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Miss L Fire Betty Heels

It’s really only in the last year that I have become brave enough to ditch the cheap ballet flats and order pretty retro inspired footwear online. Buying shoes without trying them on first had always had slightly disastrous consequences but I’ve come to know what things to look for in a shoe and what to avoid in order to make sure that they will be comfortable.
I always look at what the heel height is and try to get ones with a platform base, especially if the heel is over 2″. As you will know if you are a regular reader, I have quite the BAIT Footwear collection but there was something missing that they couldn’t offer me… white heels!

I’ve been in search of a cute pair of summery white heels for quite some time and my search lead me to the treasure trove that is Miss L Fire. I’ll be honest, in the past I’ve found some designs from Miss L Fire to be a little too ‘out there’ for my taste in shoes so I didn’t keep up with their collections. I like my shoes to be reasonably plain so they are as versatile as possible and don’t really like lots of different colours featured in one pair.

However, when I found the Betty Style and saw that they had a plain white, I was pretty excited! They were pretty much exactly what I was looking for but initially I talked myself out of it due to the cost of a pair- they were over double what I normally pay for a pair of BAIT’s.


Over a couple of weeks, I couldn’t get them out of my head and after seeing the sizes slowly sell out on stockists like Trashy Diva and Collectif, I decided to just bite the bullet and suck up the cost. I knew I would regret not buying them when I had been searching for shoes just like that for so long.

Now comes the tricky part and the bit that I dread when ordering from a new company that I’m unfamiliar with sizing. Which size do I order? Shoes are so definite… if they don’t fit, then they just don’t fit. It’s not like a dress where you can get it taken in or let out, if a pair of shoes are too small or too big then there’s nothing you can do.

So I sent a email along to the customer service team at Miss L Fire asking if the Betty ran true to size and if I should go with my usual EU39 size. I had a prompt replying confirming that, yes, I should go with my normal size.


Shipping was pretty expensive and in the end with the currency conversion, these were the most expensive shoes I think I have ever bought. 5 days later they arrived and at first, I must admit, I was a touch disappointed. When I ordered them, they were just described as ‘white’ on the website, and so I thought they would be a nice crisp white which was what I was after. However, they are actually more of a off-white or stone white.
I gave this feedback to the customer service team and they took that on-board and this colour is now listed as off-white on the US website which is awesome although still just ‘White’ on the UK site. My early disappointment of the colour was soon washed away as when I actually started pairing them with outfits, the fact that they were off-white didn’t really show up.


So how do they fit and feel? The Betty has a 3″ heel, a small platform and are made out of a soft suede and are really comfortable! I can work all day in them at the salon and by the end of the day my feet aren’t dying although I do enjoy that moment of unbuckling and taking them off. They are also super easy to walk in which I love in a shoe when I’m on my feet all day.

With my love for the Betty’s well and truly sealed with a kiss and all my previous reservations on the colour out the door, I also got the chance to receive the Brown Suede thanks to the lovely team at Miss L Fire. Now, this colour is not usually one that I would have picked out for myself as so many of my outfits are brighter colours BUT with my recent obsession with the more 1940s era, they have become a welcome addition to my collection. They have a little golden/mustard detail which was a absolutely perfect match with last weeks Emmy Designs outfit.

Emmy Designs

Design-wise, the Betty is a classic 1940s peep toe style but I also wear them with lots of 50’s style swing dresses.

As well as the Off-White and Chocolate, the Betty also comes in Yellow, Green, Red, Black and the favourite on my wishlist, Blue so I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for a Black Friday sale!
At £99, these shoes are at the higher end of the price scale BUT as someone who bought them, I do appreciate that the quality are much higher. Some of my other shoes show signs of wear very quickly but I feel like the Betty will really stand the test of time. I’ve worn each colour several times now and and there is very minimal signs of wear.

If you are in the USA or Canada, then you can buy from the USA site. If you are like me and need international shipping then you have to purchase from the UK site or other retailers such as Trashy Diva. Shipping from Trashy Diva is cheaper but they only have the Yellow and the White in limited sizes.
If you need any help with sizing, the customer service team is very helpful!


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Disclaimer: Whilst the Brown Suede pair was gifted to me, I never accept anything that I do not truly love and all opinions expressed are honest and my own. The integrity and honesty of my blog is very important to me as are my readers <3

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  1. Normally I don’t like white shoes, but these are really great and I would wear them 🙂
    …my most expensive shoes are from Miss L Fire, too. I had the same problem: they were so expensive, but I couldn’t get them out of my head and I thought, I would regret it, if I don’t buy them 😀

  2. I’m madly in love with the Betty shoes! We have them in brown and black in my shop, and I’m tempted to buy my own product, they’re so lovely. Thanks for the note about the white color actually being off-white. I’ll keep that in mind if we order the other colors.

  3. This is EXACTLY the kind of review I have been searching for of the Miss L. Fire shoes! It’s like we’re of the same mind or something. All of the reasons you have for not and for buying and finding these shoes are the same reasons I have been struggling with. Well, this concludes the matter. I’ll swallow the price tag and go full steam ahead on these beauties! THANK YOU SO MUCH for writing such a detailed review. Have a nice day!

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