Jezebel Pencil Dress by Vivien of Holloway

When we went on holiday for 6 weeks back in March, one of things that really excited me was the prospect of getting to shop instore with some of my favourite online retailers!

There were several of these shops in London and the first thing we did when arriving was to catch the tube to Vivien of Holloway. It was so exciting to see the big recognisable logo above the shop and such pretty dresses in the window. To my surprise, the lovely Vivien herself was there too!
I already had a number of Vivien of Holloway items from purchasing online but it was wonderful to get to try different styles that I hadn’t ordered as it’s always a little tricky buying online.

Miss Victory Violet

Miss Victory Violet

I tried on every different style of dress that I didn’t already own and ended up buying a couple of the Jezebel Pencil Dresses. I loved this bright blue colour and although sometimes polka dot prints can be a bit too obviously retro and a little overdone, this colour felt fresh and summery so I couldn’t resist..

Typically I am a size 12 in the Halterneck Circle Dress and Grace Circle Dress but in wiggle dresses I normally have to size up since my bottom half is proportionally quite a bit bigger than my top half. So in all the wiggle dresses I tried on, I went with a size 14.
Because of having to size up, the top half can be a little looser- when I tried on the pencil version of the Halter Neck Dress, it was much more obvious that the top was loose because of the boning. This Jezebel style however, is really only obviously loose in the waist and that can be easily fixed with a belt.

Miss Victory Violet

The size 14 is still pretty tight across the hips and thighs and so I am very careful when wearing it to be dainty when sitting down in case disaster strikes and I rip the split!  I plan to insert a white kickpleat and really reinforce the stitching above the split- it’s not that this dress looks low quality or anything, it’s just that I’ve ripped several of my wiggle dresses so it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Miss Victory Violet

Miss Victory Violet

I’m waiting for summer to wear the Jezebel, the faux cross over wrap top looks much better on its own than with a cardigan so she will have to wait until the weather warms up!

One part of this dress that I could have done without, was the faux tie on the side- It’s not too obvious and it’s sewn down on the side seam which I prefer to some faux wrap dresses that leave the ‘tie’ just hanging from the waistband. However, personally I don’t really like things like this that don’t have a practical purpose. The dress would still have been wonderful without the faux tie on the side.

The Jezebel Pencil Dress is made of a cotton sateen and produced in London, England. The Vivien of Holloway sizing can be a little confusing- in some cases they use sizing like 10, 12, 14 etc, and that is what is shown on the tag of the dress. However on the website, they list sizing by bust-waist-hip measurements. From my experience, the smallest size of 32-24-36 equates to a size 10 and then they go up from there to a size 24 / 46-38-50.

Miss Victory Violet

Miss Victory Violet

Although my measurements of 36-27.5-42 puts me in a size 14 (16 for hips but I managed to squeeze in), with swing items I can usually size down to a 12. If you are looking at purchasing the Jezebel Dress, compare your measurements to that of the size chart and bear in mind that the bust cross over limits the stretch because fabric is doubled up.

Miss Victory Violet

There are a multitude of other colours and prints in the Jezebel Style and if you prefer a swing dress, The Grace Circle Dress has the same faux wrap top.

The Jezebel is £89 but if you live outside of the UK, taxes come off when you check out bring it down to £74.17… huzzah!

I can’t wait to wear this dress out in the summer, it’s a great style that I know I will be able to dress down for work or dress up for a day-time event.

Miss Victory Violet

A big thank you as always to Elizabeth J Photography for capturing the Jezebel Pencil Dress in all her glory. Western Springs park was a old haunt of both of ours, my family would go roller blading there every weekend and loved being able to hear the lions roar at the zoo next door. Elizabeth also used to live across the road and took her kids there all the time so it was fun for us to be there and reminisce despite how utterly FREEZING it was!


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  1. He he, I bought the same dress when I was in London! Isn’t it fab?! Personally, I liked the faux tie at the side, because I felt it helped to hide my tummy a bit. 🙂 I have to ask, where did you get your lovely white shoes from? I’ve been looking for a pair for ages, and cannot seem to find.
    Thanks for another great post! <3

  2. Hey doll,
    I have found you on Instagram I was wanting to know if you do wedding hair, I’m getting married on October 9th this year and would love a vintage wave iv seen a few of you photos that is so similar to what I’m after.
    Can you let me know your availability ? My wedding is at 4.30pm at Mantels in Mt Eden Auckland.
    Warm regards

  3. Another stunning combination of an exquisite, feminine vintage dress with a perfectly seductive model. (It surprises me that another young lady – like Elinor and Jasmine at The Nylon Swish – has adopted the glamorous look of the 1950s and is doing it so spectacularly. There is no young woman like you in the USA. ) Thank you for what you’re doing.

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