia Peaches Collection.

Miss Victory Violet

One of the things that I love about this dress (same with the Dee Dee Dress which I reviewed a few weeks ago) is that it is fully lined throughout the bust and the skirt. It’s this high quality construction that I just love about Pinup Girl Clothing items!

Miss Victory Violet
The Amanda Dress has a very similar neckline to the Sabrina Top for those of you that have that but without the stretch due to the lining.
Whilst I had issues with the sleeves on the Dee Dee Dress, there are no problems whatsoever in that department for this dress. I’m wearing the size small (my bust is 36″ and waist is 27.5″ ) and I’d say it’s pretty true to the size chart- I wear my trusty Rago 2202 Longline Bra underneath which gives me a smooth line but also nips in my waist a little smaller.

PUGamanda1Miss Victory Violet

As you can see, the Amanda Dress comes just to my knee which is great. The whole Junebugs and Georgia Peaches Collection is petite friendly but some dresses like the Dee Dee are shorter than others.
I prefer this length than the well-above knee length of the Dee Dee as it feels a little more flattering although in a idea would, I would still like a few more inches.

On thing you do have to bear in mind when purchasing anything from this collection is petticoats! If you are like me, most of your petticoats are on the longer side since usually vintage reproduction dresses are well below the knee. This is somewhat problematic in situations like these where you have the occasional shorter dress as your normal petticoats are too long!

Miss Victory Violet

Luckily I had a black petticoat from Powderpuff Boutique but Pinup Girl Clothing also have similar ones for sale now from Malco Modes which are a great length for underneath this dress. The skirt is lovely and full with gathering at the waist band… and … HIDDEN POCKETS! Pockets never fail to get me excited!

The Amanda comes with a matching grommet belt in the lighter pink which makes me happy- slide belts are hopefully a thing of the past!

Miss Victory Violet

Pair this dress with matching pink accessories or for a little more sophistication, go with classic black. The Magenta Cropped Cardigan on the Pinup Girl Clothing website is a great match with the Baton Rouge panel on the skirt.

 The Amanda Dress retails for US$142 and comes in sizes XS to 4XL.

 A big thank you to Elizabeth J Photography for the photos, Western Springs on a cold winters day was stunning but I was happy to get back home have a bath to thaw my freezing limbs!


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