A-Z September Round-Up!

Art work of the month…
The very talented @karleighsue on Instagram drew me!

efore and after of the month…
This was hard to choose as I’ve done so many fun ones this month! But my favourite had to be Tasrah who was on her honeymoon from Australia. We chopped it all off! 


Couldn’t live without…
My family, friends and husband. Earlier in the month I got to party with my bestie Alex for the first time in what felt like forever!

September Roundup

Dancing to…
This month I’ve fallen back in love with Ray Charles after we discovered the absolute brilliance that is the Ray Charles station on Pandora at work. It is the BEST music to work to <3

Excited about…
Going to dinner on October 10th at Orbit Restaurant up in the Sky Tower with Matt to celebrate 9 years of being together!

September Roundup

Find of the month…
Miss Lorelei Louise came into the salon wearing a gorgeous buzzy bee necklace from Punky Pins and I love all the fruity fun styles on their website!


Grateful for…
Having a wonderful Osteopath Daniel who saved me this month from some very bad neck and back pain!

September roundup

Hair tip of the month…
To keep your sponge roller set in tact overnight, re-roll it in big sections (you don’t need to use as many rollers as the initial set). It’ll keep the curls bouncy, voluminous and frizz-free!


Inspirational Instagram Feed…
I simply adore everything about Megan/@bodyposipanda, her entire feed is full of inspiring and uplifting content. She even wrote a guest post earlier in the month which you can read here.

ust what the doctor ordered…
Sitting up on the roof at work eating lunch in the sun. I think I suffered from the seasonal blues this winter so the sun this last week has really perked me up!

Keep thinking about…
The pink vintage hat I saw at Ziggurat in Wellington over the weekend. I absolutely adored it but it was way out of my budget!


Lesson of the month…
This has really rung true for me

Makeup product of the month…
Benefit Cosmetics ‘High Brow’  Pencil. I don’t just use it on my brow bone, I also use it as a highlighter in the corner of my eyes and even sometimes on my waterline! I just love it!

Miss Victory Violet

Natural selfie…
Sure, I love to get dressed up and do it 90% of the time, but I think it’s important to show the less ‘done-up’ side of me! This picture shows me in my natural form most nights… watching Netflix!


Outfit of the Month…
Once again, another hard one to choose! But I’m going to go with this one because my friends Wendy and Cara all co-ordinated similar outfits one Friday!

September Roundup

Pampering myself with…
LUSH Phoenix Rising bath bomb which unfortunately is being discontinued so I’m making the most of it while it’s still available!

Pheonix Rising

Quote of the month…
I believe in this wholeheartedly. When I am asked how I got to ‘where I am now’, my response is that I’ve always just done what I love and the success just followed without me even expecting it.

September RoundUP

Reality check…
Humans of New York is my constant reality check. The stories the are shared are so powerful and make me realise how lucky I am. The Syrian Refugee crisis has been making headlines all over the world this month and this post was one that made it all really hit home for me. 

Shoe obsession…
I’m pretty addicted to shoes and these Miss L Fire ones are my current favourite!

September RoundUp

Top viewed blog post for the month…
No surprises really, of course it’s the ‘My Favourite Things‘ Giveaway post! Everyone loves winning stuff right?


Uplifting moment…
Olive came up to Brigette, Michelle and I at the Wellington airport to tell us how amazing we all looked and we all thought she was the bees knees and couldn’t believe it when she told us she was 91! We asked her what her secret was to such amazing skin and she replied with a grin…  ‘Estee Lauder!’
She was such a sweetheart and she kept saying that we had ‘made her day!’

September Roundup

Vintage hair inspiration…
I just adore this picture of Lucille Ball and that hint of vintage curl underneath her veil. Makes me want to get married again!

September Roundup

Watching on Netflix…
We’ve been working through all the seasons of Orange Is the New Black and it’s so addictive!

September Roundup

X marks the spot…
I’ve got the travel bug and there’s so many places I’d love to visit… Portugal is one of the countries I’d love to visit since my maiden name ‘Macedo’ originates from there.


Yearning for…
Summertime and sunshine!

AM Photography

AM Photography

Zero self control…
Chocolate is a weakness of mine and right now I’m all about the New Zealand made Whittaker’s Milk Caramel which  completely trumps it’s Cadbury counterpart! 


With less than 3 months until Christmas, the rest of the year is going to fly by! I’ve got some exciting things to look forward to in October and lots of great blog posts planned.
Happy October 1st, I hope it’s a great month for you too!


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  1. Yaaay! I love his monthly wrap! Really great that you pair it with pictures, makes it even better… who doesn’t like pictures of pretty things? 🙂

  2. As always you inspire me to be fun, to follow my own style, to seek out adventure, to love myself, to step out of my comfort zone (I chopped it all off too and I love it!) to care for others, and to always have something shiny and pretty to look forward to. You have created a place of inspiration and beauty with this web site. Thank you for making a little bit of each day informative and lovely for me. This format is awesome and I look forward to future monthly round ups!

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