Chicwish Floral Midi Skirt

It’s always exciting discovering new places to shop online and sometimes it’s in places you don’t quite expect. I found out about Chicwish through a Facebook group and whilst it’s style is not exclusively vintage style, they have some great skirts full swing skirts!

When first looking through the endless pages, I added 4 or 5 items to my cart which I loved. But, upon reflection, I decided to just pick one skirt to try first for size and quality and this gorgeous pink floral one was my top favourite.


The price was too good to pass up- just US$48 with free international shipping made it worth the gamble on potentially low quality.

Sizing was another concern since Chicwish is made in China and that can usually mean that sizing runs small. I consulted the size chart and decided to go with a size medium as my waist measurement was the exact size listed. Shipping didn’t take too long to New Zealand, just under 2 weeks and thankfully the skirt fits perfectly!



Now to talk about the quality! Firstly, looking at the print of the flowers close up, you can tell that the skirt is made cheaply as the print is a little grainy and not crisp like you’d expect from high quality brands like Pinup Girl Clothing. However, the general effect of the skirt is gorgeous and considering the price, I’m willing to accept the lower quality print.


The fabric is 100% polyester and makes a slight sound when swished- not quite as noisy as a stiff taffeta but still a little noisy. It’s fully lined and because of the pleating at the waist, it has a wonderful amount of volume even without a petticoat. I choose to still wear one anyway because there I love a extra poofy skirt!



The length is spot on with this skirt, perfectly 50s and something that can be hard finding on non-vintage style websites. Do check the length listed for each style of skirt when shopping on the Chicwish website as some are shorter than others.


All in all, I am really happy with this skirt, I’m contemplating getting another! For the quality, I wouldn’t want to pay any more for it thank what I did, but I think it was a great deal for the price.

Unfortunately Chicwish only caters up to a size XXL/32″ waist which will leave a lot of ladies disappointed. We can but hope that they will extend their sizing soon!


Full outfit details:
Top- Pinup Girl Clothing
Belt- Pinup Girl Clothing
Necklace- Erstwilder
Hair Flowers- Sophisticated Lady
Shoes- Steven Madden
Petticoat- Vivien of Holloway
Bangle- Vintage

Thank you to Elizabeth J Photography for another gorgeous set of photos! It was meant to rain the morning that we shot this outfit but instead it felt like a teaser for summer. I love shooting by the glistening water and definitely will be doing more so this summer!


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  1. I have two chicwish skirts and I agree – the quality is what you pay for. BUT, the patterns are absolutely AMAZING! I personally love the swish swish of my skirts as I walk around – and with the bold patterns I tend to favour, I’m getting attention already. why not add a soundtrack? 😉

  2. I also own this skirt. It looks ver y cheap and when it arrived the skirt was a mess, all wrinkeled. And I look if i gain 19 kg. But it looks more then gorgeous on you

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